Look What we have Here, Girls! (Attn: Eqwina and Jasmyne)

“Why do I always get stuck doing the dirty work?” Raeyn thought to herself as she led her new and biddable pet behind her across the Tower grounds.  It had only taken a brush of her talent on the frightened boy-child to convince him to come along merrily, but she had felt that it would be safer to not take the risk of him running off screaming.  There were some on the Tower grounds itself who wished no end of ill will to Aes Sedai, so…

Putting on an expression somewhere between cross and lost in thought, she praised the Great Lord for the relative lack of people around the Library itself.  Most people preferred to come through the great shaft of the White Tower itself, making it much easier to enter the vast storage hallways below with few or no observers.  Drawing deeper on Saidar, she opened the barn-sized door with a flow of Air and gestured her charge down with her.

He stepped through, and she gestured off him off to the side where she could keep an eye on him.  Carefully, she shut the doors behind her, making sure to keep this unknown in her site.  Tapping her foot, she pursed her lips in thought momentarily before gesturing down the hallway again.  A small ball of light bloomed upon her hands.  “With me,” the Aes Sedai spoke curtly, leaving no room for argument as she started down the hallway.

Down and down they went, until the chill and stale air told the tale of long neglect and few visits.  In these lower halls, Raeyn selected a door at seeming random and once again pointed for the boy to enter.  He nodded uncertainly, stepping through the dusty entrance gingerly.  With a smile, Raeyn shut the door behind them.

Turning her attention to the boy child again, she slammed a gag of Air into his just-opening mouth.  Drawing deeply upon Saidar, the Black Sister then threw a web of Air at the boy, slamming him upwards and against the hard wall.  A sharp exhalation through his nose and the bulge of his eyes told of the pain before his eyes rolled backwards, and his lids dropped shut.

Nodding, she eyed the globe of light thoughtfully before reopening the door.  “He won’t need it down here,” she smiled again, closing the door behind her, “My Sisters will do for him soon enough.” She hurried back upwards as fast as she could while attempting to disguise her passage; Eqwina would be ‘remembering’ her expertise soon, and she needed to be found in one of her normal haunts.


10 January 2009 (8:30pm GMT)

Night had long since fallen as Raeyn made her way down through the Library, and below. “I do dislike leaving people hanging around, but it was most expedient,” she reasoned to herself as she made her way through the dim and dusty corridors, “But perhaps I should have just finished him myself, orders or no.  I understand  Eqwina wanting to test the mettle of the new girls, but still…” Sighing to herself, she opened the usual door.

Quickly, she loosed the weave she had prepared on the way down upon her captive.  Smiling brightly, she stood back and suggested politely, “You have been ill.  You fell and banged up your head earlier, and we simply have you secured to make sure you don’t do yourself further damage.”

Raeyn increased the strength of the weave as she spoke, doing her best to melt away any concern or worry the young spy had in his head.  When a smile began to form on his face, she slammed a gag of Air into his mouth hard enough to knock him out cold again.  “I’m not in the mood for small talk,” she muttered to herself, waiting for the others to arrive.  Whatever the others thought, she didn’t have all night to wait their fancy.


14 January 2009 (1:49am GMT)

Suppressing a glare and a growl, Raeyn curtsied as appropriate from Council to Ajah head, and walked around Eqwina and Jasmyne without speaking.  While not a personal fan of killing, per se, she generally agreed with Eqwina’s policies towards making sure that new Sisters were a good fit, and able to follow orders.  Closing the door softly behind her, she made her way back towards the Library with a sudden grin – at least she’d not have to thump down the dust herself this time!

Trial: Healing and Defense

Strolling down the hallway, Raeyn mused on her most recent meeting with her counterpart in the Red Ajah, Zarinen.  Of course, the woman had no idea that Raeyn knew her position as the Highest, but what she didn’t know benefited both of Raeyn’s Ajahs in their business.

Still, it was prudent that a Sister Raeyn had an established history with was running the Reds… even if that woman was somewhat madder than she had been in the past.  Regardless of that fact, it had been a fine conversation, and the Brown Sister felt that both parties were happy with the end result.  So it was with good spirits that Raeyn made her way sedately down the corridors of the Tower.  She was enjoying herself, and very happy to actually have any time to be leisurely!

She was crossing the Tower’s main antechamber when something drew her up short.  Stopping quickly, she allowed her attention to be diverted by a Warder carrying a smaller person deeper into the Tower.  A gasp almost escaped her lips – that was Matalina, her former Warder!

“No, no.. it’s Cari now, not Matalina,” she thought to herself as she waited a moment before following.  She continued to walk at a sedate pace, and allowed herself to assume a mask of deep thought in order to prevent others from stopping her to speak.  While she GREATLY disliked that stereotype against her Ajah and its Sisters, she had to admit to herself that it was a useful tool on occasion.

It wasn’t too long before she realized where the Warder, “Kyn or something, I think; one of the Green’s Warders, was carrying the prostrate form.  Nodding to herself, she drifted into an adjacent corridor and picked up her pace.

Normally, she avoided the Yellow Ajah like the plague, but she had a great need to go into their nest this day.  In her head, Raeyn shot a small prayer of thanks to the Great Lord that she had been around the Yellow quarters a fair amount lately to talk with her fellow Black, Eqwina, about matters in the Hall of the Tower.  And because of that, no one looked twice when she knocked on Eqwina’s door and dashed in as soon as the First Weaver opened the door.

“Eqwina,” she started, pausing for a second to open herself to Saidar and weave a ward against eavesdropping, “We appear to have a problem.”  Striding towards an available chair, Raeyn plopped down. She had heard the stories about all the murders in and around the Warders Yard recently, and seeing her friend being carried into the Tower had told her almost immediately who was the responsible party.

Taking a deep breath, Raeyn explained everything she could about the ongoing matters.  Her former Warder’s insanity, the multiple personalities, the trail of murders around the Yards.  “You’ll probably be getting called down to the Infirmary soon to check on her, I would think,” Raeyn said in conclusion, “And we can expect there to be a trial of sorts.  I think that we might have to use our pull to be a part of that trial, and see if we can get her freed.”


20 October 2008

Raeyn nodded and rose from her seat, “You can always claim to know that I have an interest in murders and murderers or something; I’m sure you can think something up to make it seem most reasonable to get me down to investigate your charge.”

Heading for the door, she turned back to the Yellow Sister, “At least, I can only guess you’ll be heading down to the infirmary soon?”  A curt nod in reply, which Raeyn returned a touch more politely, “Excellent.  I think that, perhaps, we should meet again to discuss where to go from here.  If you would like, perhaps we can meet in one of the more isolated gardens for a chat later?  I’ll leave that up to you; you know how to get a note to me if you need to.”  She was, of course, referring to the secret hiding places the Black Sisters used around the Tower to drop notes to each other; she had no doubts that Eqwina would make use of such for this, which was technically work of their true Ajah.

Dropping the ward, Raeyn dipped herself in a curtsy before departing; she might not like this woman that much, but she was the one the Chosen had placed over her.  And in matters of the Heart, the proper courtesies must be observed.


06 November 2008

After leaving Eqwina’s chambers, Raeyn wasn’t that sure what to do with herself.  “If I go down to the Library, I’ll end up getting cornered by someone or another for hours.  If I go back to my chambers, I’ll probably end up getting distracted by some bit of Ajah work or another,” she mused with a frown as she strode down the corridor, ”And I don’t even know how long Eqwina will be with Matalina, erm.. Cari.  It could be minutes, it could be hours, and I don’t want to keep her waiting.”

Down another spiraling ramp, down another hallway, and suddenly her nose decided her, ”Oh yes, almost lunchtime.  I can stop for a bite, and then check the normal spot.  If the message isn’t there by then, I can go gamble on not getting cornered in the Library!” Pleased with her decision, she assumed a thoughtful mask and found herself a corner table to enjoy her repast in.


With her appetite sated, Raeyn made her way up and across towards her rarely-used chambers in the Tower proper.  The corridor was clear before her, and a quick glance back showed it clear behind.  Smiling, she approached the tapestry of  Queen Esmerelde of Shiota reading a treatise on the War of Power as written by scholars in the courts of Coremanda.  Checking the hallway again quickly, she reached behind it, and found a note waiting.  “Good,” she thought to herself, turning the corner to enter the Tower-bound Brown quarters properly, ”At least I didn’t have to wait that long after all.”

She smiled, and entered her sparsely-used Tower chambers.   Once inside, she quickly opened the note and scanned the contents.  Nodding to herself, she crossed to the fireplace and opened herself up to Saidar.  Channeling a fine flow of Fire, she quickly set the note alight before laying it inside the fireplace, where it quickly burnt to nothing.  Nodding again, she began the trek to where Eqwina indicated they should meet.


Raeyn found Eqwina sitting alongside a fountain in one of the more secluded Tower gardens.  Curtsying slightly, Raeyn eyed the notepad questioningly as she made herself comfortable alongside her fellow Black Sister.  “I take it your findings were much as I said, then?”


11 November 2008 (6:07pm GMT)

”Patronizing child!” Raeyn thought furiously as Eqwina reached over and patted her on the head, “As if I were some pet of hers!  But then, we cannot pick our Sisters…”

Taking a slow, calming breath, she kept her face smooth and fixed in a mildly curious expression.  Long years as a Sister gave her better facial control than almost anyone else in the Tower, and she used it to her advantage as often as possible.  Why, she sometimes felt as if the emotion she portrayed, most times, were exactly what she wanted whomever she was speaking with to read.  Not that anyone in the Tower was quite that adept, no matter what they thought of themselves, but it never hurt to have a little confidence in oneself.

As for Eqwina, it was well ‘known’ in the Tower that they were friends.  Of course, this was the furthest thing from the truth; they both mutually disliked each other, and were quite content with that on a personal level; there was too much bad blood between the Ajahs they headed openly for it to be otherwise.  Still, the pretension to friendship had served them well in the past, and seemed that it would serve well in the near future too…

Tapping her chin briefly as in thought, Raeyn replied slowly, “Yes… I have read a fair number of texts pertaining to the subject at hand.  I think, however, it would be best if I pretend ignorance of the ongoing… troubles… until such time that you are approached by whomever the Yard has appointed to organize the trial.  I think it obvious that they will come to you for evidence, as the Yellow currently presiding over M… the prisoner.”  Nodding to herself in satisfaction, she rose, “At that time, you could, perhaps, ‘recall’ a conversation you have had with me in the past,” she paused to smile, “And recommend me as a resource for defense of the aforementioned.  That is, if that suits you?”

At the Baraka Manor (attn: Raeyn and Eqwina)

Staring at the mirror, Raeyn sighed resignedly yet again.  “Why, of all people..” she started, cutting off in a tight-lipped glare at her reflected image.  Fine dark-golden silk slashed with dark brown velvet in the skirts sheathed the Brown Sister; it was one of the few dresses she owned in the style of Andor, but one she relied upon when dressing to impress.  Her normal wardrobe was fairly boring; plain if well-made velvets and silks with little to no adornment in the style of her native Saldaea made up the bulk of her clothing.

Still, having to dress up was the least of Raeyn’s irks this evening, nor her reason for delaying the meeting planned for the evening.  She was quite looking forward to meeting this Master Baraka, truth be told.  No one outside herself and the most senior members of the Ajah’s Council were aware of the size of the Brown Ajah’s network of Eyes and Ears, but they worked assiduously to expland said network whenever possible.  And having a well-off merchant actually based in Tar Valon was too good an opportunity to turn down.

