The Beginning of the End of an Era (ATTN: Black Ajah)

18 April 2002 (10:42am)

Opening her bag, Siofra pulled out the parchment with her notes for this meeting on them. She hoped that all of the sisters had visited the spot in the Tower with the note about the meeting. The ashes from the parchment that she had written the note on had flitted out the window after she had lit it with a small spark. That had been moments ago as she made her way down to the basement and into one of the rooms that most thought of just a storage room which was when it wasn’t being used for the Black Ajah’s purpose.

Reaching into her bag Siofra pulled out her cape and swung it onto her shoulders fastening it with the clip she had had personally detailed for her in town many years ago. She ran her fingers down the smooth midnight fabric, as a small smile creeped across her face and Siofra took that opportunity to twirl and feel the air swirl up under the cape and make the ends flap and flutter. Composing herself, Siofra set to making sure the chairs were in the exact spots so that the sisters could find their asigned spots so that Siofra only would know who was missing. The girls knew her, but only the Supreme Council knew each other as well and so the capes were worn. Siofra wore hers to make the others feel comfortable.

She heard her ward tone telling her that someone was apporaching and heard the knock as a Sister arrived for the meeting.


18 April 2002 (11:44am)

Brisk night air greeted her as she stalked silently through the empty halls of the Tower. There were stairs and halls that few knew of, and even then they avoided them due to the lack of occupancy. She knew almost every twist and turn of this place, since she’d been here as long as she had, moving about during the night to her objectives. The most recent list of hits had been completed the night before, with the death of a trader and an inn keeper, the large man having been planning to sell out names of supposed Black Ajah members. Even if the information had been false, it still would’ve raised unloved rumors about said Sisters, and they couldn’t gamble even a rumor on an actual member of the Ajah. Such was the life of an assassin.

Right hand absently tugging the black gauntlet on the left tighter, she counted the days it had been since she’d taken this path. Cara was asleep back in her room, and wouldn’t wake until well into the morning, and even if she did wake, Tod was there to calm her down. In this disguise, she could end anyone’s life who she happened across on the way to the meeting. She gave the bond a flicker of calmness followed by relaxation, letting Jonas know she’d be fine tonight. She would need him in the near future if never.

It had only been an hour, and she was a bit early, but brushed inside anyways. their leader was already there, and looked at her patiently as the door closed on silent hinges. “I’ll wait here, in case . . . ” she stated calmly to the Head of the Ajah, her voice altered to sound differently. She needed no Weave for the emotionlessness in her voice however. And she had left the sentence unfinished purposefully. In case anyone other than members entered, they’d be dead before they crossed the threshold entirely.

Tania Ramsey

18 April 2002 (1:12pm)

The dark green hood fell just down to Jileyna’s nose and covered her entire face with fabric and shadow. She hooked the golden clasp at the neck and checked her appearence in the mirror. It was risky, for her to leave her rooms in her true appearence, but her face was invisible and she and Desandre had similar body types.

The Tower itself was huge. Ever since her arrival Jileyna had found that suprising. Hundreds of floors were contained within it, and there were many more below. That was where she was off to, the bowels of the White Tower. As she descended the stairs, she kept a watchful eye out for anyone that just happened to be passing by in the middle of the night. Great Lord if she was caught these foolish children would probably try to STILL HER! The thought made her knees weak.

Finally she reached the floor at which the room where the Black Ajah held their meetings was. It was dark, and dusty, a perfect place for rats or spies, and yet none crawled on the dust covered white floor. She saw the doorway at the end of the hall, a storeroom to anyone else, a meeting room for her. At the door she knocked, the same knock used the previous day on Siofra’s door, and it opened quietly.
Inside, two women, garbed similar to Jileyna stood quietly as if they were waiting for an enemy to burst through any second.

One woman pointed to a seat and then nodded to Jileyna, she supposed she was to sit there. She complied, walking slowly across the room, checking her hood as she did. After taking a seat, she looked at the other women, both had their eyes fixed on the door like hawks stalking their prey.



18 April 2002 (1:51pm)

A gray tabby cat rubbed at Muirenn’s ankles, leaving tiny hairs on the hem of her cloak. She made a tsking noise, the black silk was spotless except for that, and she reveled in neatness. Using a weave of air, she brushed the garment clean again. The feel of saidar was sweet, but she could not use the Power where she was going tonight.

