Crossing the Alindrelle Erinin

Ben rode slowly down the Jualdhe bridge, into the city of Tar Valon. He reached up and brushed an errant lock of blond hair back from his forehead, looking over the creaking haywain ahead of him at the buildings ahead. The city was unchanged from the last time he had seen it, the White Tower drawing the eye past the Ogier-worked buildings that would have been captivating any place else. It was comforting; whatever else changed, the Tower would still stand above it all. Whatever else changed… He grinned to himself. That was the nature of things, after all, but here he was again.

At the city gates, he exchanged a nod with the guards. To them, he would be just another man with a sword and a pack, after all, and the Light knew there were plenty of those on the roads these days. Nothing special marked out his blade, and if there were a fancloak folded into the bottom of his pack, in Tar Valon this wouldn’t mark him nearly as much as it might have in other places. He wasn’t ashamed, but it would be easier to answer the questions just once, if it could be helped. He doubted it would happen that way, but he’d always lived in hope, and he wasn’t going to change that now.

Ben grinned then, as he rode through the streets towards the White Tower. It was funny, the things you could miss about the Aes Sedai, if you’d been away long enough.

Ben T-Gaidin

11 March 2009 (12:28am GMT)

Walking briskly away from the Tower, Lillith privately enjoyed the little bubble of space being an Aes Sedai granted her as she meandered down crowded streets.  Tar Valon was a city packed with humanity, and while many Sisters preferred to make their way around town on horseback or being carted about in a chair, she couldn’t see a reason for it.  Oh sure, it wasn’t a small city, and as she made her way further and further out from the Tower, she started to doubt the wisdom of her decision to walk, especially on such a fool’s errand.

To her, clothing wasn’t something to worry about overly.  As long as it covered the skin, she was content enough.  However, one of her fellow White Sisters had been harping on about some seamstress across town that did good work, and insisted that Lillith check it out.  She reasoned to herself, ”It never hurts to investigate well-recommended work, even if that which I am content with is simple fare.  And besides, it has been a few years since I had some dresses made.”

At least the day was nice, the right kind for much too long of walks.  “It cannot be too much further,” she mused, pausing to pull the directions out of her belt pouch, “Thanelle said it was the third street past the Blue Cat Inn…”

Her muttering was suddenly cut off as she realized that a horse was bearing down on her.  Yelping, she jumped back, falling on her bum into the street muck.

11 March 2009 (1:22am GMT)

Ben pulled his horse up short; the crowd had shifted him into the path of an Aes Sedai, and now… “Forgive me, m’lady Sedai,” he said, as he slid gracefully down and stepped over to extend a hand to the White. “If I might…”

After a moment, she reached up to take his hand. He grinned, and then pulled her carefully up to her feet. He looked at her, carefully ignoring the stains on her dress; hopefully it hadn’t been one she was too fond of. “Do pardon my riding. What can I do to make amends?”

Ben T-Gaidin

11 March 2009 (1:47am GMT)

Letting the soiled bit of paper fall to the ground, she accepted the hand up from the handsome young man. “Do pardon my riding. What can I do to make amends?”

Lillith looked at the scrap of paper again and murmured, “I really shouldn’t litter.”  She then took a look at herself and slapped a mucky hand to her forehead.  “Gah!” she exclaimed, opening herself to Saidar.  She hurriedly laid weaves to dry and remove the mud from about her person, and grimaced.  Opening her belt pouch, she extracted a blessedly dry and clean handkerchief and ungracefully spat upon it before dabbing at her forehead.

“Well sir, I had intended to visit a seamstress this afternoon, but I’m thinking that perhaps I should return to the Tower and change before I do as such.  Cleaned off or not, I still look a right mess after this little incident.”  She laughed softly, “My fault for walking clear across town to a new destination – I think that next time I shall hire a chair or some such.  But for now… you wouldn’t happen to be headed to the Tower by any chance, would you?  After all, if you are, then I won’t have to worry about you accidentally riding me down again.”  She realized that she probably sounded a bit blunt and rude, but then, attempting to crack jokes was sort of a new thing for her.

15 March 2009 (6:56pm GMT)

The White Sister gratefully accepted the hand up; she was not an equestrian by any stretch of the imagination.  Oh, she had taken the occasional ride on a horse, even going so far as to take lessons at one point, but she couldn’t see the need to be an expert at it if she had no real need to leave Tar Valon.  She even had, at one point as a new Sister, purchased herself a well-trained and gentle-natured filly, but the poor thing had spent most of its time cooped up in the stables during her life, and rarely going out.

”I really should make an effort to go riding sometime, I really should,” Lillith mused to herself for the hundredth time, ”I mean, I never know when I’ll have to leave the Tower, and it would be better than limping around to find someone to Heal me.” Of course, she’d probably forget for the hundredth and one time this solemn promise to herself, but perhaps one day it would stick in her mind.

“By the way, I don’t believe I introduced myself before; my name’s Ben Tomas.”

Shaking herself out of her reverie, she attempted to turn her head to address the handsome man leaning around her, “Nice to meet you, Ben, albeit it probably would have been nicer in other circumstances.”  She laughed slightly before continuing, “And heading for the Tower, at that.  I’m guessing that you’re not a new recruit, as you don’t seem quite young enough for that… family in the Tower, perhaps?  A little sister amongst the Accepted, or amongst the newest Sisters?”

She didn’t realize she was babbling, but she didn’t really care that much either.  There was something… comfortable about this person, something she hadn’t felt in anyone else.  Lillith couldn’t pinpoint it exactly, but for the nonce, she was very content to have this strange and enjoyable moment in her life.

18 March 2009 (9:04pm GMT)

“A little sister amongst the Accepted, or amongst the newest Sisters?” she asked, looking over her shoulder to smile at him.

“A sister? You could say that…” Ben replied, slightly ruefully at being caught out so soon. But then, one could hardly expect to keep secrets from an Aes Sedai, even one as charmingly distracted as this one seemed. He smiled, and continued, “…but a bit more senior than you’re thinking. And I’m going to need to stop by the Warder’s yard, to send someone to find me a room again; I’m sure they’ve given mine away to someone else by now.”
Ben Tomas

24 March 2009 (12:04 am)

“A bit more senior…” Lillith trailed off, musing.  “Of course,” she exclaimed, “You must be bonded to one of the Aes Sedai, then.  I take it that you’ve been off in duty to your Sister, or have you both been off on an errand for some time?  I myself have little reason to depart Tar Valon, so I guess it does interest me to some degree as to why anyone would be off for any amount of time.”

Silliness and Light (Open RP)

Mariasha sang to herself as she wandered down the streets of Tar Valon.  The town was its normal hubbub of noise and activity, for which she was grateful.  She didn’t consider herself that great a singer, but being in such a fine mood, she couldn’t help herself.  It was a gorgeous day, and she was very pleased to be free of duties.  It hadn’t taken her that long to figure out what she wanted to do with such a lovely day, and that was to spend it outdoors.

But before she could implement her devious and glorious plan, she had several stops in mind, which was why she found herself singing her fool head off and wandering around town. ”First things first,” she thought to herself, ”I’m going to need a basket.” This proved to be no problem, as she was aware of a basket-weaver who sold her goods in the open market east of the Tower.  ”I can probably get everything I need for this little trip at the open market,” she thought cheerfully as she approached her destination.

Nodding to herself, she stopped before entering the row of stalls.  Musing aloud, she began listing what she needed, “A basket, a bit of linen, some things to eat…”

23 February 2009 (10:17pm)

Satisfied with her list, Mariasha entered the market proper.  Her first task, she had decided, was to find a suitable basket.  Strolling up the aisle, she noted other stalls to hit up on her way back down.  But even if she didn’t need to do any shopping, she couldn’t help but love this sort of thing.  There was a certain… energy, a certain showmanship to these bazaars, and she loved hearing people call out their wares in over-the-top creative ways.

