Milandra Basene (biography)

Name: Milandra Basene
Age: 15
Nationality: None (Tar Valon)

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Light
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 130lbs
Voice: Cultured; her tutors did their best to make sure she spoke well

Possessing of extremely long, wavy hair, Milandra is a slender woman with high cheekbones, a pert nose, and a full mouth. Her features could be best described as delicate.

Special Skills: She is fairly disciplined with a good sense of right and wrong.
Knowledge Weakness: A sheltered life leads to a lack of street smarts.
Personality weakness: Naive, idealistic, and a bit sheltered.


She is sweet and somewhat biddable, though she generally won’t do anything that she deems to be bad.


Milandra is the eldest daughter of Edwin Basene of Arad Doman and Merisan Doredin of Cairhein. Her parents are both bankers, and met while working in Tar Valon. Initially rivals, they found they had much in common, and decided to merge their fortunes, wed, and raise a family there in the very town where they met.

Because of this, Milla (as her parents call her) never wanted for anything. She had the finest tutors money could by, and social connections to all the best people in Tar Valon. That is, of course, besides a connection to her parents; outside of learning the trade from them, they had little time for herself and her siblings. Instead, they were brought up by a strict governess, who ensured that they learned how to behave ‘appropriately’. After all, there was a good chance they could marry into noble houses with the right connections, and thereby have ‘real’ power to go with their wealth.

So her life was one of schooling, of balls, of learning the ways of the banker. It was a life behind courtyard walls, and didn’t provide for a lot of life experience. Oh sure, herself and her siblings managed to have some fun and manage minor mischief as children, but their parents and Ishmara, their governess, burnt into their minds the ‘right’ way to act. They were taught to be kindly to all people, but inevitably, some classism embedded itself into Milla’s mind. But when one’s life is spent in the company of bankers, nobles, upper-crust merchants and Aes Sedai, what can be expected?

Milandra hadn’t put much thought into her future. Unlike many, she knew that she actually had one. Whether she chose marriage, or following in her parent’s footsteps, or both, her parents were very supportive of her choosing to lead the life she felt best suited for. But the what to do was the question. She had no qualms with the aforementioned options, and even at the near-womanly age of 15; the world still felt wide-open to her. So it was a bit of a surprise when an option she hadn’t considered reared up – joining the White Tower and becoming an Aes Sedai.

She was attending a ball – whose, it doesn’t matter, when the idea started forming in her mind. Milla had been taught to be especially polite and solicitous of Sisters, as their hefty annual wage needed a home, and not all of them felt like investing it back into the Tower. While conversing with an Aes Sedai and the host of the evening, the subject of looking for girls that could learn to channel came up. Larindhra, the Aes Sedai, was explaining that there were many young girls with the ability to learn to channel, and that they would never know or have the chance unless they came to the Tower to be tested, or happened upon an Aes Sedai. Milla had no idea that it actually could be learned, and the idea dawned in her head – could she herself be taught to channel the One Power?

Ask and ye shall receive – testing revealed that yes, Milandra Basene could learn to channel the One Power. She could be an Aes Sedai.

Thanking Larindhra Sedai for her cooperation, Milla went home with her thoughts. “Be an Aes Sedai,” she thought to herself, “Why not?” She had overly romanticized notions of what it meant to be an Aes Sedai, like most that she knew. To socialize with kings and queens, to mete justice, to wield so much power, the Power… it was all a tempting prospect. A life spent behind walls makes the idea of power and adventures and travel sound like a fun one, and without thinking about what it actually meant to be an Aes Sedai, decided that she would sign up.

Boy, isn’t she in for a surprise.

Ferena (Biography)

Name: Ferena
Age: 17
Place of Birth/Raising: Three-Fold Land
Clan: Dragonmount
Society: Wise Ones
Weapons of Choice: n/a

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 150 lbs

Physical Description: Ferena is your average girl, really.  She is neither ugly nor striking, but cute in a rather commonplace manner.  She bears no signficant scars or other such markings.

Personality: Ferena is a kindly young woman, and was raised to be most dutiful in all things.  She is a good listener, and slow to anger.  Because of this, some people mistake her as meek.  However, she is a very proud woman who knows her own worth.