The message had been left in her pocket, where the sender had known she would find it. She shivered to think how it had gotten there, within her room, within wards none should be able to cross. Perhaps it was better not to know. She was summoned, and so would she appear. One did not refuse a summons from the Black Ajah.

She finished her preparations by tucking every last strand of her silver hair into her hood. Not many Aes Sedai had white hair, and she needed no speculation as to her identity. She also made sure her face was hooded and masked to prevent further identification. She stepped outside her rooms into the Halls of the Red Ajah. She knew exactly where each of her sisters should be now. And most of them should be asleep, thanks to a little something extra in their nightly tea. Still, it would not do to be careless.

There were passages here known only to the sisters of the Red. Some known only to her; one learned a lot in two hundred years. She entered a passage near her own quarters by undoing the weave of illusion that made it look like any other part of the wall. She entered the door, heard it click shut behind her, and began her long descent into the uttermost depths of the Tower. After many minutes she emerged in one of the lower basements and made her way to the meeting room. Anyone here at this time of night was either on the same mission as she, or dead.

As she came to the door, she knocked and entered, showing the signs that she was of the Black. The womyn at the door nodded and allowed her to pass. Muirenn looked at the Head of her true Ajah, who indicated where she was to sit. Muirenn nodded and took her place halfway down the table. She was neither first nor last here. She only knew a few of the other Blacks, but cloaked and hooded as they were, there was no way to tell which sister was which. Studying the others closely, she tried to find some indicator of who was hiding beneath those masks, but to no avail. Any Black sister that careless would already be dead. She sat patiently and waited for the rest to arrive. There were important plans to discuss this night.


18 April 2002 (2:04pm)

Lifting Sebastian out of her lap carefully Myriam murmured an appology to her feline friend. She lifted her cape delicately around her shoulders and settled it over her forhead, sweeping loose strands of her dark red hair under the deep gray cape.

Meetings were nothing new, but there had been an air around Siofra in her room earlier that day… She shook her head and completed her walk through the dark back passageways of the White Tower. A small hallway leading from the quarters of the Gray to a smaller staircase…

Turning the nob slowly Myriam slipped into the room, noting each similarly robed character with a nod before proceeding to her seat. Tania was there already, Myriam occupied a seat beside where she knew her fellow Gray would be, although Tania remained at her post beside the door, not bothering to hide the whip cord tension of her mood.

She always did know her way around an attack… Myriam smiled and took her seat, watching the other women in the room with mild interest from the folds of her hood and cloak.


18 April 2002 (5:37pm)

Peering her head out of her rooms, Raeyn smiled. Once again, she thanked the Great Lord for the Brown sisters, and their inwardly focusing solitude. Closing the door in a manner mindful of her long dark hooded cloak, she started down towards their meeting place. Although many of the occupants in her hallways tended to be up at erratic hours, not a one would ever be more attentive to anything outside than within their own rooms. “I sometimes really think that i could commit murder out here, and not a one of those fools would noticed,” Raeyn thought disparigingly as she turned down a servant’s stairway.

Raeyn paused for a minute to make sure nothing distinguishing was showing. Sure enough, her hair was already thouroughly tucked back, and noone would be able to distinguish the plain silk slippers sticking out from under the edge of the cloak. Taking a breath, Raeyn rounded the corner and finished the rest of the trek to meeting. She nodded a slight greeting to her fellow Council Member before going to her usual seat.

She settled herself, and felt the atmosphere of the room. “Something big is going on,” Raeyn thought to herself.
With a shrug, she resigned herself to waiting…


19 April 2002 (8:56pm)

Siofra looked over the women seated around the table. These women she trusted. These women trusted her with their lives. She held their lives in the palm of her hand. Siofra shook her head and went to the business at hand.

Covering some basic points about the status of the Ajah and other basic points of interest, Siofra went over her list and marked that all were present. She then moved to what she found to be the most important item. “We have not been finding or receiving enough information about this Dragon Reborn that the prophecies mention. I’ve been scouring the prophecies looking for things I may have missed. I have heard word that there will be a meeting of the Hall in the near future. There may or may not be information there, but from what I know, we shall be well represented by 3 members of our Ajah among the sisters of their former Ajah.

“Are there any comments, tidbits of information, or any other points we need to cover?” Siofra asked scanning the women.