No, it was knowing who her companion on this visit would be for the evening that had the Brown Sister procrastinating.  There were very few in the Tower who stood above her, very few, and tonight would be spent the only one of those who mattered.  Eqwina was an extremely diminutive woman with a fierceness about her that had nothing to do with their darker affiliations, and caused Raeyn to have a grudging respect for the other woman in spite of her ‘cover’ Ajah.

Regardless of that though, the aged Sister was never really comfortable having to bow her head to anyone… and it really had been quite the shock to return to the Tower and find out how many hand bungled in and out of the job.  This woman who was Head of the Yellows though… perhaps she stood a chance of doing a good job in service to their master.

Shaking herself, Raeyn patted down a hair and strode to the rack near the door.  She decided to make due without her shawl, but took down a finely-woven dark brown raincloak.  Settling it about her shoulders, she went downstairs to meet her Sister.


Unsurpisingly, she found Eqwina waiting for her in a carriage downstairs.  The rain was picking up as she settled herself in across from the other woman.  “My apologies for the delay, Eqwina,” Raeyn shot a quick smile to the other woman as she leaned back.  Eqwina nodded and murmured a greeting before resuming her brown study of the interior of the carriage.  ”Just as well,” Raeyn thought to herself, ”Much too rainy and much too short a trip to really worry about watching the city go by.”

In short order, the two Sisters found themselves pulling up to a stately manor.  Nodding a her in polite greeting to the waiting footman, she allowed him to take her cloak and guide herself and the other Sister to his waiting master, Ahdam Baraka.

”Greetings, and welcome to my humble home.  It is ever a pleasure to host such noble persons as those of the White Tower.  Will you please have a seat?” the young master spoke warmly, bowing as appropriate.

Raeyn eyed Eqwina as they sat; she would follow the other Sister’s lead… for now.

Sepia Toned

”A woman’s work is never done,” Raeyn mused to herself. She sad in one of the Library’s backrooms, studying a stack of reports and chewing idly on the back of her pen. She had been drafting various letters concerning Ajah and personal matters, and was perversely glad to have the chance for even that!

Raeyn’s ‘pleasure’ at being able to handle her own affairs stemmed directly from the Brown Sister’s frustration with the Hall of the Tower. With the recent chain of disappearing or dying Amyrlins, it fell on the Hall to manage the affairs of the Tower and Tar Valon. ”It would help if the Hall would quit putting flighty young Sisters bent on foolhardy adventures up for the Amyrlin Seat… We need someone with sense as Amyrlin; perhaps a Red Sister.”

Sighing softly, Raeyn bent her head back over her work and continued to write.


Some time later, Raeyn carefully tucked her letters into a stiff folder. As she began to gather her things, the Brown Sister thought on her plans for the day, ”I shall run all of this back upstairs. I’ll seal everything and weave the normal traps, and then take them to my normal courier, Seth. Perhaps I’ll even have a nice meal in town before I come back!” Smiling, she smoothed down her dark brown velvet skirts one-handedly, and exited the small room.

Raeyn’s smile widened slightly when she saw one of the Sisters on duty. Sada was one of the newer Brown Sitters in the Hall, and was still very enthusiastic about it all, in spite of getting stuck on some of the most thankless tasks. Waving, Raeyn walked up to the counter, put down her burdens, and turned to the delicate Taraboner woman.

Before Raeyn could say anything, the other Sister on duty butted in. “Raeyn,” she started, gesturing across the room, “There is a Blue Sister… Rossa, I think she said her name was… looking for the texts on Keepings. I sent her to where they should be here in the Library, but I just remembered when I saw you – don’t you have them at current?”

She bit back an oath and replied, “Yes Maia, I do. I’ve been doing some research on the matter, and it’s still ongoing… and I had things that I needed to do today, at that.”

At this point, Raeyn noticed the aforementioned Blue Sister approaching. Suppressing a resigned sigh, she waited as the other woman walked up to the counter.


07 June 2008

“I am looking for texts on Keeping Weaves and was informed you could help me. Would you know of such pieces?”

Blast, blasted, and blood and bloody buttered onions.

Eying the Librarians and her folder, Raeyn stifled a sigh and turned her attention on the Blue Sister, “Hello… Rossa, isn’t it?” The other woman nodded, and Raeyn continued, “I actually happen to have them up in my chambers, as I was doing some research on the matter myself… not that she bloody needs to know about it! I’m loathe to let them out of my possession right now, as this is very important work…”

The Sister, barely a girl, really, appeared the soul of serenity to non-initiates of the Tower, but Raeyn had been an Aes Sedai long before this child had been born, if not her mother’s mother! The Blue’s eyes tightened slightly; her hands curled very slightly before relaxing back onto the counter. Yes, the child was had a muley streak, but then, didn’t most Blues?

“I understand you must be busy, Raeyn,” the child started, her eyes narrowing slightly, “But if at all possible, I have a great need in this.”

“Great,” Raeyn thought as she ostentatiously reached for her folder, “Bloody Blues when you don’t need them are always pests with their need, need, need and causes… I might as well let her have access to the material in the vague hope of getting anything done today!

“If your.. need.. is so great, Sister, then you may accompany me back to my chambers to peruse the materials avaiable,” Raeyn spoke, keeping her voice pleasant and kindly, “Follow me, please.”

Not checking to see if the Blue Sister was following, Raeyn glided towards the back exit to the Library. room, Raeyn lowered herself into one of her few comfortable work chairs, “Pull up a stool Rossa, and let us see what we can figure out for your.. research, I would surmise?”


The back way quickly lead the two Aes Sedai up to the Brown quarters above the Library, and Raeyn’s chambers within. Opening the door, Raeyn smiled and motioned the younger Sister into the room before shutting the door behind them. She tossed the folder on the nearest table and headed over to the corner where the books on Keepings and other weaves were laid out. Gesturing to one of the many stools in the room, Raeyn lowered herself into one of her few comfortable work chairs, “Pull up a stool Rossa, and let us see what we can figure out for your.. research, I would surmise?”


27 July 2008

Raeyn quirked an eyebrow at the other Sister.  Rossa had appeared to go into a sitting coma; the Blue Sister’s hands kept drifting to her belt pouch for no discernible reason.  Shrugging to herself, the Saldaean woman patted her hair briefly while eying the pile of documents scattered across her desk.

Several untidy stacks spread across the large wrap-around desk.  Everything was loosely heaped by subject of interest; papers and folders stuck out untidily from the heaps.  The only other organization past that was that some of the folders were colored for various subjects… not that the Brown Sister could remember half the time what she had put in what color!

Thankfully for the other Sister, Raeyn did remember that the green folders were for her research on weaves, and that the folders to the top of the stack would more than likely be about Keepings.  ”That is, unless I was researching something else since then… bloody, I’m getting as muddle-minded  as a fluff-brained Novice from Far Madding.” Still, she stood and grabbed the top half of that wavering stack and took it back to her chair.  A quick scan confirmed that what she had before her was indeed what she wanted.

Turning to the other Sister, Raeyn could help but widen her eyes at the still catatonic-seeming Blue.  Rossa must have felt the older Sister’s eyes upon her, for she shook herself and finally answered the question Raeyn had posed minutes ago, “Yes, it is for my research.  I am wondering whether we can work weave-based locks into barrels.  A trigger system to enable food to be kept, sealed, for as long as the weave lasts – be it the duration of a harsh winter for a few years.”

Raeyn gestured to the pile of books she had pulled over, carefully taking her own personal notes and putting them to the side.  She herself had been researching such weaves on orders from the darker side of the Tower.. but this child obviously didn’t need to know that.  Rossa looked over at the Brown Sister, ”Do you think it would be possible?  Do you think we could help people live longer, doing what I have in mind?”

Furrowing her brows thoughtfully, Raeyn stood and walked across the room to the fireplace.  Servants had laid wood for a fire since she’d left her chambers, and she took advantage.  A quick weave of Fire took the kindling, and shortly a merry blaze was burning.  Her eyes flicked across the miniatures on the mantle; the images of her long-dead parents and siblings lined up neatly between various artifacts.  Her hand twitched towards the one of her father before she remembered herself; it wouldn’t do for anyone to know of the pain she still felt at his loss more than two hundred years on.

Shaking herself minutely, Raeyn turned back to the other Sister.  “Possible?” the Brown let a small smile twitch across her lips, “All things are possible, if the woman weaving is willing enough.”

Crossing back to the table, Raeyn leaned over and picked up one of her folders.  Flicking through it, she pulled out a page covered in notes.  She laid it in front of the  Blue and tapped it, “Here is some theory on the matter I had been working on; a matter of Spirit, you see.”  Embracing Saidar again, she demonstrated the weave she had been tinkering with.  “I don’t know if this will work as of yet; my research and study on it is still in progress.  As for the weave lasting, that would obviously be a matter of the Sister weaving it being able to tie off her weaves; by all accounts, it should last forever if it’s tied in place.”

It’s Just Not my Day!

A gentle rain was falling on Tar Valon.

Of course, the wind itself wasn’t so gentle, so the rain was getting rudely dashed against the windows.

“Bloody noise,” Raeyn grumbled to herself as the glass rattled in its casements. The Brown Sister sighed and laid the book she had been trying to read on the side table before leaning back in her long chair and lacing her fingers together over her stomach.

“Is a woman not permitted a few hours of peace, quiet, and solitude these days?” she muttered, letting her attention focus briefly upon a raindrop being blown across the window. Shaking her head, Raeyn levered herself out of the chair, smoothing her dark copper silk gown down as she stood. Picking up a hand mirror, she patted a few loose strands into place, only just remembering to put the mirror down before heading out the door.

The thick walls of the Tower muffled the howling wind, and the bare corridors of the Brown Quarters over the Library always brought Raeyn a sense of calm… and a mental reminder that she should spend more tine in her chambers within the Tower. “I am a Sitter again, and that does mean I have to deal with the other Ajahs… again… bloody Ajah won’t let me retire until I’m three days in the grave.” She shook the thought from her head, took a deep breath, and entered the Library proper.

The Library was always a comforting sight for the Brown Sister, and one that spelled ‘home’ for her better than any other place. She started to let her mind relax and organize her thoughts, when suddenly someone tapped her on the arm.

“Yes?” Raeyn said icily as she turned around to see who had interrupted her thoughts.


08 June 2008

Raeyn did her best not to glare at the Yellow, bloody annoying as their lot were. And why should she want to know anything about memory?! Seemed more a thing for a White Sister than a Yellow, but then, Yellows were notorious for being convinced they could heal anything with the One Power…

The muffled thunder, dimly heard within the Library, quite suited Raeyn’s mood as she attempted to moderate her tone to some semblance of politeness, “Memory… that would be in the Eighth Depository with the other philosophies and healing books.” Her voice sharpened as she spoke; the bloody chit should’ve known where the few healing books were, at least! “If you would follow me, please?”

The Brown Sister managed to refrain from stomping, but only just as she led the Yellow Sister through the winding maze of books. Of course, she managed to spot both the Librarians helping other visitors as she wended deeper in, “Just my bloody lucky day, this is,” she grumped to herself, dodging around a cart awaiting someone to put its contents back on the shelves, “But hopefully I can point her at the right thing and get back to.. oh blood and bloody ashes, what WAS I going to do down here?!”

In shorter time than one would think, the two Sisters had quick-stepped into the bowels of the Library. Raeyn stalked to a set of shelves and tapped them, “This is probably what you would be looking for, then?” She waited for the other Sister to walk over slowly to join her, and watched as the Yellow started peering at the titles. “This is what you were wanting then, Nynaeve?” The other Sister nodded absently, and Raeyn smiled malevolently at her back. “If that will be all…” she trailed off, turned around, and started walking away.