Character History:

Ferena is the only child of of Corel, a trader, and his wife Sina, a Roofmistress.  She became very close to her mother, as her father was often away on business.  Oh, she loved her father very well, and always delighted when he came back home.  Of course,  she didn’t mind the little trinkets he brought home for her and her mother, either!

Still, hers was a happy childhood.  While she didn’t have any siblings, she played happily with the other boys and girls of her sept.  She wasn’t able to understand why some of the girls wanted to run off and play with spears, but then, she herself didn’t know what she wanted to make of herself when she grew up.
She delighted in sharing what she knew with the younger children in her sept.  She felt that she would be a very good mother if given the chance, and was very happy to be like an extra ‘big sister’ or ‘aunt’ to the other children.  Now, if only she could figure out what to do with herself besides that…

That decision was taken from her when it was decided that she was to apprentice under the Wise Ones.  Ferena was baffled – what about her made her special enough to be honored by this calling?  So, with some fear and much determination, she readies herself to rise to the challenge, and to serve the Aiel well.

Lydia Gerig (Biography)

Name: Lydia Gerig
Age: 18
Place of Birth/Raising: Amador, Amadicia
Subdivision: Army

Physical Description: Lydia is of fairly common stock; she has brown hair and eyes, and slightly tanned skin.  She has no particurally distinguishing features – just your common Amadician peasant girl, really.  She stands 5’5″ and weighs 115 lbs.

Character History:

Lydia was born and raised in the shadow of the Fortress of Light.  Her father was a Child of the Light that died in the skirmish when she was very young, and her mother, Lemara, a washerwoman.  She has no other siblings, and her mother never remarried.

Growing up, her mother used to tell her tales of her father’s heroic deeds serving with the Children, and was proud that so many of the unmarried officers made use of her when they needed their garments washed.  She instilled a proper reverence of both the Children and the Light in Lydia as she grew up…. though couldn’t instill a love of washing the clothing with her dear old mother.  Of her father, she only had faint memories of a proud, tall man clad in the brightest white smiling down at her; he was always so handsome and brave looking in her memories.

She had made a decision early on in her life (between grimacing at dirty smallclothes brought in to be cleaned) that she would follow in her father’s footsteps and serve proudly in the Light.  Her mother would laugh derisively at this – why would the Children want a scrawny girl-child amongst their proud soldiers?  Better to stick to scrubbing uniforms, Lemara would remark derisively.  But Lydia was undismayed by her mother’s dismissive attitude – once she reached her 18th nameday, she steeled herself and approached the Fortress; perhaps there was room for another who wanted to serve and fight for the Light.

Sharvani Maruri (Biography)

Name: Sharvani Maruri
Age: 16
Place of Birth/Raising: Tava, Altara

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Pale
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 130 lbs
Character History:

Sharvani is the second eldest daughter of Selcia and Belen Maruri, and grew up in the small village of Tava, near So Habor in Altara. Her family was considered rather prosperous, as her father was quite skilled in carpentry, and her mother was fairly adept at weaving. Because of this, her family was never in want, and herself and her siblings were able to aquire a good education due a private tutor/nanny.

This came in handy, of course, as Shar grew older. Her mother was ever willing to take herself and her older sister, Paiva, on as assistants, thus leaving the care of her little brothers Mio and Cid to the nanny. While Sharvani wasn’t terribly fascinated with weaving, it gave her a way of earning a bit of cash to go play with whenever she could manage to catch a ride into So Habor. She and her sister loved the sites of the ‘big’ city, and enjoyed being able to wander around buying from street vendors and talking about the rich city men they would marry. They would happily stand outside of silk shops and discuss the fancy dresses they would wear, and the balls they would attend when their princes found them.

Of course, the dreams of girls are never the reality of adulthood. Paiva ended up marrying a fisherman chance met in So Habor by the name of Inigo Tavirino. And while they weren’t rich by any means, they had a very happy and tidy home, which Shar would often come and visit.