20 April 2002 (6:57pm)

Raeyn looked around the room. Most of the women appeared to be a little nervous under their general calm. This was an issue of serious importance, and Raeyn felt that, perhaps, noone had thought as hard on this issue as all should have…. Noone wants to think about anything that could be their undoing, and the coming of the Dragon Reborn would undo the world.

Straightening in her chair, Raeyn composed her thoughts and spoke, “It has come to my attention through close proximity with the Amyrlin that she might know more about the the Dragon Reborn than she lets on. She has taken me into her… confidences, you might say,” Raeyn said, barely containing a mirthful laugh, “Though I cannot fathom her on personal thoughts, perhaps an interrogation could aid our cause. What is the consensus?”

She sat back, and waited for a reply.


21 April 2002 (12:16pm)

Jileyna, although rather nervous to speak up, did so in a deeper voice than she normally used when disguised as Desandre. “An interrogation of the Amyrlin? Have you gone mad Sister? No, I’m afraid if you want to question the Amyrlin, you’ll have to make sure that is her last interrogation. I agree with you, however, she knows much more than she lets out.”

It was an absurd idea. Killing regular Sisters was troublesome and tedious. THE AMYRLIN! That would surely be a triumph for the Blacks, killing the leader of the White Tower. The idea was so insane that it became possible, or concievable at least. Kathana was getting older, even for Jileyna’s standards.

An uncomfortable tension hung like fog in the room. Jileyna looked around to the other hooded figures, some were fixing their skirts, others dry-washing their hands. Great Lord, one was even biting her nails! Obviously, the idea had struck a nerve in all of them, it was true, to question her would mean killing her. Could they accomplish that without capture. And all of the downfall of problems that came with capture, could they handle that?


21 April 2002 (5:58pm)

Myriam sat forward in her chair as Raeyn Sedai spoke. Here was a sister she had known for some years, yet her words, although not completely outlandish, struck an odd chord in Myriam’s breast.

In the quiet that followed she found she could hear her fellow sister’s of the dark breathing catch, she pushed her agitation out of her mind and focused on the ideas that made the air in their private storage room meeting thick and chocking, a slow smile spread accross her lips.

Checking herself short of licking her lips outright, Myriam composed herself and addressed the room with a smooth voice, slurring her words slightly.

“The points both merrit further attention. Although perhaps not for those who may be in posession of fainter hearts…” Myriam took a moment to gaze upon her fellow sisters, some of whom seemed more than slightly distressed, though attempting to hide it, years as a gray and one who works close with people had taught her the signs of explicit discomfort. She turned her eyes back to Raeyn, and to the second sister that had spoken, her eyes squinting and idly wishing to herself that she knew the identity of each woman behind her cloak and cape..

“It is very well pointed out that the Amyrlin would not be highly amendable once such an interrogation came to pass. Her condition of hostility would prove to make our motions next to impossible. Her information and then her silence would support our cause to perfection…” Myriam let her slurred voice trail off in a disorderly manner, looking about the room once more, slowly.

A word from Siofra brought her attention to the fore again, and stopped her busy mind. Allowing herself a feeling of satisfaction she shifted back into her seat again, not wanting to look over eager.


21 April 2002 (7:31pm)

Listening to the points and information each sister brought up, Siofra came to a decision. Composing herself as the last sister spoke, Siofra nodded at the sisters and began speaking.

“Yes, I do believe we must interrogate Kathana. She is getting rather old so if we are careful enough things could go just perfectly.” Siofra paused and looked at each woman in turn coming to her conclusion. “If the sisters who’s candle infront of them goes out could please meet me in my room tomorrow after lunch.”

Siofra weaved the thread she had learned when she was a much younger woman and snuffed out the candles in front of Raeyn and Muirenn. “You are all dismissed. I’ll await our meeting tomorrow,” Siofra said nodding at the two sisters she had chosen.

Siofra watched the women file out of the room and returned the room to it’s previous set up. Wandering through the hallways, Siofra stopped in the kitchen for a cup of tea before returning to her quarters to get some rest.


22 April 2002 (5:36pm)

Muirenn watched and listened carefully during the meeting. She knew only one other sister present by face. She recognized the disguises of all but one other womyn from previous meetings, and wondered who the sister in the dark green cloak was.