Perking up, she spotted a woman selling baskets.  After some haggling, Mari was striding away to hit up a cloth stand she had seen on passing, only to be distracted by a bit of discordant yelling coming from a nearby stall, “You thief!  Don’t try to steal my goods right under my nose!  I tell you the prices, either you pay or you leave!”

Mariasha blinked in surprise, pushed her basket up her arm, and strode forward to the source of the shouting.  “I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t meant to…”  the boy said while the shopkeep carried on.  “Excuse me, sir,” Mariasha interjected, hooking a thumb at the boy, “Was he actually stealing anything?”  Casually resting her free hand on the hilt of a dagger, she raised her eyebrows questioningly.  “N-n-noo, ma’am,” the shopkeep stuttered out, “H-h-he was just trying to make me sell him things for prices that I’d not even sell things to my aged grandmother for, I promise!”  Snorting derisively, she leaned across the stall counter and got right into the shopkeep’s face, “If that is going to be your attitude, I will inform my friends amongst the Warders, Tower Guards, and Aes Sedai that you have a lack of compassion for those that are in worst straights than yourself, and to not give you their custom.  Good day, sir.”  Ignoring his spluttering, she grabbed the newcomer’s arm, “Come on, kid.”

Pulling him a few stalls down, she looked down very slightly into his pale green eyes, “Are you okay, kid?  You’re not actually trying to steal anything, I hope?”  She smiled warmly; no reason to scare the kid… unless he actually was stealing something.

24 February 2009 (12:30am GMT)

Chuckling softly, Mariasha dipped her head in greeting, “Hello Llewelyn, I’m Mariasha, Mariasha Valnar.  My Aes Sedai is Taeadra of the White Ajah, but past that, I don’t know that many Aes Sedai.”  She grinned merrily, and nodded to her basket, “Myself, I was planning to have a little picnic.  I’m just here picking up… well, everything for it, really.  I was heading to that fabric stand over there,” she gestured off to her right, “to pick up some linen next before deciding what foodstuffs to get.”

Raising an eyebrow, she gestured to Llewelyn to follow her, “As for trouble… well, I take it you’re not used to city traders yet, then?  Even here in Tar Valon, they’ll try to gut you for every penny they can.  You’ll get used to it in time; he probably just sensed that you’ve not had much experience with his sort.  And,” she laughed again, shifting the basket to the other arm, “I’ve probably scared the poor bloke enough that he’ll be very generous to his customers for the rest of the day.”

Stopping at the stand she’d eyeballed earlier, she handed Llewelyn the basket, “You’re welcome to join me for my picnic, if you wish.  I’m sure that you probably have it in your head to explore the town, but that can come a bit later.  You’re going to have a lot of acclimatizing to do, after all, so better to play it safe until Thera has you all sorted out, I would say.”  She winked, and started eying the linen samples on the table.

25 February 2009 (4:45pm GMT)

Raising an eyebrow, Mari walked over to the fallen guy and offered her arm, “Here there, let’s get you up.  Ever think about watching where you’re going?”  He eyes twinkled merrily to match the smile playing across her lips before she turned her attention to her new little friend, who was just scampering back, “Here, don’t drop it again, you might really lose it to some thief next time.”

“I take it by your blush, Llewelyn, that you feel you might have done something wrong.  Well…”  she laughed in earnest then, “Considering that this isn’t a training or a battle situation, I guess I’m going to have to let you live.”  She winked turning her attention to the guy she had helped up, “You look familiar… do I know you from around the Yards?  Either way, it seems you’re as in good a place as any to get patched up, at least once we decide what linen suits our various purposes best.”  She eyed his wounds in bemusement, wondering if she should continue to offer her arm, or if that might offend the poor injured fellow.

28 February 2009 (4:14pm)

Chuckling to herself as Llewelyn doctored over Visar, Mariasha thought, “This kid is going to make something of himself.  That is, if he doesn’t step on all his teachers’ toes with his enthusiasm.  After all, have to be a good follower to be a good leader…”

She was drawn out of her reverie when Llewelyn addressed her yet again, “This’ll hold a while, he might as well be another guest for your picnic. That way, we’ll be sure to drop him by the infirmary when we get back to the Tower. What would you say?”

Nodding, she smoothed the just-purchased linen down into the basket before handing it back to the Saldaean boy, “Food is generally a good thing to have after an injury.  Plus, if you decide to have a relapse, grass, mud, and rivers tend to be a tad more forgiving than pavement.”  She winked, and waving her hand, led her party onward.

With two males in tow, the basket was quickly overladen with meat and mead.  All sorts of excellent nibbles had made their way in, and Mari was most definitely looking even more forward to this little outing.  She hadn’t expected to pick up company, not really, but on such a nice a day is this, might as well share the good times!

It was only a short walk to the river on this side of town, and in no time, they were being let out onto the bank from a small pedestrian gate.  “Thanks Tad, don’t work too hard!” she laughed, striding through with her companions in tow.

The grass was dry beneath a clear sky, as the Warder had hoped it would be, “Good thing too – didn’t get enough cloth to sit on or anything as extravagant as that!” Still, she spread out a portion of linen and began to unload some of the goodies onto it.  “I don’t know about you two, but I’m hungry.”  She smiled, and gestured towards the food, “Shall we dig in?  I mean, after all, there is quite a bit here, and it shouldn’t go to waste.”

05 March 2009 (9:48pm GMT)

Eying the sun, Mari sprawled out on her stomach and watched the byplay between the trainees.  It had been some years since she had been amongst their number, and it was amusing to watch their byplay.  Had she herself been that nervous about getting into trouble when she was amongst their number?  It was hard for her to remember; the passing of years had colored everything rosy.

So it didn’t come to much surprise that the children were quickly reminded of a need to return back to the Yards.  Granted, the boy who had jumped into the river, Elyan, was probably freezing by now… tapping her lip, she shook out the linen they had used as a groundsheet and stood, “Here… Elyan, was it?  You might want something a little drier than your own skin.”  She winked, and stood up with the proffered ‘garment’.

“As for the rest of you… I’m sad to hear you’re going already.  Myself, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the day… maybe I’ll drill a bit, or maybe I’ll go fishing.  I’ve not decided yet; all I know is that it’s a lovely day, and I’m determined to spend as much of it outside.”

08 March 2009 (12:15am GMT)
“If I had to stake a guess, I’m guessing that young man leading the two-person parade back to the Yard is soon to be raised to the Guard, yes?”  Mariasha laughed, and peered around for a suitable branch.  Exclaiming in delight, she spotted a likely one nearby, and picked it up for inspection.  Nodding in satisfaction, she sat back down and fished a small case out of her belt pouch, “You can tell, you see, with those about to get raised.  They get all pomp and dignity at thinking about not being a trainee anymore and all the honor and duty that supposedly come with it… but really, it just means training the same and having to stand watches besides.”

Gesturing Elyan and Edana over with her branch, she then took out her dagger and whittled a notch into the top.  Nodding in satisfaction, she opened her small case to reveal a few hooks and a couple of meters of line, “Edana, do you have any experience fishing, or are you going to need pointers like wet boy here?”

09 March 2009 (8:17pm)

As she finished securing the line to the stick, Mariasha carefully tied the hook onto the end of the string.  “That’s about all there is to preparing a rod, Elyan.  If you find yourself a good stick, I’ll let you borrow a hook so you can try your hand as well.”

Eying her handiwork, her attention was diverted when Llewelyn suddenly spoke up, “That was a clever idea, Mariasha Gaidin. If we fish enough, maybe we’ll be able to feed the whole Yards with our catches tonight!”  She laughed, “I sincerely doubt that we could feed all of the Yards, but at least we might manage to catch enough of something or another to snack on here in a bit.”  Shooting a smile at the returning Elyan, she took the proffered stick and inspected it, “That should work just fine; help yourself to the hooks and line.”

And then Llewelyn threw her a curveball, “Mariasha Gaidin, if I may, I would like to know how you met your Aes Sedai. I mean, what kind of thoughts and relationship can make a Warder and an Aes Sedai bond together?”

