Leavetaking (To the Borderlands we go)

31 May 2002 (7:01am)

Three hours before the sun rose Matalina was up and about. She made her way through her training exercises that she’d been doing for the last few years under the Me’Arearth Discipline Master. Stretch, run, cool down. It was the same thing on most mornings. Matalina had let Kayla have control of the cool down session. The sword forms were relaxing and Matalina taught and corrected Kayla in her mind. It was too early for most to be up. She’d been up this early since she’d come to the tower. Old habits are hard to break.

The air was cool and crisp, but nothing could be felt between the void and the forms. Matalina noticed the activity of her new bondholder’s mind began to awaken. It would be getting close to time to leave for the Borderlands. Matalina missed Yveva’s voice in her mind. Alendacia’s was so much different. Matalina didn’t remember what it was like at first after Tari’s bond broke and there was nothing. Matalina had other things to content with at the time. -Hey I resent that.- Nothing wrong with that, Kayla. Matalina and Kayla spoke to each other much more calmly then they had before. Souvan’s help was greatly appreciated. The night before she had slipped a note under his door, telling him of the events and that she would be leaving for a while. Matalina aslo told Vanair that they would be going to the Borderlands and he was to pack.

In the far reaches of Matalina mind she was eager to go. Lost without Yveva, but eager to go. Things would be different now. The bond was not something either of them thought was a trinket, but yet it had passed between hands now. A third Sedai in my mind. How many more afterwards?

Matalina was in the stables long before Alendacia was but not before Raeyn. Matalina nodded to the Brown and spoke quietly and softly about being ready to go. The night before Matalina had readied Sammy, her clothes and food that would last the trip. Matalin began to ready Tain Cor, her jet black horse, who was as eager if not more so than Matalina to get out and about. Again Matalina let Kayla have control, she loved the horse and Tain Cor could tell the difference. He was much more gentile with Kayla than with Matalina, not that he was rough with Matalina to begin with. Matalina readied Tain Cor and waited for Alendacia to make her way to the stables.


01 June 2002 (9:19am)

Hawkin had got up early that morning and had seen to a few chores he had to get done and then headed towards the stables. He would find Matalina somewhere around there and he wanted to get Verina’s horse ready. She thought that this trip would be good and would provide some information on different objects she had been studied. Hawkin wanted to make sure it was still ok if they went because he hadn’t given Matalina an answer when she had mentioned it. Dawn would come in a couple of hours as Hawkin looked at the sky. He entered the stables and found Jerome, his horse. He then found Matalina and walked up to her, “Matalina, is it ok if we still go along with you. Verina thinks this would be a good oppurtunity to collect different information on objects.” Hawkin waited for her to answer.


01 June 2002 (10:16am)

Vanair had packed his things the night before and set his gear next to the door of his room. He awoke about two hours before dawn and got up he dressed in his Sheinarian army officer’s uniform and strapped his sword across his back. He grabbed his gear as he left his room and walked to the stables. He stopped for a moment to take in the peace and quite of the early morning. He saw the sun begining to rise and hurried the rest of the way to the stables. He saddled his horse and waited for Matalina Gaidan. He saw Matalina approach. “I am here as you requested Matalina Gaidan.”

Vanair Sharkan

01 June 2002 (3:10pm)

Matalina saw Hawkin approaching. Word spreads quickly of trips. -It does, but you mentioned it to a few, it’s possible to be overheard.- Oh well.

Matalina nodded at hawkin’s question. “You two are welcome to come. She can teach you to read on the way. The trip is long and boring.”

Vanair had shown up on time and Matalina nodded at him. “All ready?”


01 June 2002 (6:28pm)

Raeyn talked quietly with Matalina as they waited for everyone to gather. She turned back to her horse to double check all her things while Matalina spoke with Hawkin and others. Satisfied that everything was in place, she stood and waited, holding her horse’s reins in hand.

Raeyn Sedai

02 June 2002 (1:34pm)

Verina was on the last minute as usual. She had been tied up trying to get one of the other sisters to look after Hedwig, and struggled to get her care instructions across to the other brown.

As she ran (well as sedately as she coudl muster), she saw the other travellers waiting in the yard. She recognised some, especially the other Brown sister, Rae. She had known her for years.

She found her faithful horse, Sevannah, and thanked the stable boy for getting her ready and packed up. It had been a long time since she and Hawkin had been on a trip together. Though that time, they were not bonded and he had saved her from a fate worse than death. They had fled that awful town fearing for their lives. She wondered if he remembered?

She mounted Sevannah and trotted over to the rest of the group.

Verina al’Merrin

03 June 2002 (7:02am)

Matalina felt Alendecia approaching. It would be an uneventful trip she hoped to the borderlands and back. Matalina had no clue how long this would take, but hopfully not too long. Raeyn and Matalina talked until her new bond holder approached. Matalina had already saddle her horse and waited for Alendecia to finish her packing then they both mounted their horses. Tain Cor was ready to go and danced the stable yards as he waited for the others to mount. Alendecia took the lead and off they set through Tar Valon.