She was taken aback when one sister suggested the interrogation, and subsequent execution, of the Amyrlin Seat. The silence in the room was palpable, and Muirenn could tell she was not the only one uncomfortable with such a suggestion. It would be difficult, to say the least, to take the Amyrlin away for a while, unnoticed. Kathana was known for her paranoia. Tapping a finger to her lips, she thought of several possible ways to accomplish such a goal. It would not be the first time she had been required to dispose of a prominent personage. She was not surprised when her candle was snuffed out after Siofra finished speaking. She bowed her head to the Head of the Black and hurried back to her rooms. There was much to do.


22 April 2002 (6:48pm)

As the others began to depart, Jileyna rose and left herself, ascending the long climb to the Green’s Quarters. She was fascinated by the meeting, she hadn’t thought of the Black’s as such a volatile group, and they surely surpassed her expectations. What an addition to the Radiant they would make! Aginor would surely be pleased with her now, Rasputin would most likely be annoyed.

In her quarters she made some notes in a small book of hers and tucked it away beneath the cushions of her over-stuffed sofa. She undressed and burned the dark green velvet dress she’d worn, she didn’t want to risk revealing her identity…yet.

The sun was beginning to rise, and it was time for Jileyna to get some rest. She would rise soon, however, to make sure rumors did not start to spread about how Desandre Sedai was sleeping in her rooms all day long. The White Tower was filled with mouths, large ones at that…

The Arrival of……Me!!! (Attn: anyone who wants to rp a bit)

08 April 2002 (2:15am)

Joseph stopped on the top of the hill. he hadn’t reached the city yet, but he could clarly see Tar Valon and the white tower from where he was. he had never seen it before, and it was an amazing sight. Joseph made his horse go on. he had been riding most of the day, and he wanted to let the horse rest as soon as possible…..but it would have to wait until they were in the city. it would get better food and stuff there.

Joseph walked through the streets. he had never been in Tar Valon before, so after he had found an inn and made sure his horse had been taken care of, he went to look around in the city…..something that hadn’t been such a good idea. he had quickly gotten lost. it wouldn’t be too difficult to find his way back to the inn if he asked for help, but at the moment he didn’t care. he was getting closer to the white tower….that was all he knew. he wanted to get as close as possible and take a look at it.

Joseph stood looking at the white tower, and suddently he wonderd if it had been such a good idea to come to Tar Valon. if anybody there found out that he could channel…..well, it didn’t matter. nobody was gong to find out unless he was stupid enough to tell somebody that he could. Joseph started to walk away, but he was so deep in thought that he didn’t see where he was going, and before he knew what happend, he walked into somebody who fell over. Joseph reached out his arm to help his….”victime” up from the ground.


08 April 2002 (4:09pm)

Muirenn Sedai hurried toward the Staff and Stole, her favorite place to take a meal in the city. She was already late for her lunch appointment with another of her sisters. More importantly, she needed to see the innkeeper. Unknown to most, the innkeeper of the Staff and Stole was also one of the Muirenn’s Eyes and Ears in the city. And the dovecotes there often carried messages for her eyes alone. She was waiting for some important news from the borderlands, hoping one of her hunches would pan out.

She was so preoccupied with her own thoughts that she failed to notice where she was going. It was usually no problem, since the citizens of Tar Valon knew an Aes Sedai by sight and also knew to stay out of the way…especially if that Aes Sedai had white hair. Usually it was no problem…but today as she had almost reached the inn, she was plowed over by a wide-eyed young man. She let out a low growl as she toppled into the mud. Embracing saidar, she almost killed the boy where he stood for sheer impertinence. ~Never kill in anger, Muirenn.~ The voice from her days of training came back to her, it was right. She had never before killed without orders or with passion, and she wouldn’t start now.

She accepted the boy’s hand and stood, using saidar to clean herself off and adjusting her red fringed shawl. She was muttering a bloody men not watching where they were bloody going, and cut off as she could see that the boy was just standing there staring. “Well. In my day we had respect for our elders,” she gave him a quick once over, “And manners as well. Now, the polite thing to do when you knock someone off their heels is to apologize. It is also polite to introduce yourself. Since you don’t seem to be one for introductions, I will begin. My name is Muirenn Aes Sedai, of the Red Ajah.”