It was on one of these visits to her sister’s home that she chance-met a friend of her brother-in-law by the name of Rufus Saim. While not a fisherman (that much, they could confirm), no one really had any idea what he did do, just that he had a bit of coin and was free with it to those he liked. “A charming rouge,” Paiva had once described him, and it was true – Shar found him to be utterly wonderful company. And while there was no talk of marriage at that point, Shar found herself incredibly drawn to this charming young city man, and started to dream of the perhaps.

This too, of course, was spoiled.

A party of black-cloaked men showed up in the village of Tava one day speaking of serving the Dragon Reborn. Shar herself couldn’t really care; she was distracted thinking about trying to catch Rufus’ eye at a tavern he liked to visit. However, her father was intrigued by this notion; he surprised his entire family by declaring that they would go with these strangers to give aid to the side of the Light.

Shar was devastated – leave the only place she knew? She tried wheedling and begging with both her parents – couldn’t she live with Paiva and Inigo? Her weaving wasn’t that bad, she could support herself. While her parents considered this for a split second, all hopes were dashed when their nanny announced that she would not be coming with them on this mad jaunt, and was going to stay in Tava with what family remained to her; Shar would have to look after the little ones instead. Devestated as only a young girl can be, she regretfully packed up her things… under the sharp eye of her mother, who fully expected the young girl to try and bolt.

But she didn’t bolt – she very sadly packed her things up on the wagon with the rest of her family’s possessions, and prepared for what she thought would be a long journey to wherever the Dragon was. To the shock and surprise of her entire family, a hole opened in the air, and the black-coated men stepped through it! One step, and two countries were crossed. Her family were pointed towards the inn, and her father was lead off.

She was scared – where were they going to take her father? What were they going to do to him?! But her fears were unfounded – he was back in half an hour looking somehow both relieved and bemused. He explained that they were in Andor now, and that he was going to stick around to help these men by doing carpentry work. He went on to excitedly explain that Selcia’s work would be well appreciated as well – there weren’t many weavers available in the area. He didn’t mention the testing to find out if he could channel, of course – they found out about that later; it was a small source of relief in the upset their lives had taken.

So now, the Maruris are residents of the Black Tower, and waiting anxiously for their house to be finished.

Audie Acker (Deceased)

Character’s name: Audie Acker
Age: 19
Place of Origin: Near Caemlyn

Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 145 lbs

Physical Description: Twiggy yet muscular, Audie’s upbringing meant lots
of work.  Even before coming to the Tower, she tended to dress like a boy
because it made her father happy to have a pretend son.  She keeps her
hair cut short, and if not for a girlish face, would easily be mistaken
for the boy she dresses like.

WS: 3
Weapons: Staff, short sword, (bow)

Character History:

Audie is the eldest child of Lizbette and Aldar Breen.
They owned and lived on a small farm near Caemlyn, far away from any
other relatives.

Aldar had always wanted a son, so he treated his eldest daughter as such
(to her mother’s dismay).  As it were, all three of them had long days
filled with heavy work, not to mention having to peddle their own wares
in Caemlyn.

Aldar often took Audie with him on these short trips, as she was the
‘heir’ to what little they had.  She wasn’t the sharpest girl, but she
did her best to learn from her father of selling their produce.

Even so, she wasn’t that good at it; she lacked the cleverness to
convince people that their carrots were the best in the lot, or that
their lovely fat pigs would make the best rasher of bacon.  Lizbette
despaired further of her stupid child, and pressured Aldar to look for a
husband for Audie.

Aldar gave in to his wife’s pressures, and started eyeballing his normal
clientèle.  He wanted someone who could protect his daughter, now 16 and
a woman grown.  It wasn’t too long before he noted a young soldier in the
Queen’s Guard, Egbert Acker.  This was a man that Aldar felt he could
respect as a son-in-law – he was a soldier and protecting the good Queen;
surely he could take care of Audie.

Audie, being an average girl, had all sorts of fairy-tale notions of
marriage and men.  To her, marrying a soldier in service seemed dull; he
wasn’t a prince, he wasn’t going to be able to take her for rides in
carriages.  Still, her parents were persistent, and she found herself wed
shortly before her 17th nameday.