03 June 2002 (5:13pm)

To stay in one place for a long time can sometimes have a bad effect on a person. The last time Herman had left Tar Valon was a while ago. He went with other Tower Gaurds and Warders to save an Aes Sedai that was captured by thieves. They chased the thieves all the way to Caemlyn. While Herman was on an errand for an Aes Sedai, he overheard someone say that they were going to the bordelands.

While Herman had no clue about what it was all about, he wanted to go. He was from a farm to the north of Shienar, maybe they would go near it. It would make it possible for Herman to see his parents again. It had been along time since he last saw them.

Herman got dressed for the trip and packed a couple of key things. With the scimitar and quarterstaff, Herman headed over to the stables to saddle his horse Gaicaba, which means battle horse. Gaicaba was a warhorse trained for battle, that is why he was named so. Herman mounted Gaicaba and headed out of the stables. Following a trail of horses, Herman tracked down the people he hoped were going to the borderlands.

When he caught up to some people, Herman recognized a couple of them. Since Matalina was the one who was the highest ranking of the people that he knew, he went over to her and said, “I heard that a group of people were going off to the borderlands. If you are going there, I was hoping that I may join you.” Herman waited for Matalina to say something. It sure would be great to see his farm again.


04 June 2002 (6:32am)

Matalina smiled at the new arrival. Word does travel fast.

“You are welcome to join us.”


04 June 2002 (4:03pm)

Herman thanked Matalina for allowing him to join. It would be good to see how things are going in other places. To see is a lot different than to just hear what is going on.

His horse Gaicaba was well trained. Eventhough he only had the horse for four months, he knew that it would follow the other horses. Herman had in mind to continue a certain part of self training that he had started before. Without summoning the void, Herman closed his eyes and tried to pay attention to his surroundings. The eyes can sometimes fool a person, so therefore the rest of ones senses can be better off. This trip he was going to try to focus on the sense of hearing.

During their trip, Herman listened to his surroundings. Listened to the sounds of the horses, the voices of all of the people in the group, the sound of the wind and all of the animals that were in their area. Sometimes Herman would also do this while he was in the void. With the void, everything was clearer. Herman was able to point (Not saying that he did) exactly to a person that was in the group and be able to who it was. He would be able to tell what kind of bird was singing and where it was located. Herman did this for most of the trip.


Hall RP

23 May 2002 (11:21am CST)

Zanthia walked towards the Hall, her dress was a soft yellow and her shawl was around her shoulders. She was among the last to arrive, the air was chilly and the silk, which her dress was made of, cooled down. The Yellow sister walked to her chair and sat down. The Keeper frowned a bit and slammed her staff to the floor three times.

Sarelein saw that Zanthia finally arrived. That woman is always late… Waiting till the Aes Sedai had taken her seat The Keeper hit the floor with the end of her staff three times. “This meeting is now set, the purpose is to elect a successor to our late Amyrlin, Kathana. The Sitter who wishes to speak first stand up and you will be given the attention of the Hall.”

One sister stood up almost hastily, and waited. Sarelein had a difficulty keeping her thoughts in order; the grief was beginning to catch up with her. “Speak sitter, the attention is yours.”

Zanthia looked over the different people in the Hall, she rarely said much at meetings but this time she felt that it was going to be different somehow, she didn’t know why. She just knew.

Zanthia, Sitter of the Yellow Ajah / Sarelein, Keeper of the Chronicles


26 May 2002 (3:58am CST)

Deanne stood, she was not really in any rush, but breaking the ice on this sort of topic could be hairy at best. “Speak sitter, the attention is yours.” Deanne nodded in gratitude. “Thank you, Serelein.”

Deanne stepped away from the chair, more for show than any annoyance at the seat. “Sisters, first I would like to express my grief at Kathana’s passing. She will be missed by all and the Tower is a duller place without her in it.” Some sisters nodded sadly, other’s remained calm and neutral.

“I think we all know why we are here. Whilst it is indeed a time of grief and mourning, there is no time to be restful, to indulge in these feelings. Another Amyrlin must take her place before us. In these troubled times, for make no mistake, my sisters, they are troubled, we need to be united under the living banner of the Amyrlin. The Tower cannot show even a scrap of weakness or we can expect to feel the teeth of our predators in our soft underbelly.”

“So the question before us, sisters, is who do we bless and curse with the Seat of the Amyrlin? What do we want in our leader? And where can we find these qualities?” She knew she was stating the obvious, but someone needed to herd thoughts in the right direction.

Sitter for the Grey


26 May 2002 (6:36am CST)

Cyndrid listened to the grey, she was obviously trying to get the ball rolling and Cyndrid was grateful for it; she wanted the discussion to start as soon as possible, so ajahs had as little time to scheme as possible. She wanted to listen to other sides before she made her thoughts clear. It was best to find out where peoples’ allegiances lay first. Caution was paramount…

Blue Sitter


03 June 2002 (6:59pm CST)

Raeyn watched as old Sitters stated their points on the raising of a new Amyrlin Seat. She kept her face carefully neutral, and without turning her head, let her eyes wander across the room to double check for the presence of her… darker sisters. Sure enough, all were in place, and all pretended a mix of outward calmness up to somewhat frayed nerves.