09 June 2008

Raeyn had to refrain from glaring hard enough to bore a hole through the bloody flipskirt Yellow Sister. “Does the bloody giggle box on the trollop come with an off button?!” the Brown Sister grumbled mentally as she slowly proceeded towards the table where Nynaeve had started spreading out books.

“Still, one has to wonder if she’s actually just that annoying and stupid, or if she’s actually being very clever… I think I’ll stick to the latter opinion for the moment.” she mused as she sat down and look one of the volumes the other Sister had laid out.

Abruptly, Nyneave shut a book with a loud thud, startling Raeyn from what she was reading over, “This seems hopeless,” the Yellow Sister complained, frowning at the volumes on the table.

Raeyn surpressed a sigh and a smirk – even as much knowledge as books had, one couldn’t find everything in them. She looked at the despondent woman before her, “This paricular volume seems to contain some interesting theory on how the mind works,” she said softly, pushing the book across the table, “Have you put any thought onto adapting existing healing weaves to do the job? It’s not my forte, but I guess I can help.”

After all, Raeyn is a Brown, and what Brown could resist studying something a little more?!


19 July 2008

Raeyn’s eyes widened as tears started to pour from the other Sister’s face, “I need to forget,” the other woman whispered miserably as she squeezed her eyes shut, ”Before I lose myself.”

Looking around quickly, she leaned over and hissed, “Get ahold of yourself, woman!”  Concern warred with disgust of this public display of emotion, and she let herself go so far as to reach over and place her hand on the Yellow’s arm.  Squeezing gently, she held the other woman’s red-rimmed gaze and continued on in a gentler tone, “I… don’t know what you’re looking to forget, and I’m not sure that you’ll find answers in these books…”  The Brown Sister paused to scan the area again; after verifying they were still alone, she continued, “Have you considered asking amongst your Sisters in your Ajah?  Surely there has been one that has researched matters of… that sort.”

Her lips curled into a brief sneer; everyone had their share of problems in life… but what could make this woman want to find a way to alter her own mind?

Teaching Him the Ropes

Raeyn eyed her room with a smile – while she rarely had had time before to travel as she liked, she was most glad her fellow Sisters that had been away from the Tower had been able to ‘accidentally’ recommend a few good inns.

“Still”, she thought to herself as she tidied herself from the journey, “I don’t know why I would come here of all places… It hasn’t been home for hundreds of years, and there’s nothing left for me…”

Raeyn paused in her ministrations as her thoughts trailed off. Shaking herself, she replaced her hairbrush on the table and drew the One Power unto herself. Channeling lightly, she removed the bits of dust and mud from her dark purple silk dress, took a deep breath, and left the room.

She started down the stairs, contentiously making way for the young woman starting up them. Suddenly, the girl flashed the Darkfriend sign her way! Raeyn blinked, and grabbed the girl by the arm to stop her. The other woman
turned towards the Sister; recognition was clear in here eyes for all the other woman attempted to conceal it.

“So,” Raeyn breathed as recognition dawned upon her in spite of the other woman’s changes to her appearance, “Not that I’m unhappy to see you again, but I didn’t expect to find you here… join me for a drink?” Her former Warder
nodded dumbly and let herself be lead back down the stairs.

“The Wheel Weaves,” Raeyn mused ruefully to herself as she led the other woman to a table.


(May 27 2008)

Raeyn watched Matalina talk to her young companion while waiting for her tea to arrive. “That’s not one of her children,” she thought in bemusement as the boy headed back up the stairs, “I wonder what’s going on here…” She soon found out.

“Misstress, I’m Cari, and it will be a pleasure to join you,” her former Warder said as she settled in across the table. Raeyn arched her eyebrow, but refrained from speaking, as the serving girl was arriving with her tea. The young woman took Mata… no, Cari’s order, and scampered off to the kitchen.

“I see you’ve no other with you. I am sorry to have left you like I did. But I am not fit to protect you like that anymore.” Cari looked up; flashes of worry and and expectation flitted across her eyes.

Raeyn picked up her tea and stared at the surface of the liquid. A bit of steam wafted up from its rippling surface, distorting her reflection. Sighing softly, she looked back up at her old friend, “Life changes, and so do we. In a way, your leaving was a bit of a wake-up call for me.” She took a sip of the hot bitter liquid, and continued, “I was getting extremely annoyed with things at the Tower as they were, and decided to retire, myself.” A wry smile crossed her lips, “Not that I told too many people; I’m like to be in a spot of trouble, if any of the children attempting to run the place are strong enough to tell me off. I gave too many years to that place, and I’d like some time to myself, to actually see things, before…”

She trailed off, gesturing with one hand. The Brown Sister knew that Cari would understand – she wanted some time to collect her thoughts before the return of their Master, the Great Lord himself. Things would be plenty busy then!

Putting her mug of tea down, she opened her mouth to speak again, but shut it at the return of the serving gal with Cari’s order.


(29 May 2008)

Raeyn’s expression melted into a soft smile, “More children? I really am happy for you, Ma.. Cari.” She took a sip of her tea, made a small appreciate noise, and continued, “And twins, at that? That really is something. And that they might follow in your footsteps is something, especially considering that I’ve heard some.. disturbing.. rumors about what path your Jeffery took.”

She eyed the cheese Cari had ordered, and took a piece herself. Rolling it between her fingers idly, she almost missed Cari’s question. Popping it in her mouth, she chewed slowly, savouring the flavor. “No, no… just sort of idly traveling right now, and enjoying having a bit of freedom for a bit.” The Brown Sister barked a laugh, and continued in a wry tone, “Relative freedom, at least… those that are our.. friends know how to contact me if need be. And yourself? I hardly expected to find you herding a child out in the middle of no where… is that one of the twins, or…?”


May 30, 2008

Raeyn nodded slowly, putting two and two together. “The Rashad Ranch,” she thought, taking another deep pull from her tea, “I remember hearing something of that family, but I didn’t know… oh Darkness..” Putting her mug down, she frowned slightly, “I recall Talyn.. I am saddened to hear of his passing. And fills me with many questions that I wouldn’t ask in such a public place…”

She trailed off, idly dragging her finger across the tabletop. She really did have so many questions, and no idea where to start. The Black Sister could only guess from Cari’s earlier comments that they had had some trouble with the Children of the Light, but who didn’t these days? She was happy her former Warder had found a place to call ‘home’, but what brought her away from it?

Waving to the serving girl, she asked for another tea.


08 June 2008

Raeyn sighed inwardly, but limited herself to quirking her eyebrow as Cari reached out for her hand, “It shouldn’t surprise me that a dominant part of her is all flirt now, but it does…”.

Nor should she have been surprised by her former Warder’s invitation up to her chambers; the woman spoke truth – they would have more privacy… and Raeyn trusted her to keep whatever bit of her was feeling… flirty… in line with the child present. “Going upstairs sounds like a fine idea, my friend,” the Aes Sedai said with a smile, “Though you will forgive me for having a scheduled intrusion – I’m going to have the serving girl bring up whatever passes for dinner here for the lot of us, as I’m absolutely famished!”

Before Cari could speak, Raeyn stood and flagged down the serving girl, “Would you please bring up dinner for three to her chambers?” the Brown Sister said, gesturing towards Cari. The girl read out what was available, and in short time had the order.

Nodding towards Cari, she waited until the other woman got up, and followed her to the stairs.


14 July 2008

Raeyn smiled and gave a slight nod of her head to the formality of Cari’s young charge Taylor; it pleased her to see a young man with manners. Cari, on the other hand, looked like she was about to giggle!

Introductions and explanations were made, and dinner swiftly delivered. “Privacy is ours now. I know you have questions.” Cari smiled briefly.

Nodding her head again from the chair she had been ensconced in, Raeyn spoke, “You did mention Talyn, and the Whitecloaks…” she paused, gathering her thoughts, “How did they.. that is to say… how did they find out about the Ranch?”


28 July 2008

“He’s correct in that but it was better than then having the Children torture them for information and getting it. Taylor knows that if I had not poisoned them they would have told them of everyone on the ranch including him. And then he would be dead too. It was my job. I did it with out hesitation. He understands until times like these when he’s alone with me with out the other children.”

Raeyn nodded slowly; a small frown crossed her lips as she started to speak, “While regrettable, there are times when we must do as we must.. and I’ve no doubt that you did what was best in the situation. And even in such a grim event, I’m pleased to see that you’re still focused on doing your duty as you best see fit.”

Taking a cup, she poured herself some water before continuing, “And you cannot really blame the boy for his… reactions… in this. As young as he is, I’d be surprised if he truly grasps the enormity of the situation.” She took a deep swallow, and settled back into her chair.


28 July 2008

Raeyn nodded agreement absently when Cari mentioned Talyn; he’d been a rash boy, and while she’d not particularly liked him, the Brown Sister hadn’t wished him any ill will either.

As for this cousin…. Raeyn shook her head slightly, “I don’t know, old friend. If I have my way, I won’t be going near Tar Valon anytime soon; I’ve spent much too long cooped up in the Tower in service, and I was hoping to actually see something besides walls.” Suppressing a smile at Cari’s sudden glare, she continued, “But if it would make you happy, I will take that letter of introduction… as a just in case.” After all, a woman should be happy to know that even with a bond dissolved, she’s still being looked after!


28 July 2008

“Just in case. So what are your plans from here?” Cari handed Raeyn the note.

Carefully tucking the note into her belt-pouch, Raeyn smiled warmly at her former Warder and old friend. “I only have a loose agenda at current,” she said as she picked up her glass of water. Taking another drink, she held the glass and continued, “I’m working my way country to country; I’ve come across the Borderlands from Tar Valon meeting with some of my various contacts, and will work my way down the coast down through Tarabon, and then down across towards Illian. Meeting with various contacts and agents along the way,” she added, taking another drink of water before putting the glass back down on the table. “Perhaps I’ll find a rare cache of ter’angrael, perhaps I won’t. Perhaps I’ll find a hidden library with all the knowledge of the Age of Legends… who knows?”

She laughed at that, and stood up. “The Wheel Weaves, my old friend, and I don’t know what lies ahead. Some jobs I must do in the name of our Master, I’m sure, but for now I go forth as freely as I can… I can only hope that our paths cross again some day.” Cari stood, and Raeyn hugged her tightly, “It has been good seeing you and knowing that you’re still alive and out in the world,” the Brown Sister smiled gently, “But for now, I have ridden hard today, and desire nothing more than to jot down a few notes and rest. I won’t see you and your young charge out on the morrow… but I wish you well on your travels.”

Smiling sadly at this woman who was her friend and almost like a daughter to her, Raeyn hugged her once more. Opening the door, she bowed her head slightly acknowledge a bow, stepped out into the hallway, and shut the door behind her.

Raising of an Amyrlin (attn: Sitters)

02 September 2007 (12:39pm)

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The dusk had settled over Tar Valon and the last trails of the beautiful sunset were giving way to the darkening night sky. In the Gray Ajah quarters the standing lamps along the corridors had been lighted and the rooms of Annais Nevell were brightly lit with candles and hearth fire. She had changed into her silky night gown already and combed her hair that she had released for the night from the ornate curls piled on top of her head. She had always been partial to Cairhienin fashion and since her own hair was sadly straight, it was a chore every morning to get it presentable. But the moments when her hair was tended were spent productively going through her mental to do list for that day or the next.

She had arranged three meetings for the next day and first she would have lunch with a Blue sister with vast Eyes and Ears network and she would try to get a confirmation to her suspects that she might be the head of her whole Ajah’s information gathering. Any news from the world would also be welcomed. She was looking forward to the dance back and forth between them as they would feed morsels to each others and see if the other one had already heard that piece. Dinner time would be spent in the White Ajah quarters where she had gotten herself invited to as she was trying to find out more about some internal going ons of the Ajah. It seemed to her like there was some kind of a conflict kept well in wraps among the White Sisters and such struggles might affect the power structures of the Ajah. She had to know who had the authority and support of most of the Sisters among their own Ajah if she was to function well in the task Phaedra, the First Voice, had set for her.