Marriage was horrible to the girl; Egbert was a kindly man, but he was
nothing she wanted.  He wasn’t handsome, he wasn’t a prince, and he
denied her the pretty silk gowns and gems she felt she had to have to be
a proper wife!  What a horrid man, she thought!  So mean and cruel,
denying her her every whim.

He had to be taught a lesson.

A few months after they were wed, Audie stole what little coin they had
and hired passage to Tar Valon.  She, like many girls, had idly dreamed
of being an Aes Sedai, and figured that if she were one, she could teach
her horrible husband a lesson!

When she got to the Tower, she found out that she’d never touch the
Source; she had neither the spark nor the ability to learn to channel.
Undismayed, she enrolled in the Tower Guards.  If she couldn’t teach him
a lesson with the Power, perhaps she could scare him into giving her
everything by force of arms!

Weapons training was hard on the young woman; she might have had some
degree of strength or endurance, but she had no particular grace or
dexterity.  Audie had a hard time understanding the philosophy that went
behind arms training, but after two years in training, it has started to
sink in.  She still wants to teach her husband a lesson for being so
horrid and mean.. but not until she had a bit more training under her

The core of her philosophy thus far is such – be scary and intimidating,
and then she can get her way!

Lillith Izmorova (Biography)

Name: Lillith Izmorova
Age: 75
Nationality: Domani

Hair: Dark brown and clipped to the shoulder
Eyes: Dark brown
Skin: Olive tones, but slightly sallow in appearance due to too much time spent indoors
Height: 5’7″
Voice: High-pitched – talking is usually driven very forcefully, but not quite shrill.
Other: Slim and somewhat plain, Lillith is never one to worry about how fashionable or made-up she is, and dresses in a tidy utilitarian fashion – usually something in a Saldaean cut.

Special Skills: Very skilled in glaring when it suits her.  Able to use sursa!
Physical Weakness: Not particularly adept at horse-riding, but making a point to learn.
Personality Weakness: Lillith has very poor social skills, and due to her upbringing became extremely introverted.  Due to said lack of social skills, her Novice and Accepted years were spent building up thick walls to keep the noisy outside world her roommates tried to bring her into.  She has worked on basic niceties as pertains to conversation and social gatherings, but prefers the company of herself alone.

Character History:

Lillith was the only child of a minor court historian in Arad Doman. Her mother died when she was very small, and only had vague recollections of said personage. Her father kept busy with his various researches into obscure lore on the behalf of lordlings sent by their parents to get a better education, to their dismay. This left Lillith pretty much on her own, her only friends the books she read, and the environment around her.

Shortly after her 14th nameday, a royal-looking lady came sweeping into the section of the library where Lillith’s father worked. The girlchild was bringing up lunch for herself and her father when she noticed this woman. Why, Lillith couldn’t put an age to her at all! Then it occurred to her that this strange woman was looking upon her with equal fervor.

This woman came up to Lillith, and introduced herself as a sister of the Brown Ajah. “An Aes Sedai?!” Lillith thought to herself as the strange lady took her by the hand and led her over to her father. “Good sir,” the Aes Sedai began, “It seems that your daughter had the potential to channel. If it is alright with you, I would like to test her, and if successful, take her with me to the White Tower when I return.”

Though her father loved his daughter very much, the both agreed that this might give her a better life. She was given and passed the Aes Sedai’s test, and was soon off to the White Tower.

The trip to Tar Valon from Arad Doman was fairly quiet with both women in their own worlds of thought.  Lillith learned that the Sister’s name was Sarita, and a little bit about what to expect about life as a Novice.  Lillith was content with this – she was a bit in shock, and found herself wondering whatever possessed her to leave the only life, the only little bit of the world she had ever known.

Life in the Tower was as big of a shock as Lillith had expected.  She was put into a room with another Novice; a boisterous young woman who often tried to engage Lillith in conversation upon her arrival, this roommate quickly figured out that it was a moot point, and made friends amongst the other Novices in their classes.  This suited Lillith just fine – she was uncomfortable with the other Novices around her trying to be friendly, and patiently built up walls to keep them out of her business and out of their lives.

This was her life during her training – always alone by choice, and ever immersed in her studies.  In time, she passed her test for Accepted and Aes Sedai, and joined the White Ajah.