Looking down at her lap, Raeyn suprised herself with the tight grip she held on her skirts. “ Well, I guess there is some reason for nerves,” she mused to herself as she made herself relax her grip on her skirts, “ Whoever rises to the Amyrlin Seat will affect everyone, and we all must be very careful..” The thought trailed off in her head, and she turned back to the Hall, and listened.

Raeyn Sedai
Brown Sitter


05 June 2002 (4:31pm CST)

Egwainne slowly stood, enjoying the quickly masked looks of surprise on some of the Sitters. Egwainne wasn’t the one to start the discussion. She always waited, patiently listening to other Sitters’ remarks, searching for the currents and undercurrents. At first the Hall thought that a sign of weakness, of intimidation on the part of a young Sitter. They learned better. It was a real shame the Hall had meet so soon. There was no time to feel out the Sitters outside the Hall. No point in whishing for something that was impossible to get. She will have to do with what she was given.

Egwainne nodded to the Keeper. “Yes, these are indeed troubled time. Any times in which there is an actual need for the Red are troubled times.” Egwainne loved making pokes at her rival Ajah. This one was maybe a bit too blunt, but it didn’t matter. She continued. “The World needs a strong leader. The world has a strong leader. The world has the White Tower. But it does not stop there. The Tower also needs a strong leader. What does make a strong leader? Wisdom, of course, the patience to examine the matter from all sides, but also the nimbleness to react quickly on the pressing concerns.”

She paused for a second. Scanning the room she saw nods of approval and smiled inside her mind – so far, she has said absolutely nothing. So far…

“The Tower already has such a leader.” That brought some startled looks. “The Tower is led by the Hall, as it should be. No one woman can be wise enough, strong enough for the Amyrlin Seat. Therefore, I suggest the Hall to find someone gullible. Someone… …young.” Egwainne couldn’t help but smile at the irony.

“The Amyrlin needs to be guided by the Hall. These are not times for endless bickering between the Hall and the Amyrlin. Choose wisely. Do not weaken the Tower.”

And back to her seat it was. Now she would wait, listen and note. She will make sure the power stays with the Hall.



05 June 2002 (5:24pm CST)

Cordelia glanced around the Hall with flickering, green eyes. She felt nothing. Death gnawed around the edges of her mind with knife-like teeth, but she pushed it out with cool, collected composure. She would not let grief mar her decisions. Despite her efforts, she shifted in her chair, trying to make herself comfortable in the cold room. She gave a fleeting look to the person next to her, Ayrlin. The Aes Sedai sat, calm and unruffled beside her. Lia turned her focus back to the woman speaking. Egwainne Sedai looked around the room.

”The Tower already has such a leader. The Tower is led by the Hall, as it should be. No one woman can be wise enough, strong enough for the Amyrlin Seat. Therefore, I suggest the Hall to find someone gullible. Someone … young.”

Cordelia smiled faintly at the biting wit. A slight curve of her lips.

”The Amyrlin needs to be guided by the Hall. These are not times for endless bickering between the Hall and the Amyrlin. Choose wisely. Do not weaken the Tower.”

She raised her hand in a swift, light motion, before rising. ”If I may speak, Sitter?” Egwainne nodded. ”I agree with what was just said,” she commented, as she gave those in the room a rapid perusal. ”Although I myself am not of many years, it would suit the Hall best should our Amyrlin be younger. Here,” she remarked, gesturing around her, ”here we have some of the most knowledgeable, gifted, and intelligent people in the world as it is known. It is here that the real power is generated, and should continue to erupt from the Hall, however quietly and unnoticed. That is why I believe someone susceptible, and young would be the best candidate. Someone who does not understand the burden before taking it upon themself, who will rely on the Hall for -help- with the most important decisions.” Her smile was cruel, and most unlike her.



06 June 2002 (2:50pm CST)

Cyndrid listened carefully to her ajah head and Cordelia, the white. She disagreed but didn’t know whether it was wise to counter her own head and knew she should follow her lead.

If the hall had the influence it wouldn’t be the whole hall just the odd few strongest or most supported; so it could lead to more problems say 2 or 3 amyrlins! When what they needed in these crucial times was a strong, wise leader who could act decisevely without bickering or conferring. The choice they needed to make was the most suitable to this position or within the ajah who could be manouvered to the blues will.

Cyndrid hoped someone would stand up to go against this option so she could agree, until then she’d have to wait so as not to show a broken ajah front to the other sitters…



10 June 2002 (11:06am CST)

Eleanor listened to the statements of Egwainne and Cordelia Sedai. She was a bit dubios about their idea to have an Amyrlin under control of the Hall. On one hand the Tower needed experience, but on the other hand an Tower led by the entire Hall would complicate things needlessly.

She did agree though that the Tower needed someone young, an Amyrlin who would die in a decade or so would weaken the Tower at a time when strenght was needed. Elle thought about standing up and express her feelings, but she decided not to do so right away. She was the youngest and newest Sitter of the Hall so she wanted to hear the oppinions of the other Ajahs first.

Eleanor al’Raim
Green Sitter


12 June 2002 (12:54pm CST)

Marce barely contained a small smile as the third sitter sat down. Of course they would clammer for a young Amyrlin. The Hall itself was fairly young. The image in her head was of a pack of ducklings trying to learn to fly from each other when none of them really knew what they were doing. Without an experienced leader, the ducklings and the White Tower would be easy prey for the wolves.

