Teaching Him the Ropes

Raeyn eyed her room with a smile – while she rarely had had time before to travel as she liked, she was most glad her fellow Sisters that had been away from the Tower had been able to ‘accidentally’ recommend a few good inns.

“Still”, she thought to herself as she tidied herself from the journey, “I don’t know why I would come here of all places… It hasn’t been home for hundreds of years, and there’s nothing left for me…”

Raeyn paused in her ministrations as her thoughts trailed off. Shaking herself, she replaced her hairbrush on the table and drew the One Power unto herself. Channeling lightly, she removed the bits of dust and mud from her dark purple silk dress, took a deep breath, and left the room.

She started down the stairs, contentiously making way for the young woman starting up them. Suddenly, the girl flashed the Darkfriend sign her way! Raeyn blinked, and grabbed the girl by the arm to stop her. The other woman
turned towards the Sister; recognition was clear in here eyes for all the other woman attempted to conceal it.

“So,” Raeyn breathed as recognition dawned upon her in spite of the other woman’s changes to her appearance, “Not that I’m unhappy to see you again, but I didn’t expect to find you here… join me for a drink?” Her former Warder
nodded dumbly and let herself be lead back down the stairs.

“The Wheel Weaves,” Raeyn mused ruefully to herself as she led the other woman to a table.


(May 27 2008)

Raeyn watched Matalina talk to her young companion while waiting for her tea to arrive. “That’s not one of her children,” she thought in bemusement as the boy headed back up the stairs, “I wonder what’s going on here…” She soon found out.

“Misstress, I’m Cari, and it will be a pleasure to join you,” her former Warder said as she settled in across the table. Raeyn arched her eyebrow, but refrained from speaking, as the serving girl was arriving with her tea. The young woman took Mata… no, Cari’s order, and scampered off to the kitchen.

“I see you’ve no other with you. I am sorry to have left you like I did. But I am not fit to protect you like that anymore.” Cari looked up; flashes of worry and and expectation flitted across her eyes.

Raeyn picked up her tea and stared at the surface of the liquid. A bit of steam wafted up from its rippling surface, distorting her reflection. Sighing softly, she looked back up at her old friend, “Life changes, and so do we. In a way, your leaving was a bit of a wake-up call for me.” She took a sip of the hot bitter liquid, and continued, “I was getting extremely annoyed with things at the Tower as they were, and decided to retire, myself.” A wry smile crossed her lips, “Not that I told too many people; I’m like to be in a spot of trouble, if any of the children attempting to run the place are strong enough to tell me off. I gave too many years to that place, and I’d like some time to myself, to actually see things, before…”

She trailed off, gesturing with one hand. The Brown Sister knew that Cari would understand – she wanted some time to collect her thoughts before the return of their Master, the Great Lord himself. Things would be plenty busy then!

Putting her mug of tea down, she opened her mouth to speak again, but shut it at the return of the serving gal with Cari’s order.


(29 May 2008)

Raeyn’s expression melted into a soft smile, “More children? I really am happy for you, Ma.. Cari.” She took a sip of her tea, made a small appreciate noise, and continued, “And twins, at that? That really is something. And that they might follow in your footsteps is something, especially considering that I’ve heard some.. disturbing.. rumors about what path your Jeffery took.”

She eyed the cheese Cari had ordered, and took a piece herself. Rolling it between her fingers idly, she almost missed Cari’s question. Popping it in her mouth, she chewed slowly, savouring the flavor. “No, no… just sort of idly traveling right now, and enjoying having a bit of freedom for a bit.” The Brown Sister barked a laugh, and continued in a wry tone, “Relative freedom, at least… those that are our.. friends know how to contact me if need be. And yourself? I hardly expected to find you herding a child out in the middle of no where… is that one of the twins, or…?”


May 30, 2008

Raeyn nodded slowly, putting two and two together. “The Rashad Ranch,” she thought, taking another deep pull from her tea, “I remember hearing something of that family, but I didn’t know… oh Darkness..” Putting her mug down, she frowned slightly, “I recall Talyn.. I am saddened to hear of his passing. And fills me with many questions that I wouldn’t ask in such a public place…”

She trailed off, idly dragging her finger across the tabletop. She really did have so many questions, and no idea where to start. The Black Sister could only guess from Cari’s earlier comments that they had had some trouble with the Children of the Light, but who didn’t these days? She was happy her former Warder had found a place to call ‘home’, but what brought her away from it?

Waving to the serving girl, she asked for another tea.