In spite of her lack of desire to interact with other people, Lillith was very interested in the interactions of people with each other, and made it her area of study once she reached the shawl.  She is also interested in how people adjust to new environments, and will be asking the Mistress of Novices Larindhra Sedai for permission to sit in when she interviews incoming Novices and observe their progress as they adjust to life in the Tower.

Rendra Harella (Biography)

Name: Rendra Harella
Age: 16
From: Tanchico, Tarabon.

Physical description: Light brown hair, darker brown eyes. Slim of stature, and fairly short (5’2″ in today’s nomenclature, approx. 100 lbs… yes, you can be that thin and  healthy, thank you, i should know!). A few faint scars on her arms, a more notable one on her left side, another faint scar above and parallel to her right eyebrow.

Character History:

Rendra was the youngest of five. Her parents were street hawkers, so not only did they not have much in the way of money, what little they did have rarely trickled down to her. She had little in the way of formal education, but was rapidly educated from a young age of the ways of the streets.

She saw many uprisings and riots, and was quickly desensitized to the idea of the Light and the Creator sheltering and protecting her and others. Many she cared for had died at the hands of the Panarch and King’s military forces, militant bodies that owed fealty to those that were supposedly invested into their positions with the blessings of the Light.

The last straw came shortly before her fifteenth nameday. Herself, her 17 year old brother Jon, and his friend, Aldric. The three were wandering around the streets, good-naturedly pickpocketing and panhandling; their usual everyday activity. They had stopped for a bite to eat, Rendra smiling shyly at Aldric, and he back. Of course, their bite to eat had been fliched from a passing cart, what glee to snatch and run! This time, it seemed, they hadn’t run far enough away.

As they were casually making their way down the street, they were suddenly set upon by City Guards. It seems that the driver of the cart was more astute than they had realized, and tipped them off. Her brother pushed her aside as Aldric charged the guards. She ran from the scene, tears streaming hotly down her face as her heart froze within. She later found out that both died as a result.

With the two people dearest to her gone, a sense of vengance filled her being. Rendra turned her heart fully to the Dark, and decided to seek out local Darkfriends. A circle located her, and she explained her desire for revenge. She was tipped off to seek the Fortress for assassin training, and took that advice.

Mariasha Valnar (Biography)

Name: Mariasha Valnar
Bonded to: Taeadra Sedai of the White Ajah
Age: 24
Place of Origin: Caemlyn, Andor

Hair Color: Reddish brown (especially in sunlight); waist-length, usually pulled back
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 135 lbs

Weapon Score: 11
Primary Weapon: Daggers
Secondary Weapon: Quarterstaff

Character History:

Mariasha is an only child who was born to parents whom owned a smithy on the outskirts of Caemlyn proper. While her mother ran the household, Mariasha could usually be found helping her father out in the shop, having no interest in sewing, cooking, and the other girly things. Swords and daggers were of more interest, and of more use in her mind.

As she got older, she often found herself thinking more and more of wanting to learn to use what her father made. Her mother, on the other hand, had been putting pressure on her to wed the son of a nearby merchant. Faced with that choice, she took a few daggers from her father’s shop, some coins, and fled home.

After several months of wandering, Mariasha found herself in Tar Valon. She managed to find some odd jobs to keep her in coin, but every day she found herself on the Tower grounds watching the Warders train. Finally, she worked up the nerve, and decided that she would go and find out what it took to train to be a Warder.

Mariasha was successful in her bid, and trained hard with Matalina Gaidin.  She worked primarily in daggers, and was awarded a new pair by her trainer when she was awarded the rank of Tower Gaurd.  Not too long on being proclaimed a Tower Gaurd, Mariasha ended up bonding Taeadra Sedai of the White Ajah, under the most illogical conditions of being hungover.  They both found this to be very amusing (in spite of having each other’s sick head), and were quite happy in each other’s companionship.