Marce gazed around the room uneasily. For every woman over 60 in the hall, there were two under that age. It did not bode well for an older Amyrlin unless some of the younger Sitters recognized the logic in flying your strongest in front.

The room had been silent for a time after the White had returned to her seat. Marce feared that the silence was a form of agreement from the rest of the Sitters. She could no longer hold back and wait to hear what others had to say. She couldn’t trust that her opinion would be aired by one of the others. She quietly took a deep breath in and carefully released it without sighing before she slowly stood.

“I have two points I would like to address. First, Kathana’s situation is not the norm for Aes Sedai. While she was significantly older than most of us in this room, she should have had many more years of vibrant life. Older sisters with more experiences should not be rejected by the Hall because some fear a repeat of very unusual circumstances.

“Second, there are times an Amyrlin will have no choice but to make decisions on her own. What will a younger Amyrlin do when she lacks the Hall’s subtle whispers in her ear? She may attempt to guess what we would have her do, but then her reactions will only be as good as she is intelligent. If she is highly intelligent, we run the risk of her deciding she doesn’t need our suggestions and veering off in her own directions. Younger Aes Sedai do not posess the experience required to make good decisions, taking into account all the factors their decisions would affect. They do not have the advantage of years of hearing and perhaps participating in Hall business that would lend them insight. They would be more likely to fall prey to the power of the office of the Amyrlin Seat rather than recognizing and respecting the responsibilites that come with the position.

“One final thought before I give others a chance to speak. Perhaps an older Amyrlin would exert her authority more, but I personally would rather be led by a woman of wisdom and experience than by a child mimicking her elders.”

It was done. She slowly took her seat, adjusting her gray skirts and straightening her shawl. She didn’t like that she had been forced to express her opinion so early, but her words were spoken and she couldn’t take them back. Perhaps speaking early was the better course. She hadn’t had the opportunity to speak with the other two Grays before the Hall was summoned. Perhaps her words had given them an idea of which candidates they should support and which they should discount. She could only hope that they would follow her lead if in doubt. The Grays should be unified on this decision, particularly considering it was very unlikely that the new Amyrlin would come from within their ranks.



12 June 2002 (9:04pm CST)

As the Gray Sitter Marce sat down, Raeyn slowly began to stand up. She adjusted her dark purple skirt briefly before speaking.

“My fellow Sitters, I would have to agree with Marce Sedai on this issue. At this time, the Tower is without a leader when we need to be the strongest. If we were to elect a younger woman as the Amyrlin Seat at this time, who can say if she will be able to stand up and be decisive when needed, or will be the mockery of the world?” Raeyn looked around the chamber at the other Sitters briefly before continuing, “The world has become a more dangerous place in the past few years, and we need someone who will be strong, and not a tool. A more experienced woman is what we need right now… someone that knows how to be in charge. Beyond that, there isn’t much I can trully say.” Looking around the chamber once more, she fixed the sisters from her true ajah with a very brief glance before settling back down in her seat. Her part for now was done.

Raeyn Sedai


13 June 2002 (2:55pm CST)

Cyndrid nodded slightly, relieved that two people shared her point of view. As Raeyn sat down she slowly stood up and fixed her gaze on different sitters in turn. Then calmly she said ” Sisters, I’m sure we all have a view on this – whether for our future Amyrlin to be weak or strong, young or old. But until we have examples of who each ajah or sitter, unto herself, is proposing and backing, we can’t possibly say which we’d support. So I ask you now sitters, as I’m sure this will be a lengthy buisness, we need to get straight to the point, share your ideal choices with the hall, and do so without fear.. we are all working towards the same end, the good of the tower and, as such, the world.”

Smoothing her skirts she sat down again, letting out a slow breath. There, she had moved the subject away from people choosing a puppet without openly disagreeing with Eggwaine. She hoped it would be enough to start people thinking of serious, possible candidates.



14 June 2002 (3:22am CST)

Sitting quietly she adjusted the Green shawl that hung at her shoulders. There were only a few here older then she, oh they’d ask her her age, but all they’d get is a sweet smile, and the comment that it was rude to ask a woman about her age. Mandi watched as she usually did to see what was going on. Her blue eyes watched as each of her Sisters stood and stated what everyone already knew.

They needed a leader, whether she was old, or young. Mandi preferred the former. Younger Sedai wanted someone they could relate to while the older ones wanted someone who was more expericanced. There was only one person she knew that would be able to handle the job. Standing she absently smoothed her blue dress.

Holding her head high, she spoke. “I’d like to nominate Karana.” A hushed mumble came over the crowd, but Mandi held her hand up, to silence the Hall. There had always been a tension between the Browns and the Greens, but now was the time to put differences aside, and choose wisely. Adjusting her shawl again she sat.



18 June 2002 (9:45am CST)

Karana was shocked to hear Mandi Sedai, a Green no less, put forth her name to be the Amyrlin. She had expected to be nominated… and considered herself a good candidate.