Laughing and groaning at the same time, she laid down her line and turned to the young trainee before addressing him, “Oh Light, now that’s a tale.  Suffices to say that beer makes the heart grow fonder, and in mine and Taeadra’s case, it provided an immediate connection.”  She shook her head before continuing, “And what I mean by that is that we happened to meet at an inn while out drinking with friends, and it was just an immediate liking of each other.  We both knew that it was right, drunk or not, and agreed to bond the very next day.  Of course, the very next day we were both very hung over… care to guess what happened?”  Her eyes sparkled with amusement before she continued, “Well, as you might have heard, women who bond each other tend to reflect each other a lot more strongly than a male/female bond.  Take two hangovers and multiply them mentally… let’s just say some very unhappy Novice had some very nasty cleaning up to do later that day.”

Standing abruptly, Mariasha gestured towards the river, “Shall we try our luck, then?”  She wanted to distract them before they asked any more questions – for all that herself and Taeadra were back on the right track again, there were still many things she wasn’t comfortable talking about with their relationship.

10 March 2009 (9:49pm)

Accepting a worm, Mari threaded it expertly into her hook.  She had already taken off her shoes and rolled her pants up a bit, and her feet dangled in the chill water as she cast her line out a bit in front of her.  The submerged grass on the downward sloping riverbank tickled at her feet, and she smiled – this was relaxation!

She turned her attention back to Llewelyn, who looked pensive, “Is something wrong, Llewelyn?”  Mariasha had an idea what was worming into his mind, but then?  Initiates had to lose their innocent ideas about bonding and servitude at some point, and she didn’t feel bad about bruising notions.  After all, it might make him think about what he was getting into more than she herself had.

And if it saved her the pain that her Aes Sedai brought her, that Thera’s Aes Sedai brought her, then all the better.  While none could deny her affection and concern for her Sister, it was definitely far from the ideal relationship a young girl fresh to Tar Valon had in her mind.

Three Sitting Ducks (Att: Damian and Luke)

((Continued from The Threesome Reunites *weg* (Rae and Zan) )

19 March 2003 (11:32am)

After a long day of practice in the yards, Andular made his way back to his room where he cleaned up and prepared to go into town. He had made plans with his old Trainee Luke and Warder named Damian, to go to an inn in Tar Valon to watch a Gleeman and have a few ales.

Strapping his sword on his back he quickly made his way to the large tree next to the yards where they were scheduled to meet. Upon arriving he found Luke leaning against the tree already waiting.  “Well met, Luke.”  He greeted shaking hands with the other man.  “Ready for a night on the town to relieve a little stress?”  Luke chuckled and indicated he indeed was. Soon after Damian made his way over the three exchanged pleasantries. “What is the name of this Inn again Andular?”  Damian said with a slight smile on his mouth.  “The Wenches Kiss, I have been there before, the ale is good and the entertainment should be as well. This Gleeman is in high demand from what I understand.”

After a few minutes of small talk the three decided to get moving and made there way toward the city proper as the sun began to set on the horizon.

19 March 2003 (12:06pm)

Damian had met Luke and Andular on the training grounds… and noticed in them the same feelings he was having at the time… the stress and strain of continual training could wear on one. So to stay in good physical and mental health Damian took a night or two off every once in while to allow himself to let go. He knew Tria would not approve.. but part of his training was being mentally in tune with his body… and his body was telling him to go get some drinks tonight.

He met the other two out near a large tree… saying hello to both. When greetings were passed they then began to make their way to the city. Damian wondered where the night would lead… and if he would remember it…


19 March 2003 (9:44pm)

Luke waited patiently for Andular and Damian by the tree. He had agreed to come along for the night to get away from his training but his staff was, as usual, strung across his back. Luke did not consider his staff part of his training anymore, it had become and extension of his body.

Andular arrived first, followed shortly by Damian. The three exchanged greeting briefly before heading out to Tar Valon.

24 March 2003 (11:21am)

The smile that stretched from ear to ear on Taeadra was but only one sign that she had perhaps had a bit more spiced wine than she should have. But even she would admit, it was a nice feeling she was having right now…a feeling of complete freedom. There was a part of her mind that kept trying to interfer and tell her what they were about to do was not in the best interest of three Sisters, let alone three Sitters. She shut that part of her mind off, she wouldn’t be needing it tonight. After over a hundred years in the Tower, they were all due an evening like this…besides it was all in fun. Taeadra doubted anything would come of this evening, though she was certainly hoping she was wrong. That thought caused the smile on her face to grow wider.

As they made their way toward the Warders Yards, they passed an inn called The Wenches Kiss. Tae turned to Raeyn and Zania, “We must stop here first,” she spoke as she lead them up the stairs to the inn, “they make the most delicious pastries here and I’m sure that a quick stop won’t interfer with our plans too much.” The other woman agreed and they walked into the inn.

Tae was about to sit at a table near the door so they could order when someone caught her eye. There was a table with three men seated at it and one of them was none other than the Guard she had been speaking of all night. The mere sight of him caused her to catch her breath once again and she could feel the heat rise to her cheeks instantly.

Raeyn laughed as she looked at Tae, “Why Taeadra, getting ahead of yourself and thinking already of what you would like to do to this, what did you say his name was? Andular?” Tae’s smile only increased as Raeyn spoke, “As a matter of fact dear friend of mine, I was. And it just so happens we won’t have to go far to find him.” She nodded to the table the three men were seated at, “Seems they’ve made our task that much easier.” Suddenly she was more than thrilled with her love of sweets. Though there still was that part of her mind that kept screaming out to her that she was acting very uncharacteristic….again she walled off that part of her mind, this time tight enough that it would have nothing to say for the rest of the night.

With a wicked smile she nodded for the two Sitters to follow her as she made her way through a maze of tables to where Andular and his friends were seated. She recognized one of the men as Damian, Zerah’s Warder whom she had met on that fateful camping trip they had taken. The other seemed very familiar to her, though she could not put her finger on it. The men were involved in conversation when she approached their table and she had to clear her throat to get their attentions. From the looks of the empty ale mugs strewn about their table, the three men had been having quite the evening already. Tae and Damian looked at each other and shared a mutal moment of understanding for what each had been through.

Time to add even more spice up their evening a bit more Tae thought.

When Andular turned at looked into her eyes, she felt that same feeling she had the first time she had seen him. Her stomach felt as if it would leap out of her throat at any moment, and yet again she could feel the heat rising to her cheeks. With a deep breath, she mustered all the Aes Sedai calm she could, “It would appear we met again Andular Rojvas. Would the three of you mind some extra company for the evening?”

Without waiting for an answer, Tae took a seat next to Andular, scooting her chair as close as comfort would allow and turned her eyes to his. Any man who didn’t know full well at this point what her intentions were was a fool….or perhaps just to imbibed to notice the flush the went from her face straight down to the deep neckline of her dress. “So Andular, why don’t you introduce us to your friends here.”

As he made the introductions, Tae turned to each of the other men, but her eyes kept falling back to Andular. With each glance at him, she knew with more surety that she would not relent until she had this man……

25 March 2003 (9:50pm)

Luke emptied his glass with one final drink. As the last drops dripped into his mouth he noticed something through the bottom of his glass. The woman he saw through the clear bottom looked familiar, very familiar. Setting his glass down he narrowed his eyes at her.

“I recognize you.” he said, jabbing his finger at her. “You’re the Sedai that tossed me into Bril’s room that day to dress her.” Luke opened his mouth to continue his somehwat slurred speach when he thought of something very disturbing. “She’s not with you, is she?” Luke hunched his back and his eyes tried to look everywhere at once. Whatever Luke had had to drink was obviously affecting him. Just then the maid placed another full glass in front of Luke and he was back to normal, contentedly drinking away.

27 March 2003 (4:20pm)

Taeadra smiled just the slightest of smiles, now she remembered the boy…though at the time he did not look like a boy. As he had his mug half way to his mouth, Tae channeled a bit of Air and froze his hand mid-air. She leaned over the table and met his eyes with her own frozen glare, “As a matter of fact, she should be here any moment now.”