09 April 2002 (2:31am)

“Well. In my day we had respect for our elders and manners as well. Now, the polite thing to do when you knock someone off their heels is to apologize. It is also polite to introduce yourself.” Joseph’s face went red, but it didn’t look like the woman had noticed since she just continued,”Since you don’t seem to be one for introductions, I will begin. My name is Muirenn Aes Sedai, of the Red Ajah.” as that left the woman’s mouth, Joseph could feel color draining from his face. he quickly formed the void to avoid showing it. light! he had to avoid drawing attention from aes sedai, and the first day he was in Tar Valon, he managed to knock one to the ground. just to make it better, she was a red. a red!

“forgive me for knocking you down Aes Sedai……i’m not….used to…cities.” Joseph said. it was the truth. Joseph had almost never been in any cities and the only time he had been in Caemlyn he had managed to kill his steph-father. “my name is Joseph” Joseph was’t sure what more to say, and besides, he had decided it was time to get back to the inn and try to avoid any more…..attention. “since i have already managed to delay you from reaching your destination, do you mind if i delay you a bit more?? i’m…….kind of lost…..”Joseph said and felt that his face was going red again. he had let go of the void as soon as he had been sure that he could be calm without it…..but at the moment he wasn’t sure if it had been such a good idea. he continued without a pause though:”i’m staying at an inn called….the staff and stole…..or something like that. you wouldn’t happen to know where it is, would you???”


09 April 2002 (3:43pm)

Muirenn raised an eyebrow at the mention of the Staff and Stole. All of her agents knew to stay at that inn when traveling through Tar Valon, all the agents of the Red, in fact. But this boy was surely not one of hers. Perhaps he belonged to another sister. Or perhaps his mother, maybe even his grandmother had worked for the Red. In two hundred years, anything was possible. Or perhaps he had just come upon it by chance. Placated by this line of thought, Muirenn let the matter rest. He seemed harmless, in any case.

“You must really have let yourself become disoriented. The Staff and Stole is only two streets from here,” she paused, perhaps there was a way to salvage this day yet. “And since you have already caused me to miss my lunch date, I assume you will not object to sharing a meal with me? I would be interested to find out more about a young man who is–what did you say–unused to cities? Good conversation is the best seasoning to good food.” She barely waited for his assent before giving a curt nod and heading off on her original path, pausing just long enough to make sure he was following before resuming her brisk pace.

Domani Red

10 April 2002 (12:37pm)

Nynaeve was so happy. It was the first time she got out of the tower by herslef and she decided to walk ALL around Tar -Valon. She realized she wouldn’t be able to do that because of the curfew so for this time three hours of wondering around will have to do. She went through many stores, looking mostly… she liked waatching.

After walking ALOT she came across Staff and Stole. It looked like a nice inn. She went inside to check the price of the food. After seeing the high cost she frowned. “So, will you have something?”, said the innkeeper aloud. He seemed very annoyed by her. She looked at him for a while then sighed. “Just a cup of Ale for me, please”. She sat there quietly sipping from her cup when suddenly she saw an Aes Sedai… named Muirenn she believed… entering with a man… a very cute man.

She watched them and smiled at muirenn as she notice her watching. She smiled at the man too… of courtesy of course and continued drinking….


11 April 2002 (3:29am)

Joseph followed Muirenn to the inn. he had considerd dissapairing on the way….it would be easy enough to do it, but if he did, Muirenn would perhaps think…..he didn’t know what, but either way, he didn’t want to draw any more attention to himself than he needed to. it would make his job so much harder if he did. Joseph wasn’t afraid of Aes Sedai. even though he didn’t want any attention, he was a bit pleased that he had run into an Aes Sedai. this way he could be able to find out whetever his oppinion about Aes Sedai was correct. well… would take more time than just this one time…..after all, not all Aes Sedai was the same. Joseph pushed everything out of his head and decided that he would try to enjoy this as much as possible.

as they walked into the inn, Muirenn semed to see somebody she knew or something. well, that’s wasn’t really surprising. she lived in Tar Valon. of course she would knew some people who lived there. she walked over to a where a woman was sitting and sat down next to her. she motioned for Joseph to do the same. as Joseph sat down he wonderd if he was supposed to introduce himself to this woman. he wasn’t sure, so he said nothing until he had orderd something to eat. he hadn’t eaten much during the day so he was rather hungry.


11 April 2002 (11:43am)

Muirenn Sedai came with the man and sat next to her. It surprised Nynaeve a bit since she didn’t know her that good but she looked like a kind women and Nynaeve wanted to use this opportunity to get to know her and that man too. She almost giggled but she contained herself. “Hello Muirenn Sedai”, she said. She wondered if she should get up and curtsey but since the Aes Sedai didn’t show any anger or dissatisfaction she didn’t get up.