But what did it mean, to be put forth first? Was that good or bad? And by a Green?! Numerous thoughts and scenarios flew through her head… which tack should she take? A wrong move here could ruin it all for her, and the Browns… and with what she had learned at the Ogier Stedding, possibly the world. She had never been a master of the politics of the Tower. As a young Aes Sedai she had been out and travelling all the time, hunting the items of Power she loved to study. As she got older and travelled less, she counted on her age and strength to just intimidate most other Sisters. When she didn’t just want to be left alone, that is.

What to do? She looked at Raeyn and the other Brown Sitter. Raeyn appeared to be deep in thought, but she caught Karana’s eye and gave her a small approving smile and an encouraging nod.

Karana slowly stood, fighting the urge to smooth her dress or her hair. “Well,” she said. “I can’t say this comes as a total surprise, but the source is a bit shocking.” A ripple of laughter spread quickly through the Hall and was silenced almost as quickly.

“I accept your nomination, Mandi Mubrylla Aes Sedai. I myself have not had a chance to contemplate the choices and have no counter nomination to make at this time. The death of Kathana has left a hole that the White Tower will struggle to fill, and I hope that we all think seriously about our choices as we put forth names for consideration.”

She sat down slowly and waited for the next person to suggest another candidate.

Karana Majin
Brown Ajah


18 June 2002 (1:00pm CST)

Myriam sat back as deeply in her chair as her current state would allow her. It was very important to at least appear completely in controle of things around her now. Myriam knew that her voice would not have gone amiss in this counsel. As the youngest of the current Sitters she was never sure of how much the women around her trusted what she thought and spoke. And her faith had already been formed in Raeyn Sedai, to care for her interests. Her fellow sister’s look had assured her beyond the need for words, and Myriam managed to relax a bit more.

She ran her finger slowly down the side of her simple gray skirt. Simplicity was also something she tried to keep public. The bit of plainness that was nothing but approachable, her face had assumed the agelessness that bore no mark of her relative youth. A factor that worked in her favor at times.

Noting her pleasure at the words that had been spoken thus far, Myriam noticed her thoughts drifted for a moment, only to be recalled by the voice of Mandi Sedai, of the Green. The feeling against her fingers was forgotten, and Myriam inadvertantly sat forward in her chair a bit. Her eyes first found Marce, and shared a small but warm smile. It was a decision that they at least would be in agreement of. Her eyes next went to Raeyn. The woman was watching Karana as she stood and addressed the assembled Hall of the Tower. But Myriam didnt’ detect anything distressing. She addressed her own feelings at the announcement.

Kathana was gone. The reasons for that were simple enough to those that knew. Knowledge was power, but could be the end of anyone when wrongly known. Even an Amyrlin. She did not know Karana well. Not yet. A Brown… that gave a moment of pause. Knowledge. Understanding. But Raeyn would know if Karana was a threat or not, they had worked together for years. Myriam put her trust there, settled back in her chair again, and watched the Hall dance.



18 June 2002 (2:11pm CST)

Jagen tried to suppress all her feelings until Mandi suggested that yet another Brown was to take the Amyrlin Seat. In her opinion, it would not be so. She didn’t have anything against Karana at all- barely knew her!- but all Jagen needed to know was that the one nominated wasn’t a Red. A White would have been better! At least the Blues have fairly kept to themselves, she thought with a small smile.

When everyone quieted she stood up. And she ignored her fellow Sitters, especially the Domani, Muirenn. “An interesting nomination,” she said in her Taraboner accent. “A second Brown in a row, that would be. I know for us, for the Hall, it is not commonplace to sit to elect another Amyrlin except rarely, but of course we all know what must be.” She arranged her shawl.

“The Amyrlin, she must be a strong willed woman who knows what she is about. She must have great skill on politics,”- the Grays seem to agree- “she must be able to manipulate people when she wills, emotionally heal in time of need and most importantly, be an excellent leader.” She sat down and waited, not daring to look at Muirenn.



18 June 2002 (4:14pm CST)

Raising an eyebrow at the Red, Mandi sniffed. The woman was a fool, she nominated herself. Mandi wondered if the Red knew that if she wasn’t elected as Mother, that she’d be banished from the Tower, and sent to the penance farm. Shrugging, Mandi kept her mouth shut if the woman wanted to sign her own death warrant.. that was her problem.



19 June 2002 (12:35pm CST)

Zanthia had a hard time listening to the various sitters who spoke, there were surprisingly few who did. But do not think that she did not pay attention she did and she exchanged eye signals with her fellow sisters, her sisters. She was Ajah head and they had agreed to let her speak first. However Zanthia was shocked when Jagen Sedai of the Red Ajah suggested the qualities needed in a candidate, How could she? Surely she did not do what I just thought she did? Drawing her attention back to her thoughts Zanthia looked for a moment at the Keeper, she seemed tired of all this and looked like she wanted it to end as quick as possible. But this was just Zanthia’s speculation it could also be the sorrow from the loss of Kathana.
But she could not come over her astonishment that she agreed with a Red Sister.

Looking around the Hall Zanthia saw that many were doing the same, trying to find whom they would support or find weaknesses or simply enjoying the view. The view, yes… I must really get out of the Tower soon. After Kathana’s burial perhaps? The meeting had taken an interesting turn when Jagen had suggested the qualities she looked for. Zanthia stood up from her chair; the feeling of not sitting was a welcome change.