Tae had expected the wide eyed look from the boy, but when Andular nearly jumped out of his chair to look for this Bril girl, she was a bit confused, but just pushed it out of her mind for the moment. Turning back to the boy, she could see him trying in vain to either lift his mug all the way up, or to at least put it down. When it appeared that he was trying to lift it up, she let go of the strand of Air and everyone chuckled a bit as the mug went flying toward his face with a splash.

With a laugh she spoke, “Do not worry…what is your name boy, I can’t call you boy all night!”

“Uh…Luke, Aes Sedai”

“Very well, do not worry Luke, this Bril is of no concern to me. Should we see her tonight I will make sure she is not able to cause you any trouble. I’m sure you got quite enough of that the day I threw you into her room.” Tae laughed as she took another sip of her wine. One of her hands then moved below the table to rest on Andular’s leg as she gave him a wink…………..

27 March 2003 (4:49pm)

Damian looked up to see three women approaching the table…. and through his semi-blurred vision he was almost positive one was Taeadra Sedai…. In fact it was! It was Taeadra Sedai! He lifted his mug to Tae..

“Shello Taeadra Shedai…. ” Then he turned his glass to the other two ladies as they were sitting down.. “And hellosh… to you ladiesh….” Damian had to control himself… he was in a singing mood and he knew it… He also knew it wouldn’t quite sound the way he wanted it to… so he just sat there for a little… trying to work on his speech…

He listened to Luke and Tae speak a little… he had no idea what they were talking about… though getting thrown into dressing a woman… he couldn’t figure out what was bad about it. But obviously Luke didn’t seem to like it… So he figured to help him out a little…

“Hey Tae… Weren’t you and Yuval getting shnuggly on our trip? How are the two wittle wove birds doing?” From the look he had just recieved he knew he had said something wrong… but his mind was having a hard time making the connection… “Was it something I said?” he asked himself… uh oh…

29 March 2003 (12:06am)

Zania, a little in the cups, made sure to sit as slowly as she could since the room was spinning a bit. *Why am I the only one who notices that* She give her self a small shake as she sat next to the very drunk Warder who had just spoken. He was not bad looking and although some of her sisters did not like the Warders she could honestly say she preferred a Warder rather then the simple Tar Valon stock she had seen.

Feeling a bit mischievious she winked to the one Tae had been speaking to then turned her attention to the one next to her. She knew she had something to say but right at that moment the room began to spin again. *Well that was some very good wine we had I will have to visit that inn again* Then suddenly she give her fingers a snap which had Tae give her a look, “So are any of you men going to offer us a small bit of wine?” she gave them a smile.

03 April 2003 (2:38pm)

Sliding into the booth next to Zania and Damian, Raeyn sat a little stiffly and sipped at her wine. After hearing about Taeadra’s shared hangover with her Warder, Raeyn wasn’t too terribly inclined to want to do something of the like to Matalina.

Sighing softly to herself, she started tracing idly in a patch of spilled wine, lost in thought.

04 April 2003 (9:56am)

Taeadra’s eyes narrowed as she looked at Damian, “Yuval is lucky that I did not hang him from a tree and leave him there for the Trollocs….though I will thank him someday for seeing me safely back to the Tower. Beyond that he is nothing more than a little man to me!” Tae could not believe that anyone would think something was going on between her and Yuval….light the man was not right in the head.

Seeing that the men were not going to do much about getting more drinks she motioned a serving girl over to the table and ordered more wine for them and some ales for the men then turned her attentions to Andular, “So Andular, what brings you to Tar Valon this night?”

08 April 2003 (10:37am)

Andular’s head swam as much from the feelings that Taeadra Sedai was causing in him as the ale the three men had consumed. Never in his wildest imagination would he have thought to see her here tonight much less have her come sit next to him. To have the beautiful Sedai next to him brought on mixed feelings of lust, excitement, guilt and nervousness. Hearing Bril’s name mentioned caused him to nearly jump up and run out of the inn right there and then, which he knew deep down would be in his best interest. Glancing at Damian and Luke he was aware of the other two Sedais causing them to squirm as well.

Suddenly Tae’s hand was on his leg and she winked at him. “So what Andular, what brings you to Tar Valon this night?” He shivered as her hand gently traced its way up his leg.  “Bbbb-rought me to ttown?” he stammered. Tae smiled at him seductively.  “Yes to town, you know to this inn?”

The temperature in the inn seemed to be rising as he waved for another round of drinks and he tried unsuccessfully to ignore her probing hands on his leg.  “Ummmm, well it is like this Taeadra Sedai, we ..I mean us three..well we, that is wanted to just unwind.”  Tae chuckled either at his nervousness or his red cheeks he could not tell.

As he sat there looking into her eyes a small thought in the back of his mind was screaming at him to push her away and run like the dark one was after him back to his room. Try as he might however he could not bring himself to break away from her beautiful eyes.

08 April 2003 (2:23pm)

Damian enjoyed watching Andular getting suprised by Tae. He had never seen the man suprised and uncomfortable this way before. But he had to do something to save him… even if for a second. Men had to stick together against women… right? He didn’t know.. he was drunk.

“Speaking of unwinding…. we all seem a little low on drinks….” He looked down in his glass… yup… he was empty. “What does everyone want?”

He took everyone’s order and made his way over to the bar. He ordered up…. well… what he thought he remembered everyone saying they wanted. He wasn’t too sure… he wasn’t even sure if the bar was staying still… but he knew he could still stand… and walk… he thought. He grabbed the drinks and made his way back to the table….

He got there and then… almost spilled them all over everybody… almost… but he caught himself and was able to deliver the drinks to the table. “Ok… who ordered…… the brown drink…”

09 April 2003 (10:31am)

Taeadra held Andular’s gaze until Damian returned to the table with more drinks for everyone. Her fingers still danced up and down his leg, and her eyes were filled with mischief and an intense attraction. She wasn’t sure if Damian had truly wanted to get drinks for everyone, but she suspected not. It was as if he was trying to distract her somehow, but why, she did not know. Andular was a grown man, and didn’t seem to need any “saving” from what she could see.

Turning her attentions from Andular for a moment, she decided to see if she could distract Damian, “Raeyn, did you know that Damian here spends nearly as much time with his face buried in a book as you do?” She smile encompassed her entire face, she knew at the mention of books that Raeyn would be drawn in, if only momentarily, but that would be enough for her purposes. “He is a student of Me’Arearth I believe. A discipline of the mind as much as of the body is it not Damian?” She hoped that Raeyn would draw him into a conversation as to what he studied, if anyone in the Tower knew more about the books that filled the library than Raeyn, Tae had yet to meet them.

She leaned over to Zania then, her hand still not leaving Andular’s leg and whispered to her. She was hoping that perhaps Zania would distract Luke before he thought to interupt with her and Andular. With a small wink to her good friends, she turned back to Andular.

She leaned in very close to him, her lips close enough to his ear that he was sure to feel each breath she took. A throaty whisper eminated from her as she spoke to him, “If it is unwinding you seek Andular, I am sure that there is something that would appeal to you much than sipping ales with these two boys.” She put an emphasis on the last word to leave no doubt in his mind that she felt he was anything but a boy. Her eyes danced and sparkled as he swallowed hard, then brought his mug to his lips and took a long drink of his ale…..

10 April 2003 (10:50am)

Damian had to think hard for a second. What was his discipline again? And did he read books? He wasn’t sure so he took another drink… ahhh, yes, that hit the spot. Now he remembered..

“Yes… I study … something like that… called…. Mer’wreath… yeah… thats it… and yeah.. I read a lot of books… usually about battles and phystics. Yeah… after reading those phystttttic books… I think I can almost make one of those cantapult dealies… I think…” He had to take another drink. The woman sitting next to him was kind of cute though… yes… yes she was.