She wasn’t particularly looking forward to the occasion as she always felt slightly inferior in the company the Philosopher Sisters. The Browns she admired for their vast knowledge but they were somehow more unintimidating in their intelligence than the Whites who often made no pretenses to cloak their sharp minds under guise of absent-mindnessness. But she would just have to do and get something out of it for after her meeting with the Whites, she would have supper with her Ajah Head who expected a report of her progress.

Her ponderings were interrupted by an authoritative knock on her door and as she called who ever it was to enter, she was in for a quite a surprise. In came all three Sitters of her Ajah wearing their shawls and best dresses. She didn’t have time to ask what was going on as Phaedra intoned “Annais Nevell, you are summoned before the Hall of the Tower.”

“Ask not why you are summoned. It is yours to answer, not to question.”

“Delay not in your coming. It is yours to obey in haste.”

“It is well to fear the summons of the Hall. It is well to obey in haste and humility, unasking. You are summoned to kneel before the Hall of the Tower and accept their judgement.”

Those were the words of summons to a trial… or to become the Amyrlin Seat. Annais had never in her life done anything that would merit the first so it had to the latter. Light! It had come to this then. The Hall had determined that Sirayn Simeone was gone for good and she needed to be replaced. And they had chosen her? She was feeling faint. Since the Gray Sitters themselves risked coming to fetch her and supporting her claim, it meant that the Hall had to be unified this time unlike it had been with Lanfir. The Tower could not afford to exile another four Sisters like had happened to Asyndara and her backers. It had been a long negotiation since the Hall had been in sitting since the morning but maybe there had been other issues too. Was she the compromise candidate? How locked had the Hall been in their choice? Would she have to wash feet?

But the Sitters were growing impatient as she just stood there rooted but ceremony forbid them from saying anything more to her. Annais wouldn’t even have time to change into a finer dress so she did the best she could do and grabbed the shawl she used in balls and nodded to the trio that she was ready. In reality she was not and she was still half expecting that she would be called to account of some crime. She tried to calm her doubts and fears by running novice excercises through her mind and reminescing how exactly the words of the ceremony would go. It had been a long time since she had last read through that piece of Tower protocol as she had never thought that she would personally need it, not even if she became a Sitter one day like she had begun to dream.

Annais was familiar with the impressive room that was the Hall of the Tower. She had been there before to give her reports to the Hall as a leader of several missions and as the Tower’s representative. Today the illustrious room and the serene faced women all looking at her unnerved her. The Gray Sitters stepped aside to reveal her and Adrai Tynin, the eldest Sitter spoke. “Who comes before the Hall of the Tower?”

This was it, these were not the beginning words of a trial.

“One who comes obediently in the Light”, Annais replied with calm certainty that she did not really feel inside her.

“Who comes before the Hall of the Tower?”

“One who comes humbly in the Light.” Why her? Could she really do this? She had failed to make peace between Arad Doman and Tarabon, just two nations and as the Amyrlin she would have to worry about every nation of the world. She had been able to represent the Tower with honour during the Aiel War and likely her recent success with bringing back the Sisters captured by the Black Tower had merited her name to come up among the Sitters. But those had been single tasks and the Amyrlin juggled dozens of balls in the air at the same time.

“Who comes before the Hall of the Tower?”

“One who comes at the summons of the Tower, obedient and humble in the Light, asking only to accept the will of the Tower.”

“Are there any present save women?” The youngest Sitter spoke the ritual question that dated back to the Breaking of the World.

Adrai was the first to put aside her shawl and unfasten her dress pushing it down to her waist. There was no shame, no emotion what so ever in her bronze skinned face. “I am a woman.” One after another the Sitters rose and bared them themselves, showing proof that they were women.

“I am a woman”, Annais said with everyone else and after a searching gaze, the youngest Sitter declared that there were none present but women.

“Who stands for this woman, and pledges for her, heart for heart, soul for soul, and life for life?”, Adrai continued the ceremony.

“I so pledge”, the Gray Sitters repeated firmly in unison.

“Come forward, Annais Nevell”, came the command and obediently she walked forward three paces and knelt. “Why are you here, Annais Nevell?”

“I was summoned by the Tower.”

“What do you seek, Annais Nevell?”

“To serve the Tower, nothing more and nothing less.”

“How would you serve, Annais Nevell?”

“With my heart, my soul and my life, in the Light. Without fear or favor, in the Light.”

“Where would you serve, Annais Nevell?”

“In the Amyrlin Seat, if it pleases the Hall of the Tower.”

Then it was time for voting and Annais held her breath to see who would rise to support her. The Gray Sitters assumed their own places, standing proudly before their seats and their confidence in her was a small comfort. She prayed that it would not go to feet washing. She had heard that both Lanfir and Sirayn had had to do it so the Sitters might want her to get a reminder of humility too. The Amyrlin Seat might be the first among equals with the Sitters but the Hall had the power to elevate her and bring her down like they had done with Karana Majin. Dear Light, please let them be unanimous. She did not regard the Sitters as lapdogs and never would so there was no need for them to draw it out.

Annais Nevell
Gray Sister
Petitioner before the Hall

06 September 2007 (3:18am)

Sada sat in her Sitters chair and observed the other women. They whispered to each other or sat quietly. This was a historic meeting…a meeting where a new Amyrlin is raised is always historic. Sada felt weary, the hall had been debating all day. The situation with Syrian leaving was something to talk about to be sure…the decision on who to raise was a hard one. Sada was very much against another green. They defiantly had heart and passion but the tower needed to be lead by someone with logic and a clear mind. After hours of debate they finally came to a consensus. Keeping her face smooth she watched the Grey Sitters leave to collect the Sister who would be summoned.  After not to long they arrived and presented her to the hall. Adrai stood and began the ancient forms…

“Who comes before the Hall of the Tower?”

“One who comes obediently in the Light.”

“Who comes before the Hall of the Tower?”

“One who comes humbly in the Light.”

“Who comes before the Hall of the Tower?”

“One who comes at the summons of the Tower, obedient and humble in the Light, asking only to accept the will of the Tower.”

As the youngest in the hall Sada began her part…

“Are there any present save women?”

Adrai responded…

“I am a woman.” One after another the Sitters stood and gave proof that they were indeed women.

“I am a woman”, the supplicant said intone with the hall.

“All present are women” Sada proclaimed.

“Who stands for this woman, and pledges for her, heart for heart, soul for soul, and life for life?”, Adrai continued the ceremony.

“I so pledge”, the Gray Sitters repeated firmly in unison.

“Come forward, Annais Nevell”,

Annais Stepped forward and knelt before the sitters.

“Why are you here, Annais Nevell?”

“I was summoned by the Tower.”

“What do you seek, Annais Nevell?”

“To serve the Tower, nothing more and nothing less.”

“How would you serve, Annais Nevell?”

“With my heart, my soul and my life, in the Light. Without fear or favour, in the Light.”

“Where would you serve, Annais Nevell?”

“In the Amyrlin Seat, if it pleases the Hall of the Tower.”

Annias continued to kneel as her Ajah sisters took their places and stood. They looked on her proudly and with expectation. Sada sat along with the others of the hall. Watching the woman, Sada went over in her head what she had learned. Annais served with loyalty and heart for her Ajah and for tower. Recently she helped to bring home sister who had been held by the…A shudder went through Sada’s spine….the Black Tower. She remembered the day Annais stood before the hall and made her report. It was Detailed and well done. Annais would make a very good Amyrlin, but Sada did not want Annais to think that the Hall would be her toy. Sada choose to remain sitting for the moment.

Sada Kuchim

03 October 2007 (2:55am)

The image of Annais being brought before them to be the next Amyrlin was one that set too many emotions loose inside Aramina’s head.  Thoughts of Natalie and their youth spun around in her head so that she had to close her eyes a moment to  keep tears from forming.  The words of the ritual had been spoken and as the rest continued she forced her childhood memories away.

The voting began and though she believed in Annais, wanted to throw her support behind her, Aramina couldn’t stand the first time around.  The thought of replacing Sirayn still bothered Aramina, almost as much as the woman’s sudden disappearance.  There were plenty of people that had reason to dislike Sirayn, but she had no idea how someone could get into the Tower to take Sirayn away without being noticed.  It led to conspiracy theories that were almost impossible to trace.  Not just because she had been gone at the time, but also because there were far too many.  From the Forsaken, to the Black Tower, to members of her own Order, Sirayn had enemies in abundance.

Aramina pushed back memories of her time away, of how she had been taken from Sirayn’s side and what had happened in Kandor. She was barely able to keep her hand from coming to her throat where the light forsaken a’dam had rested.  Placed by one of the Forsaken’s minions as a message to Sirayn, only there had been no Sirayn… only Annais to help her out in her need.

She continued to sit, out of respect for Sirayn, through the first footwashing.  She smiled slightly at Annais as she completed the task, hoping that the small gesture would be recognized for what it was.  True support.  When the second  round of votes came, Aramina stood.

Aramina sur Dulciena

12 October 2007 (9:37am)

Jaydena existed inside the bubble of serenity but inside her emotions were in conflict. Sirayn the woman who had once been her best friend, Ajah Head, love, and Amyrlin was gone. No one knew where she had gone and Jaydena feared that the other woman had perished. Sirayn had always been to loose with her own life and this could be just another case. The woman had never been the same after Solin, the torture, rape, and the loss of her hand. Honestly, who could expect her to be the same person after all that? Jade could say that she wasn’t the same person after walking in and seeing that boy on his mother. She looked back the front of the Hall; they had been at it all day, working through the lunch and dinner that had been brought to them. An Amyrlin Seat must be chosen the Tower was once again without at the time when they most needed one. However each Ajah had their own agenda, they must find someone who wanted to work with the Dragon and not against him. The person must be strong and yet flexible enough to move with the wants and needs of her members. There was more than one name mentioned, her own name had been brought up briefly by her own Sitters, but she would never go for Amyrlin and the Tower would never approve her. She had been wild in her younger days and her sanity had been questioned in the past and most likely still was. The mask that covered half her face was another reason they would never choose her. The Amyrlin Seat didn’t need to be beautiful but she also didn’t need to scare small children, Sirayn at least had been able to hide her missing hand at most times.

Her back hurt and she was tired of all of this, it was times like this when she wondered why she didn’t just give it all up. Leave the Tower and its politics to the capable hands of others in her Ajah. Just head out into the horizon and fight it out until she perished. Perhaps even settle down somewhere and enjoy the retired life. Pretend she was someone else and ply herbs for the local villagers or disappear in one of the cities where Aes Sedai was welcomed. Jaydena looked around the Hall with veiled eyes and thought about the last time she had been here in this position. She had stood in front of this Hall twice and argued for a Green Sister and won. It had taken work and commitment but she had seen those two candidates to the Seat, with the help of several others and days of planning. Now they didn’t have days and the Hall would never elect another Green after the last two had lasted such a short time. They had settled on a Gray Ajah Sister named Annais and now they were waiting for her Ajah to summon her to them.