“Jagen Sedai, Sitter of the Red Ajah. I applaud your words, and I must agree with them even though the Yellow Ajah does not agree with the Red often. Now, there seems to be a lack of candidates and Karana is the only one suggested so far. I propose we vote over Karana, she has accepted the nomination and I see no need for us to sit here and stare at each other like we do now.” Zanthia sat down again, she did not catch the reactions of the Hall over what she said but she reckoned it was not schock.



Sarelein was now more anxious than ever to retire to a house secluded away from the world and live in ignorant bliss for the rest of her life, she was not surprised when Karana was nominated she would have been more so if she had not been. And she was the only to be nominated also. The Tower has become too young I think, but age will come as will wisdom. If not I fear that the Tower will not survive much longer. The words that came from Zanthia Sedai, was like rain in a desert to the Keeper. After Zanthia had taken her seat Sarelein slammed her staff to the floor and spoke with determination. “Then let us vote! Mandi Aes Sedai, Sitter of the Green Ajah. Summon your candidate before us!”

Sarelein Sedai of the Gray Ajah, Keeper of the Chronicles
——————————————————————————————21 June 2002 (4:57pm CST)
Carrain held her hands in her lap. She listened but knew that it would not be she herself who would speak. It really was a preposterous idea that a young girl be trusted with the seals and all other responsabilties of the Amyrlin seat. It was a relief to have that notion die a short death with the voices of the more exerienced Sedai.

Carra looked to Zan as she really did not want the Yellow to be the last to speak. True the yellow were not know for their politics or the amount of women who occupied the seat from their ajah. Only the red had less Amyrlins. Her world would change little with this change. She only hoped a wise descision would be made. Zan finally stood to speak and Carrain had to hide a smile. She really had opinions so unlike a yellow. Yet it served the Ajah well. To get the vote over soon would serve the Tower well. Her vote was already decided as was the voice of her Ajah’s head.

Carra heard the staff fall and listened as she must. “Then let us vote! Mandi Aes Sedai, Sitter of the Green Ajah. Summon your candidate before us!”

Carrain Aman’dore
Yellow Sitter
—————————————————————————————–21 June 2002 (10:57pm CST)
Jagen gave a nod of approval to Zanthia. Not get along with Yellows? Why, I’d have better luck getting along with a White! Well, she did have a White’s personality at times. But even with the problem between Reds and Blues, Reds and Greens never got along.

Karana was interesting. She didn’t know anything at all about her really; Jagen had been gone until right before Kathana’s death. She decided what to do. It would be best.
JagenRed Ajah
——————————————————————————————22 June 2002 (9:09pm CST)
Had Muirenn not been sitting in the room, she would never have believed the words coming out of Jagen Sedai’s mouth. She would deal with the child later. Some time on the Farm would do her well. Obviously the girl had learned nothing from being locked in her room. The child had sworn to behave in return for being released for this meeting, and this was how she was behaving! This!

Muirenn seethed inwardly as she saw her Ajah lose face on the part of one rash child Aes Sedai. Jagen was not even fit to wear the shawl, much less to claim the title of Sitter. Especially not a Red Sitter! Karana must become the next Amyrlin, those had been her instructions. And Jagen seemed to be doing her best to thwart those plans. The girl would stand for Karana. She would. Or face the wrath of the Highest.

She waited for Mandi Sedai to summon her cantidate. Going over the words she must say. She had them memorized already, in hope that she would be the oldest Sitter in the Hall. She would be the one to speak the words, and she must not make a mistake.

Muirenn Lina Alianin
Highest of the Red Ajah
—————————————————————————————-22 June 2002 (11:44pm CST)
Mandi stood and adjusted her shawl. “Karana Majin Aes Sedai, I summon you to take the place of the late Kathana Justiana Trevallaer, as Watcher of the Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon, The Amyrlin Seat.”

She stood standing, she herself was one of the oldest in the Hall, so she would be one of the first to vote.
MandiCaptain-General of the Green Ajah
——————————————————————————————–(The rest of this thread is not currently available)

Trip to Tar Valon (anyone may join)

08 May 2002 (11:17am)

Matalina and Kayla had been getting along fine, but Kayla’s personality was still that of a child, a child with out a friend. It would be difficult to let Kayla have friends in her age range so they made a compromise.

How about a pet? -Like what?- A dog is too much responsiblity and cats are annoying, something small would be best. -A mouse?- Um, no, let’s not go that small, and not a rat either -Maybe we can go look?- That’s probably the best idea.

Matalina gathered her things and grabbed some money. Before leaving the grounds completely Matalina stopped by Yveva’s study to see if she needed anything. “Ink would be good.” Matalina shook her head about the usual request. Matalina was sure her Brown didn’t write nearly that much to need ink everytime they went to Tar Valon, but Matalina obliged her and would buy yet more ink for her writing.

Matalina and Kayla walked down to Tar Valon where they would look at the various items in the shops lining the streets of Tar Valon. Pets were a rare thing in any city, but there were a few shops available.