10 April 2003 (4:37pm)

In the back of Luke’s mind he was concerned about what Andular might be getting into, but he figured that Andy could take care of himself. The rest of him was bored, and boredom did not usually lead to wise decisions for Luke. Leaning back in his chair, he began spinning his staff in his hand behind him. Luke manipulated the staff as easily as if he had been sober, but his balance on the chair was in danger.

10 April 2003 (6:43pm)

Zania sipped on her wine trying to drink lady like in front of the men. She watched as the one spinning the staff leaned more dangerously far back in his chair. She wanted to say something since she knew Tae wanted her to keep this one distracted. “You should watch yourshelf……..Luke? yesh Luke you are about to…” Before she got the rest out he fell back.

She giggled as she watched his face as he hit the floor thinking it was the most hilarous thing she had ever seen.

14 April 2003 (11:02am)

Zerah felt slightly dizzy. It had been building for the last few hours, and now it was starting to annoy her. It was Damian. He was getting drunk. Eventually it got all too much for her, so she put on her cloak and followed the bond to where Damian was. As she walked in she stopped for a moment. Right in front of her eyes was Damian and two other men she did not know, plus Zania, Taeadra and Raeyn. Zerah shook her head and walked over. “Well hello all. So this is where you’re at. Damian,” she turned to her Warder. “I’ve been having this slight dizziness all day, and i thought you might explain why.” She arched her eyebrows at him. He looked quite puzzled at her being there. When he didn’t answer she couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh whatever. I’m gonna have a major hangover tomorrow anyway, from the way you’re pouring down those drinks.” And with that she waved for the serving maid and ordered wine for herself and another round of ale and wine for the others. “Oki.. so what’s up?”

14 April 2003 (4:27pm)

Zania giggled at the face Damian made when Zerah started to in on him. She was sure the Blue would give him a good slap for getting drunk. When she sat down and decided to join them Zania was a bit surprised but then smiled and passed over the wine. “Welcome Zeeerah it’s always good to see old friends.” She toasted to the Gray and then gluped down her wine.

14 April 2003 (4:41pm)

Looking up from the table, she nodded to Zerah Sedai as she joined their group. Despite the fact she hadn’t had terribly much to drink, she felt extremely off-balance this eve. Sipping on her wine, she turned her attenteions back to Zerah’s Warder.

“Now, What is this of books? Interesting fields of study, I must say!” Smiling warming, she scooted closer to Damian, even though everyone was pretty tightly packed at the table already. “I can understand the physics, surely, considering that some of what you mentioned would enable those fighting with you to have a better chance of survival..” she continued to natter on in the traditional Brown fashion until she realized that others at the table were looking at her a little oddly. Blushing, Raeyn buried her face in her wine to hide what was probably the beginning of a mild blush.

14 April 2003 (4:48pm)

Zerah looked at Zania with a grin and poured down the second cup of wine. With Damian’s drunkenness it didn’t take long before she, too, was feeling the effects. “Soooo…” She looked at the table for a while. “Ah.. i can’t remember.” She shook her head. “Yes! Now i remember. Do you think that if a Warder is drunk.” She looked at Damian. “And his Aes Sedai gets drunk.” She pointed at herself. “Then are they double-drunk? And if so. Will they get a double-headache in the morning, or will there be a way to make only the Warder have it? Is there a weave or something?” The others looked at her incredously. Especially Damian started to look worried. She arched her eyebrows at them, and when she realized that her cup was empty, grabbed Damian’s and gulped down what was left there. “Really though. What do you think?”

14 April 2003 (5:09pm)

Damian didn’t think he had ever seen Zerah drink…. Of course he still wasn’t sure if that was what he was seeing… He was trying to pay attention to the brown… going on about all this book stuff… and he even tried to soak it in… but he knew the alcohol was pushing it away… he was almost gone when suddenly something almost sobered him up completely… what was it? Zerah mentioning getting him doubly drunk.

“Uhhh… yeah… can’t happen.. really! So no reason to even try. Besides, I am sure you will want to do plenty of work tommorow… See… already sobering up myself. Barmaid! Can I get a water!” He had a feeling though that it didn’t matter… she was going to figure this out… ahhh… thats why he agreed to bond her… such a sweetie…

“Screw it.. and another ale…”

15 April 2003 (12:59pm)

“If it unwinding you seek Andular, I am sure there is something that would appeal to you much more than sipping ale with these two boys.”  Taeadra whispered into her hot breath on his ear sent shivers up his spine and caused the hairs on the back of his neck to stand up.

Suddenly there was a large crash causing him to jump as Luke toppled over in his chair. The Sedai talking with him laughed as he regained his chair with an embarrassed look. The momentary distraction caused Tae to move her hand and Andular quickly scooted his chair as far from her as possible, unfortunately that was still in easy reach of her hands. Just as she turned her attention back to him with a wicked smile another Sedai approached the table.

Draining his entire glass of ale in one swallow Andy listened as she was introduced as Damian’s bond holder. Putting both elbows on the table he leaned forward and pretended to listen to the conversation while trying to avoid eye contact with Tae.

His mind was clouded from too much ale and he thought of an excuse to leave quickly but none came as he noticed Tae looking at him as she scooted her chair over closing the small gap he had created. “Light,” He thought to himself “But she is beautiful.”  Shaking his head he chided himself.  “I must not let her seduce me.”  He whispered as he made himself think of Bril.

15 April 2003 (8:45pm)

When he moved his chair away, Taeadra regarded Andular from the corner of her eye. Going to play hard to get are you? she thought… be it. The game was on in her eyes, he was proving to be a challenge, but one that she was more than interested in playing for.

She let him have his space for the moment, while she greeted Zerah. It had been sometime she had seen her, and though that trip had started out peacefully enough, it certainly hadn’t ended the way any of them would have liked. Though they each still had their lives, and that was enough to be thankful for. She and Zerah shared a knowing look, but then Zerah zeroed in on Damian….from the look in the Gray’s eyes, Damian was in for trouble and Tae was glad to be around to see it. (*weg*) But she had a game of her own to be concerned with and it was time she got to it in earnest.

She gave Andular a sideways glance, he looked to be trying to hide himself between his arms…and such arms they were. Even with the coat he was wearing covering him up, she could still see the outlines of muscles that had been honed over many years of hard work. As she scooted her chair closer to Andular the image in her mind of those arms being wrapped around her caused a small moan to escape her. Thankfully soft enough she hoped no one else had heard it…except Andular. He must have for he tried to stare the handle right off his mug. Let the game begin

She reached her hand out and lightly placed it on his chin, turning his face toward hers. “Is it the ale causing you to be so quiet…..or do I just make you nervous?” The corners of her mouth drew up in a slow smile, and her eyes gazed deeply into his as she leaned in closer and placed a finger over his lips just before he could speak, “I assure you, there is nothing to be nervous about Andular. I don’t bite…unless you want me to.”

28 April 2003 (3:21pm)

He looked over at Zerah, with her mug of ale drinking away. He had resigned the fact that he was going to have one heck of a headache tommorow and so continued his drinking, figuring he might as well earn it. He was well lost in his drink when he heard a few words spoken over the hubbub of the inn.

“Hey.. yeah… bite him Tae… I bet we would all love that show…” For some reason there was a voice in his head telling him to shut the heck up right there and right now… but the alcohol was causing even that voice to be slurred and unintelligable… so he just kept right on babbling…

“In fact… hey.. I want to be bitten too! Any takers? Zerah?” He probably had the dopiest grin on his face.. but he just couldn’t help it….

28 April 2003 (7:19pm)

Zania sat slighty sobering up as she watched Tae tease the poor Warder. She looked around the table and tried not to fall off her chair. “So Zerah you have certain interests in this warder of yours or is he a free man?” She hiccupped after she spoke as she smiled sweetly at Damian as she tried to scoot a bit closer to him.

29 April 2003 (10:41am)

Taeadra nodded to Damian, “Why Damian, I think that is the most clear headed thought you have had all night.” Without giving Andular a chance to react to Damian’s challenge, she leaned in close to him and bit him ever so playfully on the neck. As she did so one of her hands slipped across the back of his neck while the other resumed it’s place high on his leg.

