It’s Just Not my Day!

A gentle rain was falling on Tar Valon.

Of course, the wind itself wasn’t so gentle, so the rain was getting rudely dashed against the windows.

“Bloody noise,” Raeyn grumbled to herself as the glass rattled in its casements. The Brown Sister sighed and laid the book she had been trying to read on the side table before leaning back in her long chair and lacing her fingers together over her stomach.

“Is a woman not permitted a few hours of peace, quiet, and solitude these days?” she muttered, letting her attention focus briefly upon a raindrop being blown across the window. Shaking her head, Raeyn levered herself out of the chair, smoothing her dark copper silk gown down as she stood. Picking up a hand mirror, she patted a few loose strands into place, only just remembering to put the mirror down before heading out the door.

The thick walls of the Tower muffled the howling wind, and the bare corridors of the Brown Quarters over the Library always brought Raeyn a sense of calm… and a mental reminder that she should spend more tine in her chambers within the Tower. “I am a Sitter again, and that does mean I have to deal with the other Ajahs… again… bloody Ajah won’t let me retire until I’m three days in the grave.” She shook the thought from her head, took a deep breath, and entered the Library proper.

The Library was always a comforting sight for the Brown Sister, and one that spelled ‘home’ for her better than any other place. She started to let her mind relax and organize her thoughts, when suddenly someone tapped her on the arm.

“Yes?” Raeyn said icily as she turned around to see who had interrupted her thoughts.


08 June 2008

Raeyn did her best not to glare at the Yellow, bloody annoying as their lot were. And why should she want to know anything about memory?! Seemed more a thing for a White Sister than a Yellow, but then, Yellows were notorious for being convinced they could heal anything with the One Power…

The muffled thunder, dimly heard within the Library, quite suited Raeyn’s mood as she attempted to moderate her tone to some semblance of politeness, “Memory… that would be in the Eighth Depository with the other philosophies and healing books.” Her voice sharpened as she spoke; the bloody chit should’ve known where the few healing books were, at least! “If you would follow me, please?”

The Brown Sister managed to refrain from stomping, but only just as she led the Yellow Sister through the winding maze of books. Of course, she managed to spot both the Librarians helping other visitors as she wended deeper in, “Just my bloody lucky day, this is,” she grumped to herself, dodging around a cart awaiting someone to put its contents back on the shelves, “But hopefully I can point her at the right thing and get back to.. oh blood and bloody ashes, what WAS I going to do down here?!”

In shorter time than one would think, the two Sisters had quick-stepped into the bowels of the Library. Raeyn stalked to a set of shelves and tapped them, “This is probably what you would be looking for, then?” She waited for the other Sister to walk over slowly to join her, and watched as the Yellow started peering at the titles. “This is what you were wanting then, Nynaeve?” The other Sister nodded absently, and Raeyn smiled malevolently at her back. “If that will be all…” she trailed off, turned around, and started walking away.


09 June 2008

Raeyn had to refrain from glaring hard enough to bore a hole through the bloody flipskirt Yellow Sister. “Does the bloody giggle box on the trollop come with an off button?!” the Brown Sister grumbled mentally as she slowly proceeded towards the table where Nynaeve had started spreading out books.

“Still, one has to wonder if she’s actually just that annoying and stupid, or if she’s actually being very clever… I think I’ll stick to the latter opinion for the moment.” she mused as she sat down and look one of the volumes the other Sister had laid out.

Abruptly, Nyneave shut a book with a loud thud, startling Raeyn from what she was reading over, “This seems hopeless,” the Yellow Sister complained, frowning at the volumes on the table.

Raeyn surpressed a sigh and a smirk – even as much knowledge as books had, one couldn’t find everything in them. She looked at the despondent woman before her, “This paricular volume seems to contain some interesting theory on how the mind works,” she said softly, pushing the book across the table, “Have you put any thought onto adapting existing healing weaves to do the job? It’s not my forte, but I guess I can help.”

After all, Raeyn is a Brown, and what Brown could resist studying something a little more?!


19 July 2008

Raeyn’s eyes widened as tears started to pour from the other Sister’s face, “I need to forget,” the other woman whispered miserably as she squeezed her eyes shut, ”Before I lose myself.”

Looking around quickly, she leaned over and hissed, “Get ahold of yourself, woman!”  Concern warred with disgust of this public display of emotion, and she let herself go so far as to reach over and place her hand on the Yellow’s arm.  Squeezing gently, she held the other woman’s red-rimmed gaze and continued on in a gentler tone, “I… don’t know what you’re looking to forget, and I’m not sure that you’ll find answers in these books…”  The Brown Sister paused to scan the area again; after verifying they were still alone, she continued, “Have you considered asking amongst your Sisters in your Ajah?  Surely there has been one that has researched matters of… that sort.”

Her lips curled into a brief sneer; everyone had their share of problems in life… but what could make this woman want to find a way to alter her own mind?