Finally Annais arrived and the Head Sitter began to speak, “Who comes before the Hall of the Tower?” Jaydena sat silently and watched without passion as the Gray began the ceremony. It passed for a few moments until Jaydena stood and pulled her top down, revealing her large breasts as she said, “I am woman,” with the rest of the Sitters and the possible new Amyrlin Seat. Jaydena pulled her top back up and returned to her seat as the rest of the ceremony commenced.  They ceremony seemed to take forever, yet Jaydena knew it was only a matter of minutes. The Gray were the first to stand and several from other Ajahs. She remained firmly in her seat; she didn’t know when she would stand. It wouldn’t do for her to make the Grays mad but on the other hand, she had firmly supported the last two candidates and she didn’t want to appear week. Light forbid she should ever appear weak in the eyes of the Hall, she would lose her spot in a moment. Sitting with a serene mask she waited to have her feet washed…

Jaydena Mckanthur

15 October 2007 (11:00am)

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It was the first meeting she had ever had within the Hall of Servants, and had it been any other reason that she were to attents, her opinion would have held more wieght. However, it was her duty to defer to the Highest of her Ajah, the one that in her eyes stood higher than any woman in this room. Tatian’as features were serene although the look in here eyes were hard, hiding the concern she felt. Had it not been fo the reason they were there, she would have voiced her thoughts. However, for the raising of a new Amyrlin Seat it would not be best to question the Highests motivations. Not after her month long absence in the keepers lair that many called the Black Tower. It was but a mockery to her. To her Ajah. To the Tower. The White Tower.

Her eyes gazed indirectly at the Highest, Maegan Ryanne. Young for her station, but few could play Daes Daemar within their Ajah better than her, nor had the knowledge of the Brown Ajah at her finger tips. The woman was a shroud of mystery to Tatiana. But what unnerved her the most was the lack of sparkle in the woman’s eyes. Maegan Sedai always had a sense of humour few understood and there always seemed to be something behind the womans small gold framed glasses. ‘But not since the Black Tower..

Without a show of emotion the three Red sitters stood in turn, revealing a bare torso and incanting the words, “I am a woman.” Tatiana was kind enough to give Annais a nod of her head in show of respect to their soon to be appointed Mother. But the lack of show on Maegan Sedai’s part caused her consern that even showed on the Gray Sisters face. ‘Burn you, Mae.‘ But there was nothing she could say. Not here, and possibly not for a good long while. It was a simple known fact that Maegan would never reveal anything without just cause, lest it be woven into the pattern. They were setting a new path for the Pattern in this very room, and yet Tatiana felt completely out of control. She never liked to be out of control. However, she would have to become used to this, as the Hall had just appointed a Gray Amyrlin, and Tarmon Gaidin was only around the corner. After their feet were cleansed, the Red Ajah stood in favour and support of Annais Nevell Sedai as the new Amyrlin Seat.

Tatiana Muireach
Red Sitter (NSW)

15 October 2007 (6:56pm)

Kareja sat silently following the events, only standing for the ceremonial revealing of being a woman. She didn’t like this, surely all the signs where pointing towards Tarmon Gaidon, two former Amyrlins of the Green gone so soon, within such a short timespan. If anything such only concluded in her mind that those ready needed to take the wheel, the Green and the Reds they needed them to control the Dragon Reborn, who else would know better how to deal with a male channeler who couldn’t be gentled.

Also no sure clue of what had happened to Sirayn, it was not to her liking, and she was happy to see Jaydena keep sitting at least through the first round. She did not like this, but one thing she wouldn’t do was stand up the woman beside her, her head and split the ajah, in especially not having been initiates together. No even if it was a step back, keeping the Ajah strong could be futile even more so now with the battles oncoming for sure. One could but pray to the creator that they didn’t come to soon, and mayhaps a Gray could help in least in collecting the full strength of the countries behind them, the last thing affordable would be them bickering over Borderlimits with so much bigger things at hand.


18 October 2007 (12:20am)

Raeyn only quirked an eyebrow at being summoned to the Hall; it was a simple matter of grabbing her shawl and following the twitchy Novice sent to pass the summons.

“I wonder what farce-come-business is in store today,” she mused to herself, “Perhaps we’re finally picking a replacement for that stupid Green trollop raised during my attempt at retirement.”  Raeyn snorted softly to herself, and forced herself to outward serenity as she glided towards the Hall.

Sure enough, the Hall held no surprise for her – a Sister was being brought forth to stand for the Seat.  “At least,” Raeyn thought to herself bemusedly, “At least someone’s had the sense to put forth someone NOT a Green this time.  Still, a young Gray, barely tested…”

Reseating herself, Raeyn permitted herself a small smile as the call to stand and support came and went.  “Child she is, she’ll have to show a little servitude before I consider kissing her ring!”

Raeyn Sedai

Brown Ajah

Library work for the Gray Ajah (Open )

24 August 2007 (12:29PM)

A strand of hair fell down Ava’s face as she flipped another page, absentmindedly she pulled the hair back and forced it to remain behind her ear. She had read this page over for the third time now, the book was dreary and hard to chew on it seemed. Ava had taken the job her Ajah Head had set on her as something of a prize, something that she could make her own project. But now she wished she had tried to refuse, hard as that would have been because the materials that were in the Gray Archives were old, dusty and too long for a quick read through.

“Ava, I need help with a letter I am writing to a member of the Council in Cairhien, I hope you can help me with some background research, it seems they want to offer us a different type of ambassadorship. One based on a former contract some decades ago,” Phaedra had explained to Ava what it was she needed, Ava had taken notes, asked questions and set about to talk with both Vera and Faerzyne about their experience with this type of treaty. Neither woman had been a really big help, but that was Phaedra’s problem to start with, so much was lost from memory when it came to very specific dealings. It was best to study the records, she had told Ava and of course she could ask one of the clerks to help her with that.

The Gray had pushed that thought off, this was a matter she could deal with herself, she was experienced in law and regulations in the southern regions and had studied with Phaedra during her days as Clerk, right after her raising to the Shawl on ambassador history in Cairhien. That research had led the older Gray to go to Cairhien and work there for a long time as High Court Judge, a position she had gained while working at court and also studying the different laws in Cairhien for the Tower. Ava did not care, she had been happy for the other Gray to find a position she fitted so well in, she herself should be so lucky.

And in return, Phaedra had helped her get a position in Andor as ambassador for a high lord there. The connection with the Tower was improved thoroughly in that southern part of Andor and she had picked up a lot of great skills while working abroad. But now, back in the Tower, Ava had trouble fitting as well as she had before. It was a combination of finding it hard to adjust to the changes in the Ajah and to the changes in the Hall. The Tower had grown, just as she had, but over time, Ava had never chosen to keep in close touch with the politics in Tar Valon. She always believed politics changed to rapidly to keep up, but the gist of the whole thing would never change – how wrong she had been.

Now she was working through these papers, some of them had old notes in her own handwriting, she could read them but not figure out what they meant exactly. They were from an Ava Sedai young and inexperienced in writing notes and references. Some were outdated by now, she needed new records to complete the background report for Phaedra and she realized that the Library was probably a better place to look for those than the Gray Archives. The Library was kept up to date much better and the reference archives were clear and uniform – as taught to novices by a Brown who made them write up references to their own study books. If only the Browns could help her rummage through the Gray Archives, maybe set something up -.but of course there was no possibility of that. The information the Browns could find there was not for their eyes, their curious quickly scanning eyes to see. Ava shrugged her worries off and headed down to the Library to find out more about this particular deal.

She stroked her soft lavender dress-sleeve. Her dress wore a brighter color than could be said for her mood, but she did not mind hiding behind a frivolous color, her mood said deep tones of gray and black for she did not find what she was looking for. Her temper rising, Ava found a novice standing idly by one of the longer tables and called the child to help her out. “If you have nothing better to do than stand there, child, help me sort through this selection of books. I need to you to take notes of all books that have references to ambassador rights in Cairhien for the past 200 years.”

The directive could not be more vague without specifying nothing at all, the novice would be set to work for many hours and Ava could probably only use a tenth of that work. But she could not be more precise right now as she simply did not know where to look. Taking up another book and her quill, Ava started to note down law references she thought might help in her search. The ideas flew through her head and she did not notice anymore who sat down and who rose to leave around her. The job was tedious at best, but also in a good way as she enjoyed the hard work and the outcome that could help out her Ajah. Sometimes it was good to do the manual work yourself and see what was out there to find.
Gray Ajah

24 August 2007 (7:24pm)

Rubbing her eyes, Raeyn blinked at the partially-scribed book before her, and wondered why it was so dim.  “Of course,” she muttered under her breath, “I’ve let the candles go out again.”

She stood and stretched, enjoying the sensation.  “Important preservation work or not, I could do with a break!” Raeyn thought to herself as she eyeballed the text upon her desk.  It was some treatise or another on Cairhien ambassadorship; it was not a tome that was of particular interest to her, it was just another one of the endless books that needed rescribing after years of existence.

Stifling a yawn, Raeyn stretched a bit more before stepping over to her mirror.  She studied her image – a slightly plump woman clad in dark violet with faint circles under her eyes, and unmussed dark hair sensibly pulled away from her face.  She nodded in satisfaction, and headed for the door.

Raeyn glided down the hall with no particular destination in mind.  For once, her brain was a peaceful blank to match the serene exterior as she progressed downward.  Before she knew it, Raeyn found herself within the welcoming warmth of the Library.

“It shouldn’t surprise you,” Raeyn thought ruefully to herself as she nodded a greeting to the Sisters on duty, “You DO spend more time in your quarters over the Library than you ever did in your chambers within the Tower!”

She panned her eyes around the room.  Suddenly, her gazed locked onto a frustrated young woman sitting next to a nervous-looking Novice.  Permitting herself a small smile, Raeyn approached their table.

“Hello… Eva, is it?” Raeyn queried, “You look frustrated… do you wish assistance in anything?”
Raeyn Priya Saethyr
Brown Ajah

25 August 2007 (4:26pm)

The voice was kind and familiar, but Ava had to look up to see who the voice belonged to and found Raeyn Sedai of the Brown Ajah standing next to her. She looked disturbed for an instant, then found the novice had not budged and was still working hard so she allowed herself a moment to break away.

“Good day, Raeyn and thank you for offering your help, it is not frustration you see, but an hour too long of studies I guess.” Ava pursed her lips an instant thinking of kind words to send the Brown off again when she noticed a book under the other Sister’s arm. It was a volume of a series Ava had been reading through and maybe she could find some information directly from the Brown. This Sister would probably have studied the book and know all about what was in there, was it not quicker to ask her than to read the 1000 pages herself?

“I see that you carry a book in the same series as one I am reading,” Ava pointed at the stack that lay next to her. It had the first two volumes and missed the third that Raeyn held. “Would you be so kind to have a seat and maybe discuss the topic with me? I am studying the ambassadorship in Cairhien and am slightly pressed for time to go over all these volumes,” her smile was warm as her hand swooned over the books. She found the novice staring up at her and Ava chose to ignore the child, hopefully Raeyn would help her and sort out some of these various details Ava had scribbled down so far.

Ava Dorelle
Gray Ajah

25 August 2007 (9:10pm)

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Sial Daemoa liked the library. It was perhaps a strange place to appreciate when she only got a day off every 20 days, unless her lessons got cancelled or she finished a chore extra early, but she liked the library all the same. There were books, for a start. Sial knew how to read but that was more luck than judgement; her mother had been too busy for books and she had always been skeptical of wether her father and uncles knew their letters at all and, as such, a luxury like books had not been common back in her home in Maerone. The books, in such numbers, were facinating but her attraction to the library was more than that. There was a peacefulness to it.