Not too long after this, Matalina vanished from the Tower.  Taeadra Sedai suggested that they ask Raeyn Sedai, to whom Matalina had been bonded, and whom Taeadra considered a good friend from her Novice days.  Mari demurred – those two could say how nice Raeyn was as much as they wanted, she was a very imposing woman, and Mari wasn’t too comfortable with the idea of asking, and tried to move on in spite of the loss.  This was shortly coupled with the disappearance of Taeadra herself – from the Tower, and from Mari’s head.  She, having never have been bonded before Taeadra (how could she, being so young!), wasn’t sure what had happened.  She’d woken up one morning… and Taeadra was just.. gone.

In spite of these losses, Mariasha vowed to try and keep in good humor, and not let them affect her life.  She poured herself back into training, in the hopes that time would truly heal the emotional wounds she kept to herself.

Saerythra Al’Thorin (Biography)

Name: Saerythra Al’Thorin (Sari for short)
Age: 53
Place of Birth/Raising: Four Kings in Andor

Physical Description: 5’3, 160lbs.  Shoulder-length brown hair with some gray, dark brown eyes.  Her skin is a healthy tanned colour, but has started to go wrinkly with age.  A few nicks and cuts, but no real scars of note (that anyone can see, that is!).

Character History:

Saerythra is the middle daughter of a prosperous farmer near Four Kings in Andor, and the first child of her father Daeric’s second wife.  Her father’s first wife died in childbirth with her third child and first daughter, Allriendrae, and her father spent many year grieving before remarrying.  His second wife and Saerythra’s mother is Latima, the Wisdom of Four Kings.  She also has two younger sisters, and a brother between those two.

Saerythra spent most of her life being big sister to her other siblings from Latima, but still had to put up with babying from her elder siblings before they made their own way in the world.  Not that she had to put up with it for very long or very seriously; her older siblings eventually decided to leave Four Kings and the surrounding area in search of a better life, leaving her pretty much as the oldest kid around.  Not that she could blame her siblings for leaving; passing travelers made the outside world sound a lot more appealing.

From a young age, Saerythra had taken an interest in her mother’s craft, and pestered Latima often to learn her skills.  Her mother, pleased to be able to pass on her knowledge to her own kin, allowed young Saerythra to follow her around on house calls (when Sari didn’t have chores, of course!), and drilled her on herbs and their uses in moments of free time.  Once she was in her late teens, Sari was accepted by her mother as her official apprentice, and allowed her to start helping with minor cases around the town.

In her early 20s, she was helping a merchant’s guard at a local inn, when she saw a man a few years her elder at the inn looking at her.  Bemused, she decided to speak to him after finishing with her patient.  This turned out to be Marric, a new blacksmith in town who had come from a nearby village and had hoped to make his way in the world doing repairs for passing merchants and such.  They got to talking, and after a fairly short courtship, they were wed.  Sari moved into town proper with her new husband, and was quite happy with it all.

Years passed, and Saerythra bore three children of her own; the middle child Rhiana is her only daughter.  As she had pestered her own mother, Rhiana pestered Saerythra to learn the craft as her brothers helped Marric out in the forge.  In time, her children followed in her siblings’ footsteps and set out elsewhere into the world to seek their fortune, but Saerythra was wedded to her duty and her people, and stayed put.  She could understand the appeal of the greater world as travelers described it, but she was ever the homebody… and she met enough interesting, strange, and sundry people in her line of work anyways.

In her ‘old’ age, Saerythra remains a caring and compassionate person, but is able to cheerfully bend people to her will as needed.  And, of course, it is needed with some of her ‘patients’.  She takes pride in her stubborn streak, and does her best to take care of everyone in town, local or not, because she feels the need to continue in her mother’s footsteps.

Raeyn Priya Saethyr (Biography)

Name: Raeyn Priya Saethyr
Raised in: Saldaea
Age: 265+

Height: 5’4”
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair: Dark brown (almost black), waist-length, slightly wavy.  Usually worn tied back, or pinned back with whatever is on-hand.
Eyes: grey-blue
Character  History:

Raeyn was born to a poor Saldean farmer as the the eldest of 4 children –  two little sisters (Niella and Anaiya) and her baby brother (Jasean).  She was considered an oddity amongst the girls in her village because she always wanted to read instead of playing with the other children.  Because of this, Raeyn became somewhat inverted and dreamy, and the only thing that she did that was considered normal by everyone’s standards was practice the hand-to-hand fighting and knife skills that are so popular in her home country of Saldaea.

