Look What we have Here, Girls! (Attn: Eqwina and Jasmyne)

“Why do I always get stuck doing the dirty work?” Raeyn thought to herself as she led her new and biddable pet behind her across the Tower grounds.  It had only taken a brush of her talent on the frightened boy-child to convince him to come along merrily, but she had felt that it would be safer to not take the risk of him running off screaming.  There were some on the Tower grounds itself who wished no end of ill will to Aes Sedai, so…

Putting on an expression somewhere between cross and lost in thought, she praised the Great Lord for the relative lack of people around the Library itself.  Most people preferred to come through the great shaft of the White Tower itself, making it much easier to enter the vast storage hallways below with few or no observers.  Drawing deeper on Saidar, she opened the barn-sized door with a flow of Air and gestured her charge down with her.

He stepped through, and she gestured off him off to the side where she could keep an eye on him.  Carefully, she shut the doors behind her, making sure to keep this unknown in her site.  Tapping her foot, she pursed her lips in thought momentarily before gesturing down the hallway again.  A small ball of light bloomed upon her hands.  “With me,” the Aes Sedai spoke curtly, leaving no room for argument as she started down the hallway.

Down and down they went, until the chill and stale air told the tale of long neglect and few visits.  In these lower halls, Raeyn selected a door at seeming random and once again pointed for the boy to enter.  He nodded uncertainly, stepping through the dusty entrance gingerly.  With a smile, Raeyn shut the door behind them.

Turning her attention to the boy child again, she slammed a gag of Air into his just-opening mouth.  Drawing deeply upon Saidar, the Black Sister then threw a web of Air at the boy, slamming him upwards and against the hard wall.  A sharp exhalation through his nose and the bulge of his eyes told of the pain before his eyes rolled backwards, and his lids dropped shut.

Nodding, she eyed the globe of light thoughtfully before reopening the door.  “He won’t need it down here,” she smiled again, closing the door behind her, “My Sisters will do for him soon enough.” She hurried back upwards as fast as she could while attempting to disguise her passage; Eqwina would be ‘remembering’ her expertise soon, and she needed to be found in one of her normal haunts.


10 January 2009 (8:30pm GMT)

Night had long since fallen as Raeyn made her way down through the Library, and below. “I do dislike leaving people hanging around, but it was most expedient,” she reasoned to herself as she made her way through the dim and dusty corridors, “But perhaps I should have just finished him myself, orders or no.  I understand  Eqwina wanting to test the mettle of the new girls, but still…” Sighing to herself, she opened the usual door.

Quickly, she loosed the weave she had prepared on the way down upon her captive.  Smiling brightly, she stood back and suggested politely, “You have been ill.  You fell and banged up your head earlier, and we simply have you secured to make sure you don’t do yourself further damage.”

Raeyn increased the strength of the weave as she spoke, doing her best to melt away any concern or worry the young spy had in his head.  When a smile began to form on his face, she slammed a gag of Air into his mouth hard enough to knock him out cold again.  “I’m not in the mood for small talk,” she muttered to herself, waiting for the others to arrive.  Whatever the others thought, she didn’t have all night to wait their fancy.


14 January 2009 (1:49am GMT)

Suppressing a glare and a growl, Raeyn curtsied as appropriate from Council to Ajah head, and walked around Eqwina and Jasmyne without speaking.  While not a personal fan of killing, per se, she generally agreed with Eqwina’s policies towards making sure that new Sisters were a good fit, and able to follow orders.  Closing the door softly behind her, she made her way back towards the Library with a sudden grin – at least she’d not have to thump down the dust herself this time!