08 June 2008

Raeyn sighed inwardly, but limited herself to quirking her eyebrow as Cari reached out for her hand, “It shouldn’t surprise me that a dominant part of her is all flirt now, but it does…”.

Nor should she have been surprised by her former Warder’s invitation up to her chambers; the woman spoke truth – they would have more privacy… and Raeyn trusted her to keep whatever bit of her was feeling… flirty… in line with the child present. “Going upstairs sounds like a fine idea, my friend,” the Aes Sedai said with a smile, “Though you will forgive me for having a scheduled intrusion – I’m going to have the serving girl bring up whatever passes for dinner here for the lot of us, as I’m absolutely famished!”

Before Cari could speak, Raeyn stood and flagged down the serving girl, “Would you please bring up dinner for three to her chambers?” the Brown Sister said, gesturing towards Cari. The girl read out what was available, and in short time had the order.

Nodding towards Cari, she waited until the other woman got up, and followed her to the stairs.


14 July 2008

Raeyn smiled and gave a slight nod of her head to the formality of Cari’s young charge Taylor; it pleased her to see a young man with manners. Cari, on the other hand, looked like she was about to giggle!

Introductions and explanations were made, and dinner swiftly delivered. “Privacy is ours now. I know you have questions.” Cari smiled briefly.

Nodding her head again from the chair she had been ensconced in, Raeyn spoke, “You did mention Talyn, and the Whitecloaks…” she paused, gathering her thoughts, “How did they.. that is to say… how did they find out about the Ranch?”


28 July 2008

“He’s correct in that but it was better than then having the Children torture them for information and getting it. Taylor knows that if I had not poisoned them they would have told them of everyone on the ranch including him. And then he would be dead too. It was my job. I did it with out hesitation. He understands until times like these when he’s alone with me with out the other children.”

Raeyn nodded slowly; a small frown crossed her lips as she started to speak, “While regrettable, there are times when we must do as we must.. and I’ve no doubt that you did what was best in the situation. And even in such a grim event, I’m pleased to see that you’re still focused on doing your duty as you best see fit.”

Taking a cup, she poured herself some water before continuing, “And you cannot really blame the boy for his… reactions… in this. As young as he is, I’d be surprised if he truly grasps the enormity of the situation.” She took a deep swallow, and settled back into her chair.


28 July 2008

Raeyn nodded agreement absently when Cari mentioned Talyn; he’d been a rash boy, and while she’d not particularly liked him, the Brown Sister hadn’t wished him any ill will either.

As for this cousin…. Raeyn shook her head slightly, “I don’t know, old friend. If I have my way, I won’t be going near Tar Valon anytime soon; I’ve spent much too long cooped up in the Tower in service, and I was hoping to actually see something besides walls.” Suppressing a smile at Cari’s sudden glare, she continued, “But if it would make you happy, I will take that letter of introduction… as a just in case.” After all, a woman should be happy to know that even with a bond dissolved, she’s still being looked after!


28 July 2008

“Just in case. So what are your plans from here?” Cari handed Raeyn the note.

Carefully tucking the note into her belt-pouch, Raeyn smiled warmly at her former Warder and old friend. “I only have a loose agenda at current,” she said as she picked up her glass of water. Taking another drink, she held the glass and continued, “I’m working my way country to country; I’ve come across the Borderlands from Tar Valon meeting with some of my various contacts, and will work my way down the coast down through Tarabon, and then down across towards Illian. Meeting with various contacts and agents along the way,” she added, taking another drink of water before putting the glass back down on the table. “Perhaps I’ll find a rare cache of ter’angrael, perhaps I won’t. Perhaps I’ll find a hidden library with all the knowledge of the Age of Legends… who knows?”

She laughed at that, and stood up. “The Wheel Weaves, my old friend, and I don’t know what lies ahead. Some jobs I must do in the name of our Master, I’m sure, but for now I go forth as freely as I can… I can only hope that our paths cross again some day.” Cari stood, and Raeyn hugged her tightly, “It has been good seeing you and knowing that you’re still alive and out in the world,” the Brown Sister smiled gently, “But for now, I have ridden hard today, and desire nothing more than to jot down a few notes and rest. I won’t see you and your young charge out on the morrow… but I wish you well on your travels.”

Smiling sadly at this woman who was her friend and almost like a daughter to her, Raeyn hugged her once more. Opening the door, she bowed her head slightly acknowledge a bow, stepped out into the hallway, and shut the door behind her.