Raeyn found out that she could channel at the age of 16.  She was with her father when on a trip up to Maradon to sell our crops.  They were in the market when she suddenly fell down.  She had very suddenly taken ill, and it looked her father feared that she was dying.  Raeyn’s father rushed her back to the inn that they were staying at, and asked the innkeeper if she knew of a Goodwife to help bring his daughter back to health. She did, and sent off for her. At this point, all the other patrons of the inn noticed our situation. Little did Raeyn know that this would change her life…

For amongst the patrons of the inn was an Aes Sedai, a woman using the presumed name of Marlenya. She didn’t come to Raeyn’s aid then, but allowed the Goodwife to feed her herbs and make the young woman well.  It was later in the night that the Aes Sedai came to speak to Raeyn, who had started to feel better after only a few short hours.  Her father allowed her to go down into the common room for food and entertainment, as their farm was too isolated to enjoy something as simple as a gleeman.  As they sat there eating a bit of dinner, the Aes Sedai approached then.  At this point she revealed to that she was an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah, but cautioned us not to speak of it.  She explained to Raeyn and her father that the young woman could channel, but that she needed to come to the Tower and learn to control it.  Her father didn’t want Raeyn to go, as she was ever so dear to his heart, but the Sister’s logic was sound, and Raeyn’s father relented and allowed her to make the trip to Tar Valon for training.

Raeyn progressed quickly in her academics and lessons in the One Power, and was raised to the shawl and accepted to the Brown Ajah at the tender age of 23.  She tried her best to be social with the other girls around her, but she only managed to form a fast friendship with her Novice roommate Taeadra.

About 20 years after her raising, Raeyn received word from Saldaea beseeching her to return and visit, as her father was very ill.  It was a shock to go back and see what she had come from, and how poorly things had continued to be for her family.  She stayed longer than she intended; the family farm was doing poorly, her father was failing in spite of her assistance, and the grief and guilt of it all was overwhelming.

Despite her best efforts, her father passed, and with him her belief in the goodness of the Creator and the benevolence of the Light.  As she spent the night in an inn on her return to the Tower, she swore her soul to the Great Lord and the Dark, and found the Black Ajah upon her return to the Tower.

In time, she managed to distinguish herself amongst her Brown Sisters, and was selected to be a Sitter in the Hall at the ‘young’ age of 99.

After the mysterious “natural” death of Kathana Sedai, The Amyrlin Seat, Karana Sedai was raised to the Amyrlin Seat in replacement. Having been the Head of the Browns until that point, Raeyn found herself picked to be the new Head of the Brown Ajah, being amongst the eldest remaining Sisters, and well-respected by the rest of her Ajah as a whole.

She remained a Sitter in the Hall of the Tower while also going about her Brown Ajah head duties, as well as her duties within the Black Ajah.  She traveled rarely, but one trip to the Borderlands landed herself a Warder in Matalina in a bid to save the woman’s life.

About a decade after her ascension to Ajah Head, Raeyn found reason to accompany a party of Greens to Namandar for purposes of research, a trip that ended in murder and disaster.  Shortly after that,  the change in Amyrlins and the lies associated with that made Raeyn decide to retire.  She and Matalina also decided to annul their bond, based on the poor circumstances of it originally taking place.

Raeyn traveled around the world, enjoying her relative freedom from duties.  In spite of this, the past had a way of sneaking up on her – she ran across Matalina, and she found an old ‘friend’ working in an inn.  This old friend was Quatilina Sedai, and near to her ‘Heart’.  However, Quati was unable to remember who she was, and Raeyn took it upon herself to drag her back to the Tower in the hopes of restoring the White Sister to her former self.

Upon returning to the Tower, she found that Shanaevee Sedai, who had been picked for her replacement, had gone to the Black Tower and was still there in spite of negotiations to get Sisters returned.  The Brown Council asked Raeyn to take over as the First Chair and a Sitter in the Hall, and feeling the chains of duty laid about her again, Raeyn settled back into her ‘normal’ existence in service.