She didn’t pull her face away from Andular though, instead she moved up closer to his face and whispered in his ear as she brought her hand from behind his neck to trace around his ear, “I don’t believe you ever decided whether or not you needed a distraction Andular dear. Afterall, you aren’t going to let Damian have all the fun are you?” She could see Zania scooting in closer to Damian, who now looked like a mouse corned by a cat….he just didn’t know how clever a cat it was………

13 May 2003 (10:44am)

Her warm breath on his ear sent a shiver up Andular’s spine, swallowing hard he pushed his chair back and stood up. “With all due respect Aes Sedai, you are quite beautiful and I am sure a catch most men would not be able to pass up.”  Grabbing his tankard and draining the last of his ale he exhaled sharply as Tae stared at him.

“I however do have to decline your advances, my heart and body are already spoken for and I would appreciate it if you would respect my wishes and find another to fulfill your needs.”  Not waiting for a response Andy quickly walked to the bar and ordered another round of ales nervously looking over his shoulder while he waited for them.

15 May 2003 (2:39pm)

Decline my advances? Well this is interesting….

Taeadra watched him walk over to the bar to order another round of drinks. She was not accustomed to people declining her for anything, and she was deciding just what to do about this. Excusing herself from the table, Tae made her way to the bar where Andular was standing. Folding her hands underneath her breasts she arched her eyebrow and fixed him with what could be considered the epitomy of a White Ajah stare, “So tell me Andular Rojvas, if you are spoken for as you say, why wait so long to say anything to me? Is it that you just like to play games with women…or is it that you really aren’t spoken for? If it is the former, I’m sure you lover would find that very interesting, but if it is the latter….well that could be a fun game. As for fullfiling my needs, perhaps you are right, there are many others I could direct my advances toward. However, I am very particular about whom I wish to advance upon.”

He didn’t turn to look at her at all, but she could see him swallow hard before answering her. “As I said Aes Sedai, I am spoken for…I assure that is the truth. As for playing games, no, I had no intentions of playing any games here tonight. It seems though that you are very good at playing them. Now please, I have asked you once to direct your advances elsewhere…I am asking you again to do so.” Grabbing the drinks he had ordered, he brushed past her quickly. Taeadra smiled at him as he did so……she was very good at games, and she had yet to truly begin playing them. He did seem very sincere about what he had said though…perhaps she would leave him be, but first she wanted to know just who this other woman was.

Tae walked slowly back to the table, examining the other men in the inn…but none were what she was looking for. Pity Andular won’t play along, even for just a night, she sighed to herself. Taking her seat again Tae looked at Damian, suspecting that he had had enough to drink he would tell her what it was she wanted to know. “Damian, Andular here tells me that he is spoken for body and heart.” Damian nodded, “Oh yeah, Brililin.” As soon as he had spoken the words, Damian looked at Andular apologetically.

“Brililin….how very interesting Andular. She is not at all what I would have expected for you. I had the pleasure of meeting her once before, nice girl even if a tad on the….intense side. But perhaps that what you require, seems you have a thing for strong women. I wonder just what she would have to say about this evening.” From the looks of the three men, Tae knew that Bril’s reaction would be just as she had suspected it would. “Perhaps I can strike up a conversation with her next time I am in the Yards…I’m sure we could find something to talk about.” Tae had no intention of speaking with the girl….but the look on Andular’s face was worth letting him think that she just might…….

The Threesome Reunites *weg* (Rae and Zan)

04 March 2003 (10:54pm)

Taeadra strolled idley down the streets of Tar Valon paying no particular attention to anything. She’d arrived early in town to stop by the dress maker’s shop she loved so much but had finished there long before she thought she would. One advantage of using the same shop is that they always knew what you wanted. Not that Taeadra varied much in her appearance, but still it was nice.

She was to meet Raeyn and Zania at The Bear and The Boar at mid day for a meal. It had been far too long since the three of them had found the time to get together, and she was really looking forward to this day.

Glancing up into the sky she could see the sun was nearly at the midday point and began her stroll to the inn. On the way she passed a merchant selling roses and couldn’t resist buying a few. She bought one each of them, in their favorite colors of course then continued on to the inn.

When she arrived at the inn, Zania and Raeyn were already there waiting at a table. She walked up to them and gave them each a hug and their rose, “It has been far too long since we have done this ladies! We must not let time slip by like this again.” Tae smiled warmly at both of them and took her seat…..


04 March 2003 (11:04pm)

Raeyn had arrived at the inn early for lunch, and was suprised to find Zania Sedai already waiting.

Hugging the other woman, Raeyn exclaimed, “Light woman, how long has it been since we last spoke outside of the Hall?” Both laughed, and sat down to conversate.

Raeyn questioned Zania on the Red Ajah’s trip away from the Tower, and how this would effect others, and her feelings on the Hall’s meeting while they were away. Some arguement ensued, but it was of the friendly, bantering sort between good friends and long-time aquantinces.

The door swung open to admit Taeadra with roses in hand. “Did she meet a suitor in town on the way out here? Raeyn mused to herself, but was suprised to find that the dark red rose was for her. Another round of hugs insued, and then the threesome sat back down.

The innkeeper herself came and took their orders, reassuring them that all would be of the uptmost quality and general wishes for their health and enjoyment of their time in the inn. While waiting for the meal, they conversed on various fripperies, and general catching up.

Twirling the rose between her fingers, Raeyn looked up from the table and smiled at Taeadra, “When I saw the roses, for some reason I thought you might have taken on a lover, Taeadra! But then, how many sisters actually do nowadays?”

Raeyn Sedai

05 March 2003 (11:42am)

“When I saw the roses, for some reason I thought you might have taken on a lover, Taeadra! But then, how many sisters actually do nowadays?”

“Light Rae!! Me a lover….well, that’s not a half bad idea.” Tae’s eyes danced with mischieviousness as she spoke, the idea of a lover had never entered into her mind in all the years she’d been at the Tower, though it had never stopped her from admiring men. “But do you think I could find one that wouldn’t be intimidated by White fringe on my shawl?”

They all shared a laugh at that comment, Tae had not been known for her….warmness but rather for a typical White attitude. Of course that wasn’t really who she was, it just served her purposes most times to act that way. Truth be told, the only ones who had ever seen anything but a cold, calm Aes Sedai behind her eyes were the two women sitting here with her.


05 March 2003 (6:25pm)

Zania sat back and laughed at both Raeyn and Tae. She had missed both of them since things have gotten so hectic in the Hall and in her own ajah. Her smile slipped a bit when she thought about Arad Doman but she refused to let herself think about more.

“Hmmm a lover….. Raeyn you might have just planted an idea in Tae’s and my head.” She chuckled over the looks she received then called a serving woman over to them. “Wine please….and bring the jug.” She turned back the the other two women, “Since we are still waiting for our food we might as well drink a bit.”


05 March 2003 (11:18pm)

“Perhaps just a little,” Raeyn murmured to Zania as the other woman poured out a round of drinks, “I try not to drink too much.. it seems to affect my Gaidin quite a bit as well, so.. I wouldn’t want to do that to Matalina.”

Taking the glass with a smile of thanks, she looked up at the other two women, “Lovers, eh? That could be a novel experience, I’m sure. Since I’ve been at the Tower, though, I do have to admit that I gave up any foolish girlhood fantasies of finding a man that could deal with having an Aes Sedai as a lover. Still, perhaps some among the Gaidin..” She trailed off as the food was brought.


06 March 2003 (10:28am)

Taeadra took another sip of her drink, perhaps she would go easy on the drinking too. After all the last time she and Mariasha had got drunk they had done nothing more than pass the hangover through the bond to each other…though it had been a fun night.

“Hmmm….the Gaidin huh? There are quite a few of them that I would be willing to….entertain.” The smile on her face was filled with mischieviousness, “As a matter fact, I met one young Guard not long ago who was, well, shall we say, not bad on the eyes at all!!!”