Matalina walked into one particularly promising shop and began to look around. Nothing of interest really caught her eye, but something caught Kayla’s -Oooh, that’s cute, small and doesn’t look too troublesome.- Matalina smiled, Well it’s not a rat, or a mouse. It’s your choice, it’s for you. -What is it?- Matalina read the sign, forgetting that Kayla hadn’t learned to read yet. It’s a ferret. -I want it.-

Matalina went up to the shop keep and told her what she wanted. “I’d like the ferret over there.”

“Yes gaidin. Unusual to find one such as your self in here.”

Matalina wondered how he knew she was gaidin, probably the sword gave it away. -No it’s the way you walk. You don’t walk like a girl.- Good! -No it’s not, you are a girl, you should act like one.- I don’t think so, nothing good comes from acting like my sex determines me to. -You are a tom boy.- Proud of it too, and you aren’t much better my dear. -Yeah huh.- No Kayla you are not, you dress like a boy, you like the things boys like. The only thing you have in common with a girl your age is flowers and you don’t like boys. And your flower thing is much different than theirs. -Least I’ve something in common with them, you have nothing.- And I like it that way. -We’ll see, I’ll change you.- Try if you can, I’ve worn one dress in my entire life. The memory of Cairhein and her sister crept into their minds.

The store keep fished out the ferret and suggested other things to buy as well. They bought a cage, some bedding, food and some other small things to test out with the ferret. They left the store. Name the ferret. -Is it a boy or a girl?- I think he said it was male. -Okay, how bout…- Kayla began to think about names, she mumbled some as they walked, but nothing came to mind…


09 May 2002(5:33pm)

Looking around for some new cushions for her pretties, Muirenn noticed one of the female Gaidin. She seemed to be picking out a new pet for the girl. She couldn’t help but wonder about a womyn who would choose to be a Warder. Being a Red, she was not completely familiar with this new trend. But anyone who liked animals so much couldn’t be too bad. At least she wasn’t one of those men who thought every problem could be solved with their fists. Those tended to be the size of a mountain and with half the brains! So naturally, she was curious, to say the least. As she searched for what her massive amounts of stray cats and kittens would like, she inched closer and closer. Brushing a lock of white hair behind her ear, she watched at the the womyn chose a ferret, and laugh in delight when the thing twined itself around her and scurried up her arm to snuffle at her hair. Muirenn heard her discussing names, and couldn’t help but interject with a suggestion, “How about Sammy?” she said, smiling warmly. The womyn probably didn’t like the suggestion, as evidenced by her scrunched up face, but then again, it could be because the ferret was tickling her with its whiskers. Muirenn hoped that she would be able to talk more with this womyn who walked like a man.

Highest of the Red Ajah

13 May 2002 (10:20am)

Matalina and Kayla were discussing names on the ferret. One of the two must have been mumbling out loud because a Sedai Matalina didn’t know approached them, “How about Sammy?” Matalina glaced at the Sedai and made a slight bow, nothing overtly obvious, just a small sign of respect.

-That’s a nice name.- It’s up to you. -Okay, Hi Sammy.- Matalina smiled and repeated what Kayla had said, “That’s a nice name.” Matalina brought the ferret cage up to so she could look at the ferret, “You like Sammy.” The ferret didn’t do much of anything, but it didn’t bite at her. “Well, he doesn’t not like it, so I guess that will do for me.”

Matalina looked back at the Sedai, “Sedai, Ma’am, I don’t beleive we’ve met. My name is Matalina, Gaidin to Yveva Sedai of the Brown Ajah. Might I ask your name?”

As Matalina waited for a response the crowds began to mumble and get antsy. As the wave of noise slowly approached Matalina heard news of a death. By the time the shop keeps and the rest of the citizens around Matalina had wind of the news Matalina was in a state of shock. The Amrylin Seat dead? How can it be? -Did you know her?- Only in passing. -So why so long?- The Amrylin Seat was the most powerful woman in the world, she could call kings to her, that’s how powerful she was. As Kayla and Matalina spoke of the Amrylin the rumors began to fly, from a natural death to a whitecloak sneaking into the tower How absurd!, Darkfriends sneaking into the dead of night, The Black Ajah, no never, they don’t exist…. I hope. Common folks were of very little fact and only spoke what was gossip. Matalina only listened, she’d find the truth out soon enough, but Matalina watched the Sedai before her, there was no way that the news hadn’t reached her ears as of yet.


18 May 2002 (8:25pm)

Pushing her the jostling crowd, Raeyn finally reached the inside of a local pet shop. She didn’t know if she was really in the mood to buy a pet quite yet, but with the shock of the Amyrlin’s death spreading like wildfire through Tar Valon, she had felt the urge to get out and about.

Upon entering, she noted Muirienn Sedai chatting up what appeared to be a female warder…

She looks a little familiar.. perhaps I’ve seen her around the library or something,” Raeyn thought to herself as she walked over towards the other two women.

“Hello Muirienn,” Raeyn greeted the elder sister with a small smile, “and who is your friend?”

Raeyn Sedai

19 May 2002 (11:05am)

Matalina noted another Sedai approaching. This Sedai Matalina knew. Raeyn Sedai of the Brown Ajah and Mistress of the Library. Or one of them. She spoke to the other Sedai, “”Hello Muirienn, and who is your friend?”