This particular day was not a day off but her main chore had been cleaning fire grates and so she had finished with time to spare: you didnt spend your life as a chimneysweeps daughter and not pick up a few tricks. This particular day she was not in the library entirely for lesiure, either. She had nipped into the stables to visit Coal, a heavy horse that had been an unintentional gift from Eqwina Sedai, and had noticed the massive grey animal was less chirpy than usual and that his nose was running. Sial liked Coal a lot but did not claim to be an equine expert. The Tower grooms looked after Coal as well as all the other White Tower horses and while they did their job well, she avoided them as much as possible to avoid calling attention to herself. She wasnt entirly certain that Novices were technically allowed horses, despite an Aes Sedai being the one who had given her Coal four months ago, and if that was the case she definatly didnt want the grooms poking their noses in and getting her big grey pet confisgated. No grooms meant no one to ask for horse infomation, though, which had lead her to the Library.

The trouble was that the Library was so big. Sial had had no idea where to start looking for infomation on why a horse might have a runny nose. She had stopped, just for a moment, to consider her predicament, twiddling the end of her plait around her finger and scowling.

Standing still, however, seemed to have been the wrong thing to do when a cross sounding Aes Sedai in a pretty lavender gown called to her. “If you have nothing better to do than stand there, child, help me sort through this selection of books. I need to you to take notes of all books that have references to ambassador rights in Cairhien for the past 200 years.”

200 years?! She must be bloody joking! Sial had hesitated, but only for a moment. She did have something better to do but she wasnt totally daft. You didnt go telling a full Sister that you couldnt help her because your horse might have a cold, not unless you particularly wanted to be scubbing pots with black-and-blue buttocks for the next Age. Coal would have to wait. Besides, any work for an Aes Sedai could be useful…she walked rather warily over to the lavander-gowned sister and sat down beside her.

The sooty-eyed Cairheinin felt awkward. Awkward was putting it lightly. The Aes Sedai in an irritable, lets-give-the-lazy-Novice-a-rubbish job mood and now she couldnt escape. Sial picked up a book to look busy but she was too dazed to actually work. She felt wrongfooted. The day had started so well, what with getting such a straightforward chore and having the chance to pet her horse but now…Light, let this be easy. Even as she thought it, Sial realised exactly how many books were in the Aes Sedais selection. Light, 200 years? It will take me that long to read one of these buggering great books! In the future some doddery old Brown will decide to look for a Cairheinin ambassadorism book for a bit of light reading and will find my withered corpse jamming up the pages. Assuming I dont die of boredom in the next 200 minutes…

Almost as if her thoughts had called her, a Brown sister appeared. Sial did not even know the sisters name but knew the sister was Brown from catching a fragment of conversation on one of her own excursions to the Library. This particular Brown was not the doddery old figure of Sials musing but a sensible, tired looking woman in a violet dress that contrasted rather nicely with that of the lavender-clad sister. “Hello… Eva, is it? You look frustrated… do you wish assistance in anything?”

Sial did not presume that the woman was talking to her. Instead, she made a mental note that lavender-dress was Eva Sedai, assuming, of course, that the Brown had not made a mistake. Lavender-dress replied “Good day, Raeyn and thank you for offering your help, it is not frustration you see, but an hour too long of studies I guess.”

Again, Sial noted the name but also made a good pretense of reading the book in front of her. Lavender-dress sounded frustrated, whatever she claimed, and the Novice had no intention of irritating her further by appearing to slack. She carefully picked up a quill and a piece of paper.

“I see that you carry a book in the same series as one I am reading,” the woman continued, suddenly looking interested in the Brown sister. Sial stopped imitating scanning the page and looked up, intregued at the change of tone. “Would you be so kind to have a seat and maybe discuss the topic with me? I am studying the ambassadorship in Cairhien and am slightly pressed for time to go over all these volumes.” The woman looked straight at Sial, who shifted in her seat, but either did not see that she had stopped reading or did not care to make an issue of it. Thats interesting…whats she up to?

To cover the fact that she was trying her hardest to eavesdrop, the Novice made her dark-lashed eyes look at the page before her. ‘…cairhein has been the centre of both commerce and social advancement in years and under its current talented monarch promises to rival the glory of Artur Hawking. In particular, it can be noted that the recent relationship bewteen the country and…‘ Out of nosiness more than anything else, Sial read the page she was looking at properly. She was a surprisingly quick reader for a commoner and by the time she had finished the page, she had sussed why Ava-Sedai was so snippy. Anything titled ‘Cairheinin relations with the North’ promised to be about as fun as poking yourself repeatedly in the eye with a chimney brush. That page alone made the Novices own temper deteriorate a notch; not only was it blatently written by some suck-up noble who wanted to get into the monarchs favour, she would probably have to read the entire book to see if there were any references to Ambassador rights at all.

Sial titled her bit of paper ‘A list of books that contain references to the rights of Ambassadors in Cairhein’ in her appauling writing, then doodled a hangman on the corner of her page as her mind drifted back to the Aes Sedais conversation. Eavesdropping was so much more fun than reasearching…

Sial Daemoa
Nosy, nosy Novice

28 August 2007 (5:46pm)

Raeyn blinked at the Sister in front of her before looking down.  Sure enough, the volume she had been copying from had wandered downstairs with her!

“Light,” she muttered as she eased into a seat, “I meant to leave this up in my chambers, as I was in the process of rescribing it – boring stuff, really.”  Raeyn placed the book on the table in front of her and paused to muse aloud, “I still have a bit to go on this volume, and should take it back up with me… in addition to the fact that this volume is in need of rescribing both due to age and the fact the prior scribe did a very poor job – it’s quite difficult to read.”  Her brows furrowed as she thought further before suddenly brightening, “However, I do have another Sister’s notes in my chamber on this volume and those other two you have with you – I fetched them from the Library as a reference aid to make sure that I copied everything as correctly as possible… perhaps they would be of greater aid to your research than recreating it yourself?”

Raeyn had to suppress a smile as the Sister in front of her’s head jerked upwards, “Actually, yes!”, the Gray replied, “It could save me time that would otherwise be spent pouring through all these volumes myself.”  Raeyn nodded and spoke again, “Indeed!  If you would like to accompany me back to my chambers, you are more than welcome to read through them.”

She did permit herself a small smile as the Gray Sister’s body visibly relaxed as she nodded agreement.  “Poor dear,” Raeyn thought to herself, “she must be on a task for Phaedra or one of the Sitters.”

Raeyn stood up and gestured to the Gray that should should as well.  As the rose, Raeyn suddenly gestured to the Novice  and spoke, “Before we leave, perhaps you should see what your young assistant has found, if anything.”


28 August 2007 (9:47pm)

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Sial had to fight the urge to dance. As it was, it was difficult not to drop the book, now open on the line ‘…not only what is collectively known as the Borderlands but the tenuous relationship with the Aiel…’,  in her enthusiasm. Raeyn Sedai was going to take the other Sister away! Surely a Novice would not be left to reasearch unsupervised, so she could get dismiessed. She could drop this tedious task, look up a cure for Coal, maybe sit in the gardens, get some dinner-

“Before we leave, perhaps you should see what your young assistant has found, if anything.” the Brown Sister finished. Any delight Sial had felt at the likelihood of getting away evaporated. Oh buggery! I cant say anything! They’ll get cross at me for being a Novice bloody slacking and I’ll spend the rest of the day-and probably the rest of my bleeding life too-cleaning chamberpots as punishment. Arg! I’ll…I dont know!…I’ll…blag…

In desperation, Sial scanned the page. ‘…and the mightiest nation this side of the Aryth Ocean is acknowledged even by the savages, who the might Monarch of Cairheinin continues to negotiate patiently with despite the Aiel lack of understanding in the concept of Ambassadorship. May the Royal line of Cairhein live forever, light be willing! In the case of Tar Valon…‘ The Novice kept her face neutral-you couldnt play merchants off against eachother if your face told your infomation for free-but her eyes darted. Time for some quick thinking.

“Yes Aes Sedai, though I have not been working for long. On this, I mean. I mean, all Ive found out is the general overview of…um, this book.” A Cairheinin accent was not meant for umming and ahhing and usually the mere sound of herself would have been enough to trip the young woman over her words. In this case, however, the waffling gave her a chance to think. To think very, very quickly. She adressed Ava but switched eye contact between the two Sisters when she spoke, in a bolder tone.

“I have only had a chance to check this book, Aes Sedai, and I havent read much beyond the prologue but Ive found out several things. First, this was written before the relationship between Cairhein and the Aiel soured, in the time of a king or queen. Second, it contains referances to Ambassadorships between the North-the Borderlands and Tar Valon included-and Cairhein. And third, its been written by some bloo-ah, someone of noble blood or maybe someone who wanted to suck up…er, who wanted to gain royal favour, so its strongly biased.” Sial tried not to shrink under the eyes of the two Aes Sedai. She was not particularly tall and wanted to keep every inch she had when facing these women, even in response to a question.

“I hope that helps Aes Sedai” she added, standing to throw in a clumsy half-curtsy for good measure. That ought to do it. She’ll know if thats what shes after. Light, I wonder what she is after? She’d better not be bloody messing with Maerone…not unless she’s planning to soot up some chimneys. Dami can make a fourtune if she did that. Oh, who bloody cares what the bloody woman is up to? Let me go, lady!


29 August 2007 (1:03pm)

Ava frowned at the thought that Raeyn would invite her to her quarters. Yet, she was happy with any help she could get that would lighten her chore a bit. It would take much longer to stay there and have a conversation than to stay in the Library and work. But the Brown had notes that Ava could use and she was all the more glad for it, her mind running over the possibilities of scanning those notes quickly and then adding them as a reference to her report to Phaedra. The Gray Sitter did not need the actual reference, but it was useful to know where this information had come from, Ava suddenly realized it could not be that only a Brown had such detailed notes and made a mental note to find the time to do some rearranging of the Gray archives after this particular quest was over.

Raeyn rose to leave and Ava followed, gathering her notes when the Brown pointed at the novice who was looking up at them now. Ava would have thought a Brown would have forgotten about a novice as the stories went of Browns too lost in thought to even remember themselves. But now the Gray had lost the novice from her thoughts and she nodded, then turned on her heel to face the woman clad in white woolen. Yet, before Ava had opened her mouth to inquire after the young woman’s progress, a whole waterfall of words fell from her lips and Ava stared at her, her brows lifted slightly as she listened to the girl’s explanations and findings. When she finished, there was not a trace of happiness of pride over the girl’s work on Ava’s features, it was annoyance and aggravation that painted along her stern gaze.

Ava forgot about the Brown for a moment and took a long moment of silence before speaking, “Child, did I ask for an elaborate report on your findings?” the girl’s jaw clasped open and shut again, “Tell me, did I ask you to speak, or did you decide that for yourself?” she found the questions rhetorical enough to turn back to Raeyn and said, “Perhaps this novice can carry some of my materials, so I do not lose anything and then she can wait outside of your quarters while we discuss the notes that you offer?” she could not bring herself to smile at the thought of help from the Brown, as she felt like the novice had taken the last shred of Ava’s patience. Why did these novices not see that they were students and had to learn? Had the Brown not been standing there she would have put the novice to a particularly nasty chore for the rest of the day. But now it seemed she was stuck with the child as she could not very well send her on her way now. The girl would have to stay near and behave from now on, for Ava felt a responsibility for the child. Maybe the Mistress of Novices would be a good next stop, but she had no time to fit in that type of a meeting today.