Even Tae couldn’t believe the things she was saying, after all she had dedicated her life long ago to the Tower and the idea of having a man in her life was as far from her mind as leaving the Tower would be……but she had to admit…the idea of a ‘trist’ was intriuging………She took another long drink of her wine and thought on that…..


06 March 2003 (5:28pm)

“A cute Gaidin, you say?” Raeyn chuckled, “Anyone I might now?”

Taking a small sip of her wine, she gestured with the cup in her hand, “Now, I’ve often wondered whether or not some of the other Sisters bond men because they are hoping for a bedmate, and not because of generic stereotyping that a male would do better in protecting… Out of respect I haven’t asked around, mine you, but still…” she stopped dead in the middle of her sentence as she finally noticed the wine had slopped out of her glass, and onto the cuff of her dress.

With a rueful grin, she picked up a napkin and began dabbing as best she could, “At least the wine matches the dress… But yes, do tell of this cute Warder, and if he has any friends!”


06 March 2003 (6:22pm)

Zania giggled over Raeyn’s clumsiness then refilled her cup. She liked to hear the different stories about other Aes Sedai and their warders although she hide it well. She never regreted her ajah choice but then she did not limit herself to some of her fellow ajah sisters ideals either. With a laugh she leaned in , “Yes Tae and do give a description so next time I am in the Yards I will make sure to know him.” She smiled ruefully and took a sip of her wine.

*Now how many cups has that been two?* She thought as she waited for the tale about the Warder.


07 March 2003 (1:09am)

Tae’s eyes danced over the rim of her wine glass as she looked at the other two women. Though no one else would have been able to see it, she knew that neither of them would miss the slight blush in her cheeks, they had known her far too long not to miss it. “A description you say? Well, light ladies I must admit I not soon forget his face. He was tall, and very young…newly raised to the Guard when I met him, black hair, brown eyes…he was from the borderlands if I remember my classes from our Novice days.” She was smiling now at the memory of that meeting, she’d been harsh on the man, but then there were few she wasn’t harsh to. “Had I not been so busy teaching a bit of discipline to an Accepted who had thought it funny to put horse dung in my slippers, perhaps I could have got to know him better…alas I’m afraid that as usual I let him get away.”

The three of them shared a laugh knowing that Tae did not let anything get away from her unless she intended it to be that way….


07 March 2003 (6:50am)

Raeyn listened raptly to Taeadra’s discription of the young man, and chuckled, “So, an handsome man of the Borderlands, and a trouble-maker? Sounds like the sort of thing that one like us would need!” She had to supress a flurry of giggles… they had been less than perfect students and models of excellence when they had been Novices and even at the level of Accepted.

“I wish I knew of some hansome men to discuss,” Raeyn spoke with a bit of a wistful sigh, “I spend more time than any of you locked up in the Tower, and sometimes it feels like I leave the Tower every couple of years. Still, there is so much to be studied…” she trailed off, and shook her head of regrets, “I think we should go and meet this young man that Taeadra speaks of. And perhaps, if the Light shines on us, he will have some friends!” She did giggle then, and took a sip of her wine.


07 March 2003 (7:25pm)

Zania gulped down her cup of wine and smiled over Taeadra’s description. She remembered the few Warders that she had known over her years at the Tower anc could not remember one that she had actually taken a liking to except for one. The thought of him made her blush a bit then she smiled.

“Well Tae, he certainly sounds handsome. We should go and see this Warder. And I feel Raeyn has has good suggestion about asking around for his friends.” She giggled with them then stopped suddenly and looked at her cup, “I think maybe I had bit too much of this.” She paused for a moment,”oh Light where is the jug I need a refill.” She pounded her cup on the table and grabbed the jug for more.


12 March 2003 (7:19pm)

Though she tried to keep her face straight, she found it very difficult to do so and before long a wide smile had broke out on her face. “A Warder and his friends…Raeyn, I knew keeping your head buried in those books would pay off for us someday, that sounds like an outstanding idea.” She winked at Rae to let her know she was only joking, sometimes Taeadra’s humor was not well recieved by others, but the two women here knew her well enough by now. “However, we should at least eat first, I hear the food here is exceptionally good.”

Tae motioned for one of the serving girls but was surprised when the innkeeper herself arrived at their table to take their meal order. The innkeeper, Marawin she said her name was, nodded curtly to all of them as she lef their table. Soon after another jug of wine was brought over by one of the serving girls. Tae poured herself another another glass and had a drink of it before speaking again. “I can honestly say that when I asked you two here today I did not think it would lead to conversation as….interesting as we’ve already had.”

She felt like she was an Accepted again planning one of their many trips to the Warders Yard…….


13 March 2003 (12:08pm)

Taking another glass of wine, Raeyn smiled at the other two women at the table, “Yes, this has been most interesting… almost like old times.. To think, that was what.. almost a hundred years ago?” Her smile broadened for a second, then she stared down at her glass.

Taking another sip, she mused almost to herself as she studied the surface of the wine, “Where does the time go, my sisters? One day we’re novices-to-be, gaping at the first site of Tar Valon, and the next we’re Aes Sedai, doing whatever calls us..” she looked back up, smile back on her face, and with a small laugh spoke, “But now, I am starting to sound as if I were a White sister like you, Taeadra! Still..”

She slipped back into silence as their meal was brought to the table. As Taeadra had promised, the food was excellent, and Raeyn began to eat her meal with much relish.


15 March 2003 (12:43pm)

Conversation slipped into silence as their meals came and they began to eat. The food was absolutely wonderful and Tae knew she would be back here again…and again. It was nice to be away from the Tower…away from the tedious tasks she often set herself about.

“You know this really does remind me of times long past….light…long past at this point.” Tae still could’t believe that it had been nearly a hundred years since the three of them had been wearing the striped dresses…the time had just gone by so quickly. So many things had changed, yet so many things had remained the same. Raeyn was as Brown as she had ever been, each time she saw her friend in the Tower it was with her head buried in a book, or with ink smudges from head to toe…just as she had been when they had first arrived her. And Zania…Zania was still just as she had been, a typical Red in so many ways, yet there were times when Tae would look at her and still could not believe she had chosen Red..that wasn’t entirely true, it had seemed they all had known from the beginning that Zania would be Red Ajah.

With their meals nearly gone, Taeadra ordered more wine for them and they each sipped on another glass, how many they had had so far she couldn’t tell, but it was enough that she was feeling..well a bit more wild than usual. “You know Raeyn, when you mentioned going to try and find this Warder at first I was thinking it might not be the best idea. But now that I have thought on it some more I think it is an excellent idea. I’d like to see that face again….and well, perhaps persuade him for a little more?!” A nervous laugh escaped her, she could not believe she had just said that…yet…it seemed right, it seemed far over due for her, “So what you say we go and find him and hopefully some friends too.”


23 March 2003 (12:19pm)

Zania feeling a bit mischievous gulped down the last of her wine then stood. “Well what are we waiting for? Lets go and have a bit of fun with your Warder friend…and his friends.” She laughs then waits for the other two.


24 March 2003 (6:38am)

Standing up next to Zania, Raeyn shot her a slightly concerned look, shrugged it off, and was helping the beforementioned pull Taeadra up along with them. Settling with the innkeeper for their meal, they were soon thereafter off….


This story continues in Three Sitting Ducks (Att: Damian and Luke)

Sing with me…”Getting to know you” ATTN: Maria

01 August 2002 (10:36am)

On the way to Tar Valon, not much was said. Taeadra was horrible at conversation and tended to stay quiet rather than say something stupid as she had been known to in the past. Arriving at the inn, Tae lead Mariasha in. She greeted the owner, who was a favorite of the Aes Sedai who frequented his inn. The man knew how to keep his distance and let those who came have their privacy.

“Mariasha, tell me a bit about yourself…” Tae inquired as they waited for their drinks…

Taeadra Sedai

01 August 2002 (10:44am)

Mariasha, tell me a bit about yourself…” Tae inquired as they waited for their drinks.