She looked for a while at the man and then presented herself. “I’m Nynaeve Maryim, it’s an honor to meet you sir”. She smiled sweetly and waited for his response. From some reason it seemed to her that he didn’t felt comfortable with the Aes Sedai… he seemed… nervous in a way Nynaeve didn’t quite understand. On the other hand it was normal… most people didn’t like being around Aes Sedai as … but still…
she stopped thinking about it. She always exaggerated on things.

Nynaeve Maryim

13 April 2002 (5:59pm)

With neither woman knowning of a good place to eat, the commenced to wander about the streets of Tar Valon conversing. After about half and hour or so, they found themselves in front of an inn by the name of “The Staff and the Stole”. Looking at each other, the two women shrugged, and entered.

As the walked into the common room, they noticed Muirien Sedai, sitting with an odd man and a child of the Tower. Upon recognizing Muir, Raeyn immediatly walked up to the other woman, “Mind if we join you and your companions for a meal?”

Raeyn Sedai

14 April 2002 (9:39pm)

Muirenn walked into the inn and noticed a wide-eyed Accepted ordering a drink. The child was staring directly at her, and her companion. She allowed herself a slight smile. It was a bit odd for a Sitter for the Red to be going about town with a man. Especially given the stance of most of the Ajah on Warders. Since the child continued to stare, Muirenn decided to give her a reason. She knew the girl from classes, Nynaeve, her name was, and went over to sit with her. The girl had little choice, since she was sitting at Muirenn’s usual table. Why the child had chosen the biggest table in the room was a mystery. It certainly didn’t look like she had been here before.

After they had been seated, and introductions were finished all around, one of the waitresses immediately came up with a goblet of mulled wine and set it in front of Muirenn. “Thank you, Dina,” she said, “I will have whatever Cook’s special is today.” She paused, gesturing to the others, “And whatever these two want. Put it on the monthly tab for the Red.” Dina nodded after taking orders and walked off.

A few minutes passed with not much conversation. Muirenn was patient as to that, an Accepted and a young man would be understandably nervous around a Red Sitter. While the three continued to wait, Raeyn Sedai and Ayrlin Sedai, also Sitters for their Ajahs, Brown and White, came into the Staff and Stole as well. Raeyn made a beeline for their table, and Muirenn welcomed the two warmly. She remembered these two as novices and Accepted, they had both been eager pupils. She and Raeyn also shared a deeper bond, as they were both members of the Black. She noticed the other patrons watching the table warily. A gathering of Sitters from no less than three Ajahs was rare. And to add a man and an Accepted into the mix was ludicrious. Some of those were almost certainly Eyes and Ears of other sisters. No matter, let them wonder, and draw what conclusions they liked.

Dina, prompt as always, came over to deliver drinks and take orders from the two new arrivals. After everyone was settled, Muirenn turned to Joseph and asked, “So what brings you to Tar Valon?”

Domani Red Sitter

15 April 2002 (2:10am)

Joseph almost stood up and left when yet another pair of Aes Sedai sat down at their table. he wasn’t supposed to draw attention from the white tower….and here he was…..dining with not one, but 3 Aes Sedai. at least Nynaeve wasn’t an Aes Sedai….but that wasn’t much of a comfort. there was nothing Joseph could do about anything at the moment though, so he forced himself to think on something else. for a short time he was left to himself while the sisters talked among themself, so he tried to ignore everything but his own food. he wasn’t left to himself for long though.

“So what brings you to Tar Valon?” Muirenn asked and Joseph choked on his water. he didn’t know why, but it hadn’t occured to him even once that he should have thought of something to say if he was asked that. he didn’t want to lie. he hated to do so, so unless there was no other way he never did so. but he had to say something though.
“forgive me Aes Sedai. it went down the wrong way……”Joseph said,”why i’ve come to Tar Valon?? well, i’ve been traveling around for some time…..i wanted to see some more of the world than the place i grew up. so…..eventually i ended up here. i decided to try and stay here long enough to get a bit more…..used to cities.” it was the truth. well… was a part of the truth anyways. Muirenn looked like she though through his words before she asked her next question:
“tell me Joseph, where did you grow up???” Joseph didn’t know why, but for some reason he felt as he was being interrogated. he pushed it the feeling out of his mind though. it was a stupid thought.
“i grew up in Haddon Mirk” Joseph replied.