“Sedai, I am Matalina, Gaidin to Yveva Sedai. I’m sure you know her being that you are of the same Ajah.” Matalina gave both Sedai a small smile to keep Kayla quiet. -Thank you.- I suppose you are welcome. It seems that you are growing on me child. -When will you stop calling me that?- When you have grown up.

Trying to keep the internal conversation from showing on her face Matalina asked, “What brings to Sedai down to City. Particularly in times like these?”

Matalina hoped they had heared, and realized that was probably the reason they had come to the city.


19 May 2002 (11:30pm)

Raeyn allowed herself a smile as the Warder woman pointed out who’s Gaidin she was. She vaguely remember the face under the piles of books that Yveva tended to borrow for her research.

Matalina smiled back, and said, “What brings two Sedai down to City. Particularly in times like these?”

Raeyn took a breath before speaking, “Well Matalina Gaidin, with the announcement of the death of the Amyrlin, I needed to get out of the Tower and hope that things would be a little calmer in town, but alas, the townspeople too are so terribly hurt… I wish that there was some way to console them, but alas…” she trailed off, head drooping very slightly. Raeyn shook her head, shaking any traces of her “gloom” away with them. She raised her head, and with a small, quick smile continued, “I figured that maybe a pet would help soothe my nerves. I had a kitten when I was a novice, but she’s been gone and dead for years now. I remember that every time I felt like my world was ending, I would snuggle up with that little purring ball of fur, and somehow everything would be all right.” Raeyn shrugged; a quick raising of the shoulders above outspread hands.

“If you two would like to help me pick out a new pet, I would be most obliged… and perhaps I can find a way to repay your aid,” Raeyn spoke, winking at Muirienn. If anyone would know, Muirienn would know payment was usually lunch at “The Staff and Stole”, or something of the like.

Raeyn Sedai

20 May 2002 (7:22am)

Raeyn spoke calmly “Well Matalina Gaidin, with the announcement of the death of the Amyrlin, I needed to get out of the Tower and hope that things would be a little calmer in town, but alas, the townspeople too are so terribly hurt… I wish that there was some way to console them, but alas…” The Sedai before Matalina was as upset about the loss of her leader as anyone else was. “I figured that maybe a pet would help soothe my nerves. I had a kitten when I was a novice, but she’s been gone and dead for years now. I remember that every time I felt like my world was ending, I would snuggle up with that little purring ball of fur, and somehow everything would be all right.”

Kayla perked up at the thought of choosing another pet. -Oooh. Can I?- I don’t see why not Matalina let Kayla take over, hoping the Sedais before her wouldn’t notice the slight change. “I would be more than happy to help you, but no payment is necessary Sedai.” You are at least using correct titles. -I do pay attention you know.- I know and I’m glad. “What are you looking for? small? big? or does it even matter?”


20 May 2002 (7:32am)

Raeyn smiled weakly at the woman in front of her, “Perhaps another kitten… they do keep the mice down that come out around the Library.” She hoped that she was looking upset enough to not cause the suspicions of the other people in the store, besides Muirienn, who barely spoke a word. Together the three women began to pour over the selection kittens before finding a small tabby.

Holding it up, Raeyn exclaimed, “This little sweetie will be perfect! I can already tell that he’ll grow up to be big and healthy… now, what to name him?”

Raeyn Sedai

20 May 2002 (12:02pm)

Kayla had began to feel uncomfortable around the Sedai and retreated to the back of their mind. Matalina now had control and had no idea for names of a cat. -Tabby, Tom, Rand..- What kind of name is Rand? -What’s wrong with it?- Rand the cat, No I don’t think so it doesn’t work well. What kinda name is it anyway. -Ask Sammy?- What’s he gonna tell us. We can’t speak to him. -So?-

Matalina took the ferrit out of the cage and asked repeated the names that Kayla had said in her mind. “Tabby…” Sammy did nothing. “Tom…” Again Sammy did nothing. “Rand…” And what do you think Sammy did? Nothing!. He doesn’t care either way. -We’ll it was worth a try.- Whatever!

Matalina looked over at Raeyn and made another suggestion, “Tamon?”

Note: Multiple Personalities
“Voice” -Kayla’s thoughts- Matalina’s thoughts *Marosa’s thoughts*

20 May 2002 (7:46pm)

Matalina looked over at Raeyn and suggested the name Timon. Raeyn smiled, and looked at the fuzzy little ball of fur. “Timon… ” she mused as the kitten nuzzled her hand and licked her fingers. She giggled, “Perhaps you like that name afterall!”

With the help of Matalina and Muirienn, she gathered up the kitten and an assortment of accessories ranging from pillows to a pretty collar. She smiled as she adjusted her bundle, “Well, I guess that I should go get little Timon settled in… if the two of you want, you are free to come back to the Tower with me and have some tea and brownies…. ”

Raeyn Sedai

21 May 2002 (7:07am)

Matalina looked at Raeyn and nodded slightly. “I’ll escort you back to your quarters, but I will have to refuse the tea.” -Brownies!!!!- Be quiet. I’m not done. “But a brownie does sound wonderful.”

Matalina offered to help carry a few of the things. Sammy was easy to carry, all his stuff was neatly in his cage but Raeyn had alot of things to carry that couldn’t be put in the carrier.