“Best follow us,” she told the novice. “Bring all that and try not to blotch any ink on my papers,” she said and took just one leaflet she had been writing on just now. The novice bopped an odd sort of curtsy which Ava recognized as one she received often when speaking to novices. The willingness and relief had washed off the child’s face and Ava shook her head lightly as she headed out of the Library. Did none understand that she was not interested in hearing a life story about how they had done a job she asked them to do, was it not enough to simply do the job and be quiet? Did the novice require a pat on the back and a cookie every time she did as she was asked? She would certainly lead a very uneventful life if all her work was treated by rewards and no endurance was asked in any task laid on her. Ava headed towards Raeyn who had started towards her quarters, lost in thought evidently as the two women walked quietly. Outside of Rayen’s door, Ava checked briefly that the novice brought all the books and papers and then told the girl to wait outside. She would be called if any of the belongings in her arms were necessary. “I will call for you, no need to barge in and bring me what I do not need,” she insisted finally.

Ava Dorelle
Gray Sister

29 August 2007 (7:58pm)

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Sial had felt a momentary surge of satisfaction as she had spun her tale. Still can do it! Any positiveness soon evapourated. Lavander-dress not only looked like she had just discovered that she had stepped in cow dung, she wasnt even slightly grateful. Sial was accustomed to Aes Sedai looking down on her as a Novice (it never occoured to her that her height might have something to do with that as well) but to be told off for doing as she was told?! That bloody Brown as good as bleeding told me to speak up! Im not Lavander-dress’s personal bleeding maid! I ought to bleeding well burn her bloody papers…

It took a certain amount of effort for Sial to keep her features acceptable. She was so used to scowling in this situation that it was a struggle not to. As it was, she couldnt stop herself completely, but better to look faintly pained than to glare at a Sister. She gathered up the books first, into a rough and decidedly heavy stack, then carefully sandwiched the papers in ‘Cairheinin relations with the North’ so that she couldnt crease them unless she tore up the book first. Tearing up the book was starting to look decidedly appealing but it was a bad idea and even thinking of such damage to something as expensive and precious as a book made her wince. Balancing the inkpot and quills on top, Sial waddled after the Sisters with the pile teetering. She was quite pleased with herself for not dropping it but it made her muscles ache. It wasnt that she was weak; books just weighed a lot and were awkward. The 19 year old clenched her teeth to stop herself cursing and instead cheered herself up by thinking of as many insults for the Sister as she could manage.

The Aes Sedai paused, then Lavander-dress rummaged through the pile Sial was holding as if she honestly expected the Novice to have set fire to them somehow between Raeyn Sedais door and the Library. “I will call for you, no need to barge in and bring me what I do not need,” the woman said. Sial nodded. She could hardly attempt to curtsy with her hands full. “Yes, Aes Sedai.”



02 September 2007 (7:53pm)

Gesturing to her desk, Raeyn seated herself in her cushioned relining chair, “The notes are there, Ava… feel free to make use of the blank sheets for whatever notes you wish to make, as I’m afraid that I can’t let you walk off with the lot while I’m  still using them.”

Ava’s eyes flashed sullenly, “Perhaps she thought she could dash off with them,” Raeyn mused to herself as she watched the Gray Sister start into her efforts,  “Perhaps some tea would calm her.”

She rose silently and strode to the outer door.  Opening it, she leaned out and spoke quietly to the Novice, “Child, why don’t you run down and fetch some tea and cakes for us.  I’ll move her stack in here in the meantime, so it will be safe.”  The Novice curtsied, “Yes,  Aes Sedai,” and started to turn.  Raeyn stopped her with a firm hand on the shoulder, “I should add that I wouldn’t be too cross if a little cake didn’t make it all the way up here, if you understand what I mean… off with you, now!”

Raeyn closed the door behind herself and made her way back to her recliner.  “I sent the Novice for tea and cakes,” the Brown Sister spoke.  She raised her hand to forestall Ava from speaking, and continued, “I’ve moved your things inside by the doorway, where they will be safe… and I also wanted to speak to you briefly on a matter.”

“And what would that be, Raeyn?”

“I couldn’t help but notice the way you were acting towards that Novice girl,” she smiled apologetically, “but it’s generally not wise to take your stress out on a Novice, or anyone for that matter.  Just because you are on an important task… for one of the Sitters, I’d guess?”

Ava opened her mouth, but Raeyn once again gestured for silence, “Whatever the case – taking out bad feelings on Tower initiates is in poor taste –  we as Sisters have a standard of firmness and fairness to set.  This isn’t just for their own good, but for yours and mine, too.”  Raeyn leaned forward and caught hold of Ava’s gaze, “Because… ‘lazy, slacking’ Novice or not now – some of these children will be our future Sisters.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.  “One moment!”  Raeyn called as she rose from her chair.  “Of course,” she started, turning once again to face Ava, “that is unless you want to find a lack of allies in future years due to thoughtlessly alienating people in petty ways… not that I condone coddling the children either, but there must be balance.”

Raeyn stopped on that note and strode to the door.  Upon opening it, she found the Novice waiting.  “Come in, child!”  Raeyn spoke, and gestured to the table where Ava was sitting.  Smiling brightly, Raeyn shut the door behind herself and turned again to face Ava, “Well, the tea is here now.”



02 September 2007 (10:51pm)

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“I should add that I wouldn’t be too cross if a little cake didn’t make it all the way up here, if you understand what I mean… off with you, now!”

Sial was a little bemused as she passed the stack of books to Raeyn Sedai. She knew what the woman meant all right, but what was she playing at? The Novice had been bought up in a country where hints and insinuation were as good as straight out bluntness but such a hint from a Sister? The woman had as good as told her to steal cake. Not that she probably wouldnt have anyway but this puzzled her considerably.

Nethertheless, whatever the Brown was playing at, Sial was not about to drop a cake oppertunity. Aes Sedai could not, after all, lie, so Raeyn at least would not get her in trouble for being a cake theif…or would she? Aes Sedai told the truth but not always the truth you thought you heard and the woman had not said ‘Sial, sweetie, have some cake and you will not get in trouble’, just that she wouldnt be too cross…maybe ‘not too cross’ would get her in trouble out of some sort of Brownish lesson? Of course, assuming there was no politics behind it (a foriegn and strange suggestion) then the Aes Sedai must just be kindly and, assuming that unlikly possibility was the case, Sial was grateful for the option of cake.

Glad to get away from the bizzare Brown and a disgruntled Lavender-dress (Eva, Ava, whatever her name was) the Cairheinin bounded down the corridor with her usual skippy walk toward the kitchens. There was no point in bothering a cook, she decided. It was easier and quicker to take what she needed, something that she did. Despite her distinct resentment to Ava and her suspicion of Raeyns motives, the dark haired woman took special care over the tray. There was a hot pot of water, as she didnt want the tea to stew, and several different options for leaves on a saucer. In a moment of cheekiness, she even added the tealeaves that allowed preganancy to be avoided. Ha. I wonder if that will offend them. There was a dish of sugar and some honey in a tiny bowl. Looking around the kitchen, Sials sooty dark eyes latched onto cakes. Many cakes. May as well take a bit of everything…who knows what bloody Aes Sedai expe-ooh! Is that a cookie? Better add some of them for good measure… Once she was finsihed, the Novice had succeeded in loading the tray with enough selection to put a bakery to shame.

Stuffing a few biscuits and a slice of what appeared to be cherry cake into her belt pouch, Sial picked up the tray. Then put it down very quickly. Blood and ashes, whod have thought cake could weight such a trollocing lot?! She picked it up again, more warily this time, and walked very carefully to Raeyns dwelling. She was quite pleased with herself for making it such a long way without upsetting the water or dropping anything, although her shoulders did complain at the weight. The problem came when she reached the door. How in the Light do I knock? If I put the tray down, I’ll spill stuff but I cant knock with my hands full…

With the hooliganistic balance of someone who climbed, Sial balanced on one leg and used the other to drum against the door. It made a satisfying knock and she managed to keep the tray straight. “Come in, child!” Raeyn Sedai called. Sial opened the door with an elbow and walked carefully over to the table that the smiling Brown indicated. What is she beaming about? I wouldnt be smiling if I was stuck on my own with Lavender-dress looking that irked. Browns really are nutty.  I should have bought her the almond cake.

Setting down the tray, Sial bobbed a very bad curtsy to both Sisters. She just couldnt seem to get the hang of this flouncing arounf with your skirts lark. Which was when she noticed the black smudges on either side of her Novice whites…

As noncholently and possible, she shifted her dark eyed gaze to her hands. Her fingertips were smudged with ink from writing earlier with the quill. Which meant-

Oh, Light, no! She looked out of the corner of her eye to the teatray. Everything was perfect. Everything, that was, apart from the rim of ink around the edge of the teacups. Had Sial been watching events featuring another Novice, she would have laughed at the potential for a prank and perhaps suggested handing the inkiest teacup to Lavender-dress. As the Novice was her, however, she wanted to scream and the best suggestion she could think of for herself was to run, far away, and live in the woods for the next Age or so.

Thinking quickly, Sial made a plan. She had a feeling Ava would shoot her down for speaking out of turn but better a reprind than a punishment for a horrible, horrible accident. “Ava Sedai, Raeyn Sedai, would you like me to pour the tea?” She curtsied again, eyes on the floor. She didnt trust herself to catch either Aes Sedai’s eye.

Sial Daemoa
Unfortunatly untidy Novice

Death Becomes Her (Murder Mystery Phase 1)

Fishing around on her table, Raeyn Sedai, the ever so dignified Head of the Brown Ajah, growled at the fact she couldn’t find something as simple as a hairbrush.

“It’s even worse knowing that you have one… somewhere!!” she muttered to herself, carelessly moving stacks of paper around to peer at the layer of dust on the tabletop.

Sighing, she strode to her overstuff armchair, and flopped back inelegantly. Her woolen nightgown flapped about her ankles as she jumped right back up with an exclamation of surprise, peering into the seat. “Some things are right under our noses… or other body parts!” she exclaimed to herself, scooping up the brush before sitting back down. Pulling the ribbon out of her long hair, she shook it down to stream across her breasts into her lap. She stroked idly, reflecting on a day spent fussing at unruly Novices in the library, “Was I as foolish as the lot of them when I was that age? Surely not…”

Her thoughts were interrupted as a gaping yawn attempted to escape from Raeyn. She hurriedly covered her mouth, grinning ruefully, “I’ve been pushing myself too hard lately… I should take some time to relax tomorrow!” She snuggled back into her chair a bit more, continuing her idle strokes with the brush. Before she knew it, she was fast asleep, brush dangling from her outstretched hand.

And that is how she was to be found on the tomorrow that wouldn’t come for her.

Raeyn Sedai
Head of the Brown Ajah
Bonded to Matalina Gaidin

Meagan rubbed her eyes as a yawn escaped her lips. Earily morning never bother her too much, but after spending a late night practicing her 100 weaves in the dark, it was enough to make her wish she could have slept late. But the time waits for no woman, and she was off to the library to search out more books on weaves like any good dedicated Accepted.

Her sandled feet moved silently over the stone steps of the Legendary Library of the WhIte Tower. A Library she would have given her life to see, to study in. She walked carefully up the steps, although she knew each step by heart. She had to know, for her lack of sight demanded it. Her cost to study in this library was her inability to actually see the library the the books within. Maegan yawned again, pulling open the door that lead into the entrance, filling her nose with the smell of paper, ink and a slight insence smell that one of the sisters must have burnt to help with the smell of the dust. Domani inscense, if she guessed correctly.

“Morning, Maegan. You look worse for wear. Up practicing again?” The sweet brown that sat at the desk smiled at her, although Meagan couldn’t see the smile, she heard it in the woman’s voice. Maegan touched her hair, as it showed it usual disarray, despite the bath of this morning. Her thick hair never wished to do anything but tangle amnd make her look like a dis-shevled old woman. A perfect image for a brown.

“Morning to you too, Elrenie Sedai. Up earily cataloging again? I thought you had a weave for everthing that it should already be perfect.” Maegan smiled at the woman, handing her a book that she had borrowed the night before.