15 April 2002 (3:12am)

Ayr sat, ordered her food when everyone else did, and otherwise said little. It was not that she was shy of crowds anymore, exactly, just that she would rather listen to what the others said, and think through what she might say, rather than actually say anything. Besides, in this company, she was the lowest in rank. The other two were Sitters, and had been Aes Sedai much longer. Listening to Muirenn’s question and the man’s startled response, she frowned slightly. Perhaps it was just that he was unused to cities, and to be having lunch with three Aes Sedai and an Accepted, but there seemed something very apprehensive in his hesitant response.


17 April 2002 (8:48pm)

Muirenn gave a slight nod at Joseph’s answer. The boy seemed nervous. More than nervous, he had almost jumped out of his skin when the other two sisters came in. Muirenn tapped a finger on her chin as he continued to talk. She supposed he had good reason to be apprehensive. The other two womyn had not revealed their Ajahs. Perhaps he thought himself to be in the company of three Reds! With the stories that circulated, and she should know, she helped spread some of those rumours herself, any man would be twitchy around Red sisters. She let her smile grow slightly. Let him think they would gobble his children. It would keep him polite.

“Why did you choose to come to Tar Valon to learn about cities?” Muirenn asked. “The reputation of Aes Sedai is hardly favorable, especially in the South. I have travelled there, many cannot even recognize the ageless look, much less know what it means. They think Aes Sedai are little more than tricksters and charlatans. Why travel so far from home, Joseph?” Muirenn hoped the other sisters would join in the conversation as well, she didn’t want to come across as being too harsh to the boy.

Domani Red

18 April 2002 (3:57am)

Joseph started to grow angry. not at the sisters, but at himself. he was never this jumpy. there was nothing to be afraid of. the worst that could happen was that somebody found out what he was and gentled him. he would most likly die afterwards, but for some reason it didn’t worry him. the wheel weaves as the wheel wills. he thought. he considerd the question for some time before he answerd.

“well……as i said i wanted to see more of the world. and even though the wild part of the world intrest me more than cities and stuff i wanted to see this famous white tower that was in Tar Valon. and as for the….not so favorable reputation of the Aes Sedai……well, what can i say. i try not to judge anybody from reputation. i must admit though that i had made an oppinion about Aes Sedai before coming here……and that is one of the reasons that i want to stay for a while. where else can i learn whetever or not my……oppinion is right or not??” Joseph said calmly. he had managed to get a hold of himself. and he had formed the void.

“and what is that oppinion??” one of the other sisters asked. Joseph had expected the question, but he had expected it from Muirenn. the others hadn’t said much while they had been sitting there.
“my oppinion?? well, that is something i’m not going to share with anybody” Joseph said. his voice didn’t carry any feelings whatsoever.


19 April 2002 (3:24pm)

Nynaeve was sitting quietly on the side. She decided it was better she won’t say a word. Muirenn Sedai was doing a full interrogation to this poor guy and she didn’t want to be the next object of conversation.

The man seemed on the verge of a brake down with being asked so many questions and being surrounded with Aes Sedai. Nynaeve had to help him in some way. Give him a breather from them. Nynaeve got up and curtsied. “I am going to get me another drink, why don’t you join me for a moment Joseph? do you wish for something as well, Aes Sedai?”. Since no one nodded she simply got up with Joseph and they both went to the bar in the end of the common room.


20 April 2002 (8:43pm)

As Raeyn watched the accepted depart, she turned to her two sisters.

Do either of you know that particular lass? I regret to admit that I’m not very familiar with any of the girls training at the Tower anymore..

Raeyn Sedai

22 April 2002 (1:55am)

Joseph got up and followed Nynaeve to the bar. he was gratefull for a break from the…..questioning. it was a bit strange. of all the people he had been talking to that day, it was only the innkeeper and Nynaeve who wasn’t Aes Sedai. he had done a great job when it came to not attracting the attention of the White Tower. what a mess. he couldn’t see a way out of it anytime soon either unless the sisters grew tired of him. Joseph tried to push it out of his head. “thank you Nynaeve” Joseph said. he didn’t know if she would understand it or not, but it didn’t really matter.
“so, i take it you know those Aes Sedai or something…..” Joseph said, unable to think of anything else to say.


