Eleanor’s Turning

(I’ve lost the actual date on this; enjoy the approximate re-dating!)

“Why does Myriam make ME meet with these… ruffians?!” Raeyn thought to herself sourly as she carefully made her way towards the Ogier grove, “I know that gathering information from our Eyes and Ears is important, but…”

The sky was the pitch black of late night, with nary a star to be seen. Once within the edge of the woods, she drew softly on Saidar, channeling a small light into life. Holding it forward, she made her way deeper into the wood.

And there he was.. this in the latest chain of weasels who thought in their own self-important way that they were of some worth to the Great Lord. Little did this one know he was slated for death. Oh, how she almost smiled at that thought! Instead, she lowered herself to the ground at his side, and released the small light.

“You came unseen, I would hope?” she demanded imperiously of the man, “Otherwise you are of no use to us.”

“A—aa–aes Sedai, I a–aa-ssure y-y-ou,” he stuttered nervously, “I w-w-aa-as v-v-vv-ery !”

“Very well, then”, she cut him off, “attend, and tell what you have to say.”

Unfortunately for him, he had very little to say (as feared), and he had to die. As the weasly man started looking around furtively for a source of escape, Raeyn smiled. Drawing deeply on Saidar, she channeled; a fireball to the chest. As she started to gather the weaves to destroy the rest of the body, she heard a noise behind her. She dropped her contact with Saidar and threw herself around the side of a tree.

Raeyn started to call out to know who was there, but after calling once, she gathered Saidar unto herself and headed towards the sound she heard. A smile crossed her lips as she could hear someone running off in.. THAT direction!

Even if the chit.. Eleanor, was it? had seen who she was, what reason was there to worry? She would be dealt with… and now. She hiked up her skirts, and increased her pace, keeping the child in sight. Soon, soon now..


Running now, almost catching up with the fleeing Green… and someone else? “Who.. who?,” Raeyn thought to herself, only to see the woman Elle had approached cloaked in shadow and silver..

Running up towards Mesaana, she barely noticed the Green sister as she dropped to the pavement in front of the Chosen.

“You have been careless, girl. The Black Ajah has existed for thousands of years, never being revealed. And now you wish to throw those ages of anonymity out of the window.” The sound of Mesaana’s laugther sent chills down her spine, but she knew better than to interject when one of the Chosen spoke, “But, your foolishness has brought me a pet. I can either kill her, or have her turned to the Shadow. I believe you shall be part of the ring that Turns her then, Raeyn.”

“An honor, Mistress,” Raeyn murmured as she rose to the beckoning of the Chosen before her. Eleanor’s eyes rolled frantically as she was tugged, puppet-style down the path. Drawing on Saidar, she weaved Fire and Air into a flaming lash to keep the Green sister moving between them as they made their way down to the basements under the Library.


Following the Chosen down to the basement, Raeyn continued to prod the Green sister along, while keeping an eye out for anyone else. She didn’t expect to find anyone else besides their little group down there,… but after being interrupted in the grove, who was to say what could happen next?

As she smoothed out the dust behind them on their trek downward, Raeyn thought about the current situation. The whole thing was enough to screw her temper into a fevered pitch – the Chosen thought of the Black Ajah (aye, and even the Supreme Council!) as a bunch of stupid errand girls.. and compared to the knowledge of the chosen, they were! Which made it even worse! Even if Raeyn couldn’t feel Mesaana channeling, she knew that if she tried.. well.. ANYTHING!.. the other woman would probably kill her on the spot, and pick a new errand girl! Still, the fact she was being allowed in on this meant that perhaps she had a higher place than she thought, even with her slip-up figured in…

Pushing the thoughts out of her head, she released Saidar as they came to a stop in the lowest level in the basement. From nowhere, a hole opened in the air to somewhere she’d never seen before! At Mesaana’s imperious gesture, Raeyn entered the hole first, eying the Chosen as she passed. “What marvel will this woman come up with next?” she thought as she crossed into a darkened room, dodging the Green as she flew into the room before Mesaana.

Suddenly, the torches flared to life, showing a domed shape to the room. Covering her eyes from the sudden glare, she continued to stare at Mesaana… only for the first time to feel the Chosen’s strength. She gaped like a country child at the fair, and felt no shame in it.. the woman was insanely strong in the Power! She drew her cloak about her as if cold, when another woman came into the room.

Mesaana eyed Raeyn, and introduced her to the newcomer, “This is Raeyn of the Supreme Council. She has come to aide us in turning this little one.”

Nodding to the other woman, Raeyn turned her thoughts inward again. “Tell us your name…” Mesaana was saying to the Green.. some question about Myrdraal to the other woman… All the while, Raeyn’s thoughts began to race over this turn of events, only to be brusquely interrupted once again by Mesaana, “It might suit you to pull up your hood. No doubt some of the women coming will be sisters of yours and you would not want to reveal your identity.”

Nodding numbly, she pulled her hood up, making sure to bury her face deep in the cowl. But why did the light-blasted Chosen sound so bloody amused?! Who under the Great Lord did she have stashed away here to aid her? Some of those fools that had fled the Tower for the Darkness only knows why?

“Patience,” she thought to herself, huddling within her cloak, “Whatever is to pass, will come to pass.”