The woman chuckled in her low alto voice. “We all have our passions.”

“Indeed.” Maegan said with a grin, and continued her way into the library. She slowly picked her way to the stacks, avoiding chairs and table legs. Reaching the shelving that was dedicated to weaves, usually moderate to complex ones that all Aes Sedai should know, she started to run her fingers along the shelf that was within reach. Her fingers traced the bindings, spelling out the contents of the book. It was a time consuming method, but she was in no rush. She had all day, and if it took her years to achieve the Shawl, it was on her terms, and with her knowledge.

“Water weaves for the kitchen……Camp Fires and other use….Weather and how it… ” She skipped over the ones she had already read though -thanks to a novices help, who she had sworn never to repeat these weave until she also reached the banded accepted dress.- and frowned as her fingers came across a empty space in the shelf. A book was missing, and it was the next on her ‘reading list’. Picking up the hem of her skirt, she went back to the front desk and inquired about the missing book. Elrenie Sedai had left for a tea break, and another Aes Sedai she had not been aquainted with yet told her that a Raeyn Sedai had borrowed it to help one of her own students. Or as far as her knowlegde could percieve of the book.

After receiving directions to Raeyn Sedai’s room, Maegan let out a soft prayer that the woman would not be upset for being waken this earily in the morning. Maegan halted in her steps and looked out the window. Judging by the light that now filtered into the room, it was getting close to mid-day. Light! where had the day gone!

With soft footsepts, despite the time of day, she dared not wake anyone that wished to sleep late, and prayed that Raeyn Sedai was in her room, and not asleep. She counted the doors on her right…..15… 16….21…22…

Meagan was surprised to find room 23 slighly ajar as she attempted to knock. The door creeked open on its hinges at a high enough pitch to cause Maegan to shutter. Her hearing must be getting finer-tuned without her sight. She made a mental note to talk to a Yellow about this. She did not bother to touch the doorknow, but slowly pushed open the door, trying not to let the creeking door bother her.

“Raeyn Sedai? Are you here?” She peaked into the room, her heart starting to beat faster. The room was dark. No light from a window or a candle could be seen. Maybe she wasn’t in here, or still asleep. But why was the door open? Maegan tried her best to still her beating heart, but the sense of something tickled at her nose. “May I come in?”

After recieve no answer, she made the logical choice of going in, if just to see if the book was available. She stepped slowely, careful not to knock anythign over, or step on anything that might hurt her feet, she did not bother to embrace the One Power, her only chance to be able to see anything. At first, nothing seemed wrong. Ther room held a darker feel, like a brown long dedicated to her work and study. Harsh lights were never friendly to one that read a lot, and the rooms feel reflected that. But something wasn’t completly right either. The room had a very unsettleing feeling. Most rooms of the browns held insence, or a warm smell of the one that lived there. The sent of warm skin, or the fregrance of hair. But there was nothing in this room, and it unnerved her. Far more then the creeking door.

With her limited vision she scanned the room. The bed was flat, the table and tea setting was also empty. And then her eyes fell to what looked like a overly large armchair not far from the bed, yet opposite the window. In the chair was a figure. She could not make out the figure, it was like a ghost in a room full of things that blured and shone. But it was there. Slowly walking towards the figure, she tired her best to make out the figure. There was nothing tryly stick out, infact she was surprised she saw the figure at all, as like everything else, the figure reflected the dark tones of the room.

“Raeyn Sedai?”

Maegan was desperate as she walked forward, her hear in her through and her hair on end. A voice in the back of her head told her to run. To get anouther Aes Sedai. To get A yellow, or anouther brown. But her curiosity kept her moving forward. She needed to know. reachign out with her hand, she smoothed back the hair, obvously recenltly brushed, unless the woman had not moved all night, but with a shock, she pulled her hand back to her chest, as if electrified by the figure.

The Skin.. It was not right. It was far from the feeling of any normal skin that would usually be warm to the touch, and was indeed cold. Too cold. It was clammy and clung to her fingers, ans the feeling of dread washed over her. Taking a step back, she stepped ona hair brush, the Power of Saidar ripped through her body as the figure came to light.

The rolled eyes stared up at her as the body sat limp in the chair, the moth slighly open and the skin white to an almost greyish tone.

She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out as she looked down to her feet,. A jeweled, yet simple hair brush layed at her feet. And realization of what she already knew struck her hard in the chest, and the room grew dim, and her touch with the One Power faded.

Raeyn Sedai was Dead.

Maegan Ryanne

She tossed in her sleep, the hairbrush still in hand to flail at dream assailants. Occasionally, the brush was thrust forward, as if being wielded like one of the fluted rod ter’angrael or sa’angrael. Troubled dreams for a troubled time…

No one could say for sure what caused her to wake from her slumber. The door creaked open quietly as a true assailant snuck in; stealthfully they moved across the cluttered chamber. Perhaps it was the sense of another with the ability to wield the Power…

She jerked awake, opening her soul to Saidar… only to find herself blocked from the Source! The moonlight glinted through the window off flashes of metal all over the room, to include her assailant.

“What… what do you want?” she queried angrily, “Is this about the other day?”

The person in front of her said nothing, though the moonlight flashed off white teeth as the head bent nearer. Raeyn eyed her hairbrush sideways, and attempted to club the mysterious person’s head. The blow landed, but not strongly enough for her to escape. Flows or Air bound her to the chair. Her breath fled her body and all turned to red, but not before she felt the binds leave and a voice whispered, “Good bye, Raeyn Sedai… may your next life have meaning to it.”

Darkness covered all, and her form went cold.

Raeyn Sedai
Head of the Brown Ajah
Bonded to Matalina Gaidin
Maegan stood there for hours. Ot is seemed like hours. Her vision none existant as she shared the presence of the room with a figure that will haunt her.

::”Death is a mysterious thing. One day she was smiling, and looking at us with Happiness, and the next she no longer moves. We will never understand it, but it happens, just as, one day, you and i will one day die.” Maegan didn’t look to her farther as he spoke. She only watched without understanding, why they were placing her mothing into the ground while she was asleep. Everyone was weeping. Everyone…but her. And she didn’t understand.

She slowly backed out of the room, not touching anything. Feeling heat flow up to her cheeks and making her dizzy, she left the door open and leaned her body against the oposing wall, allowing the coolness of it seep ingot her skin and drain out the heat the rose from her body. Her fear. Her shock.

And then she screamed.

Maegan Ryanne
White Tower Accepted

The rest of this RP never happened. 🙁

Eleanor’s Turning

(I’ve lost the actual date on this; enjoy the approximate re-dating!)

“Why does Myriam make ME meet with these… ruffians?!” Raeyn thought to herself sourly as she carefully made her way towards the Ogier grove, “I know that gathering information from our Eyes and Ears is important, but…”

The sky was the pitch black of late night, with nary a star to be seen. Once within the edge of the woods, she drew softly on Saidar, channeling a small light into life. Holding it forward, she made her way deeper into the wood.

And there he was.. this in the latest chain of weasels who thought in their own self-important way that they were of some worth to the Great Lord. Little did this one know he was slated for death. Oh, how she almost smiled at that thought! Instead, she lowered herself to the ground at his side, and released the small light.

“You came unseen, I would hope?” she demanded imperiously of the man, “Otherwise you are of no use to us.”

“A—aa–aes Sedai, I a–aa-ssure y-y-ou,” he stuttered nervously, “I w-w-aa-as v-v-vv-ery !”

“Very well, then”, she cut him off, “attend, and tell what you have to say.”

Unfortunately for him, he had very little to say (as feared), and he had to die. As the weasly man started looking around furtively for a source of escape, Raeyn smiled. Drawing deeply on Saidar, she channeled; a fireball to the chest. As she started to gather the weaves to destroy the rest of the body, she heard a noise behind her. She dropped her contact with Saidar and threw herself around the side of a tree.

Raeyn started to call out to know who was there, but after calling once, she gathered Saidar unto herself and headed towards the sound she heard. A smile crossed her lips as she could hear someone running off in.. THAT direction!

Even if the chit.. Eleanor, was it? had seen who she was, what reason was there to worry? She would be dealt with… and now. She hiked up her skirts, and increased her pace, keeping the child in sight. Soon, soon now..


Running now, almost catching up with the fleeing Green… and someone else? “Who.. who?,” Raeyn thought to herself, only to see the woman Elle had approached cloaked in shadow and silver..

Running up towards Mesaana, she barely noticed the Green sister as she dropped to the pavement in front of the Chosen.

“You have been careless, girl. The Black Ajah has existed for thousands of years, never being revealed. And now you wish to throw those ages of anonymity out of the window.” The sound of Mesaana’s laugther sent chills down her spine, but she knew better than to interject when one of the Chosen spoke, “But, your foolishness has brought me a pet. I can either kill her, or have her turned to the Shadow. I believe you shall be part of the ring that Turns her then, Raeyn.”

“An honor, Mistress,” Raeyn murmured as she rose to the beckoning of the Chosen before her. Eleanor’s eyes rolled frantically as she was tugged, puppet-style down the path. Drawing on Saidar, she weaved Fire and Air into a flaming lash to keep the Green sister moving between them as they made their way down to the basements under the Library.


Following the Chosen down to the basement, Raeyn continued to prod the Green sister along, while keeping an eye out for anyone else. She didn’t expect to find anyone else besides their little group down there,… but after being interrupted in the grove, who was to say what could happen next?

As she smoothed out the dust behind them on their trek downward, Raeyn thought about the current situation. The whole thing was enough to screw her temper into a fevered pitch – the Chosen thought of the Black Ajah (aye, and even the Supreme Council!) as a bunch of stupid errand girls.. and compared to the knowledge of the chosen, they were! Which made it even worse! Even if Raeyn couldn’t feel Mesaana channeling, she knew that if she tried.. well.. ANYTHING!.. the other woman would probably kill her on the spot, and pick a new errand girl! Still, the fact she was being allowed in on this meant that perhaps she had a higher place than she thought, even with her slip-up figured in…

Pushing the thoughts out of her head, she released Saidar as they came to a stop in the lowest level in the basement. From nowhere, a hole opened in the air to somewhere she’d never seen before! At Mesaana’s imperious gesture, Raeyn entered the hole first, eying the Chosen as she passed. “What marvel will this woman come up with next?” she thought as she crossed into a darkened room, dodging the Green as she flew into the room before Mesaana.

Suddenly, the torches flared to life, showing a domed shape to the room. Covering her eyes from the sudden glare, she continued to stare at Mesaana… only for the first time to feel the Chosen’s strength. She gaped like a country child at the fair, and felt no shame in it.. the woman was insanely strong in the Power! She drew her cloak about her as if cold, when another woman came into the room.

Mesaana eyed Raeyn, and introduced her to the newcomer, “This is Raeyn of the Supreme Council. She has come to aide us in turning this little one.”

Nodding to the other woman, Raeyn turned her thoughts inward again. “Tell us your name…” Mesaana was saying to the Green.. some question about Myrdraal to the other woman… All the while, Raeyn’s thoughts began to race over this turn of events, only to be brusquely interrupted once again by Mesaana, “It might suit you to pull up your hood. No doubt some of the women coming will be sisters of yours and you would not want to reveal your identity.”

Nodding numbly, she pulled her hood up, making sure to bury her face deep in the cowl. But why did the light-blasted Chosen sound so bloody amused?! Who under the Great Lord did she have stashed away here to aid her? Some of those fools that had fled the Tower for the Darkness only knows why?

“Patience,” she thought to herself, huddling within her cloak, “Whatever is to pass, will come to pass.”