22 April 2002 (12:16pm)

“thank you Nynaeve” Joseph said. Nynaeve nodded. She understood him completely. Even though she was an Aes Sedai to be it was difficult to be around them. It took her a lot of time to get used to them. Their presence seemed to blow you away if you weren’t used to it.

“so, i take it you know those Aes Sedai or something…..” Joseph said. Nynaeve nodded slowly. “I know them a bit. Just saw them around the Tower a lot but nothing more, though they are nice”.

Nynaeve ordered herself a drink and tasted it. “You know if you want to leave you can just go. If you want an excuse for leaving… well i have to get going in a while to the tower. You can escort me if you wish to”. Nynaeve smiled at him and waited for his response.


22 April 2002 (4:28pm)

Muirenn watched with interest as Nynaeve and Joseph left together. She hoped that the child didn’t have any foolish notions in her head. Men like that were to be tolerated at best. He did not seem dangerous, but Muirenn did not believe his story for a minute. He was too hesitant in some places and too quick in others.

She was lost in her thoughts as she made small talk with the other sisters. After a few minutes, she was interrupted by Dina’s tap on her shoulder. The girl whispered her message to Muirenn, and after waiting for her nod of agreement, went back to the kitchen.

Muirenn excused herself from the table, saying there was a matter that merited her attention. “And Raeyn, I hope to see you later tonight. For a personal matter.” She arched an eyebrow, hoping that Raeyn realized that she was talking about their meeting with the Head of their true Ajah.

Dark shade of Red

Saerythra Al’Thorin (Biography)

Name: Saerythra Al’Thorin (Sari for short)
Age: 53
Place of Birth/Raising: Four Kings in Andor

Physical Description: 5’3, 160lbs.  Shoulder-length brown hair with some gray, dark brown eyes.  Her skin is a healthy tanned colour, but has started to go wrinkly with age.  A few nicks and cuts, but no real scars of note (that anyone can see, that is!).

Character History:

Saerythra is the middle daughter of a prosperous farmer near Four Kings in Andor, and the first child of her father Daeric’s second wife.  Her father’s first wife died in childbirth with her third child and first daughter, Allriendrae, and her father spent many year grieving before remarrying.  His second wife and Saerythra’s mother is Latima, the Wisdom of Four Kings.  She also has two younger sisters, and a brother between those two.

Saerythra spent most of her life being big sister to her other siblings from Latima, but still had to put up with babying from her elder siblings before they made their own way in the world.  Not that she had to put up with it for very long or very seriously; her older siblings eventually decided to leave Four Kings and the surrounding area in search of a better life, leaving her pretty much as the oldest kid around.  Not that she could blame her siblings for leaving; passing travelers made the outside world sound a lot more appealing.

From a young age, Saerythra had taken an interest in her mother’s craft, and pestered Latima often to learn her skills.  Her mother, pleased to be able to pass on her knowledge to her own kin, allowed young Saerythra to follow her around on house calls (when Sari didn’t have chores, of course!), and drilled her on herbs and their uses in moments of free time.  Once she was in her late teens, Sari was accepted by her mother as her official apprentice, and allowed her to start helping with minor cases around the town.

In her early 20s, she was helping a merchant’s guard at a local inn, when she saw a man a few years her elder at the inn looking at her.  Bemused, she decided to speak to him after finishing with her patient.  This turned out to be Marric, a new blacksmith in town who had come from a nearby village and had hoped to make his way in the world doing repairs for passing merchants and such.  They got to talking, and after a fairly short courtship, they were wed.  Sari moved into town proper with her new husband, and was quite happy with it all.

Years passed, and Saerythra bore three children of her own; the middle child Rhiana is her only daughter.  As she had pestered her own mother, Rhiana pestered Saerythra to learn the craft as her brothers helped Marric out in the forge.  In time, her children followed in her siblings’ footsteps and set out elsewhere into the world to seek their fortune, but Saerythra was wedded to her duty and her people, and stayed put.  She could understand the appeal of the greater world as travelers described it, but she was ever the homebody… and she met enough interesting, strange, and sundry people in her line of work anyways.

In her ‘old’ age, Saerythra remains a caring and compassionate person, but is able to cheerfully bend people to her will as needed.  And, of course, it is needed with some of her ‘patients’.  She takes pride in her stubborn streak, and does her best to take care of everyone in town, local or not, because she feels the need to continue in her mother’s footsteps.