Mariasha smiled, “Well, like most of the new initiates of the White Tower and the Warders, I came cause I didn’t want to be at home anymore. My mother was trying to marry me off to some merchant’s son, and I knew that I was destined for more than house and home, the occasional town holiday or dance…” she shook her head, then continued, “Father was a blacksmith, and since he had no sons, only me, I was allowed to hang out in the shop with him, and I learned how to make little trinkets, nothing more really. I always loved watching him make weapons,” she paused as the waiter brought them both pewter mugs of drink, “Thank you, goodman… now, where was I?” Taeadra prompted her, “Watching your father make weapons?” Mariasha grinned around the mug, “Thank you! Yes, I would watch father make things for merchant’s gaurds, and occasionally even one of the Queen’s Gaurds! We were not the best smithy in the City, but we worked hard… Now.. I know, I’m skipping around. Back to the point.. ” Mariasha paused again to wet her throat, “So, Mother wanted me to marry, I didn’t want to… so I took some daggers from the smithy and fled. After awhile, I made my way to Tar Valon here, and did some odd jobs for a bit… Finally decided to get my nerves up one day and come find out about becoming a Warder… and here I am today.” She took another long swig, then gestured towards Taeadra with the mug, “And you, Aes Sedai? What fortune of life brought you to the Tower?”


01 August 2002 (11:18am)

Tae listened with interest as she sipped on her spiced wine. She could completely understand why Mariasha left her home, Tae knew that had she stayed with her parents she would have been married off also, and that would have been awful!

“And you, Aes Sedai? What fortune of life brought you to the Tower?”

“Frist, please call me Taeadra…I know that it’s ‘proper’ to call me Aes Sedai…but for now, let’s forget all about that. I don’t know that you would call my coming to the Tower a ‘fortune of life’. But then, perhaps it was.” Shaking her head, trying to forget all the hateful things her mother had said, Tae went on, “I was found in Baerlon around my seventeenth nameday by two Aes Sedai and brought back to the Tower to be tested. I went willingly, unlike many of the Novices I trained with. My family had tried to pressure me into staying with them to run the family inn, but I had always dreamed of Tar Valon. Though I never imagined I would actually be Aes Sedai one day. You see, my family and I were never close…I was always different from them. I couldn’t wait to be out of their house…out of their lives. I suppose I was destined for this part of my life.” Taking a large gulp of her wine, Tae went on, “I’ve been at the Tower for nearly 30 years now and it has become my life, the only one I know.”

Tae looked into her glass and saw that her spiced wine was nearly gone. Gesturing for the waiter Tae ordered another round for the both of them and went on. “Although I must say that being at the Tower was a much different experience than I would have ever imagined….it’s definitely not all the glamour I thought it would be.” A smile, the first real smile Tae had given in years, appeared on her lips…..

Taeadra Sedai

01 August 2002 (11:59am)

“Different? How so, Taeadra? I know that novices and even Accepted tend to get into their share of trouble, but still… I guess it came seem glamourous… just like becoming a Warder… you hear about how elite and talented they all are, and something in a person just makes them want to be one.” Mariasha abruptly giggled, “I know that when I was a young girl I dreamt of becoming an Aes Sedai at times, like all girls do. Who wouldn’t want power at their fingertips? Still, I think that I made the best decision for myself… I can’t wait until I am picked to protect and serve… but considering that I’ve only been a Tower Gaurd for a short time, and that I’m female, most of the Accepted soon to be raised look right past me… I think a lot still carry dreams of finding a handsome Warder, marrying him, and having grand adventures. I know that this isn’t always the case though.” She paused and drained the rest of her wine… it was starting to get warm. Waving to the waiter, she ordered another round. Taking off her cloak, she continued, “Getting a little warm in here, yes? But yes, not all adventures. The Warder that trained me, Matalina Gaidin, is bonded to some Brown sister….. Ryan.. Raeyn? something like that… you know her?” Taeadra nodded, and explained for a bit. Mariasha nodded, the wine warming and fuzzing her, bringing up her level of camraderie, “Wow! I never knew that such a straight-laced seeming Brown Sitter could have gotten into so much trouble! I really thought that all Mat would ever get to do is haul books and such.” Laughing, she sat back and continued to work on her wine.


01 August 2002 (12:33pm)

“Getting a little warm in here, yes? But yes, not all adventures. The Warder that trained me, Matalina Gaidin, is bonded to some Brown sister….. Ryan.. Raeyn? something like that… you know her?” Taeadra nodded, and explained for a bit.

“Oh yes, I know of Raeyn Sedai. We were novices together…even roommates. You would not believe some of the things we did back then. Why we even once dyed all of the Accepted’s hair bright red, to this day I hope none of them discover that it was us!”

“Wow! I never knew that such a straight-laced seeming Brown Sitter could have gotten into so much trouble! I really thought that all Mat would ever get to do is haul books and such.” Laughing, she sat back and continued to work on her wine.

“Oh no,” Taeadra replied, “Matalina will be in for more than just book carrying. Though I have been away from the Tower for quite a while now and it seems that Raeyn has settled quite a bit…but then with her new position it is required of her to be more..shall we say, mellow? But I know that deep down she will always be the same Raeyn to me.” Taeadra took the last swallow of her second glass and without even thinking ordered more. The room was definetly becoming warmer as Mariasha had said, but Tae was enjoying herself so much that she barely noticed. It had been a long time since she had been able to let loose like this.

“I cannot believe that the Accepted’s today are passing by on you just because you are a woman. Fools they are! Married to a Warder! HA! They should all remember that they are married to the Tower first and only. I myself would bond a woman… I know that the Warder’s would not let someone advance if they did not have what it takes to do their duty.”

Their drinks arrived and this time Tae did not sip..she simply gulped it all down and asked for another before the waiter left. As she looked at the woman across the table from her, an idea began to form in her head. Tae had always intended to bond a Warder, but until now, had not really felt like she had met anyone she could. But something about Mariasha, something Tae could not put her finger on, appealed to her. Perhaps it was the strength of character Tae could feel in her…or perhaps it was just the fact that Mariasha wasn’t like most she met who seemed to squirm around Aes Sedai………..


01 August 2002 (12:48pm)

Mariasha’s ears perked up, “Really now, you would want a female Warder? I would say that you have more sense than most, but then at the same time, wonder about you. These, ” she punctuated her pause by pulling out her daggers and stabbing them into the tabletop, “are my weapons of choice, and beyond that, I have moderate ability with a quarterstaff. If I were to be picked by anyone, they would have to know this, that I am not some sword-swinging hero, and would prefer that a situation where we needed to fight never occured.” She smiled rogishly, “but if the need arose, I would defend with honor and life… what more could a person want?”

Supressing a sudden giggle, Mariasha summoned over the slightly-annoyed waiter again, “Another round, please, and some food as well… I think I smell some mutton back there.”


01 August 2002 (2:17pm)

“Another round, please, and some food as well… I think I smell some mutton back there.”

Tae tried to compose herself..though it was getting more difficult with each drink, and ordered some food also. Having been so enthralled with the conversation, she had just realized that she was hungry, famished as a matter of fact.

As they waited for their food, Tae sipped more wine and looked at the daggers protruding from the table and smiled slightly at the looks of some of the other patrons. “You may wonder about me, but while you do there is one thing you should know…sword-swinging heros were never my forte. I am White Ajah…and have very little patience for those who only wish to see their names in history books. Loyalty, honesty, and companionship…those are the traits that I would look for. Someone who would, as you say, defend with honor and life…this is what a Warder should be..this is what you were trained for.”

Their food arrived and both woman ate as if they had been starved for ages…most likely due to the amount of wine they had comsumed. Being a little bolder than she normally was, Tae decided to ask Mariasha a question, “So, now I have told you what I require in a Warder, tell me what you are looking for in an Aes Sedai.”

Tae’s eyes sparkled at the look on Mariasha’s face…it was obvious she wasn’t expecting to be asked that. But as the night wore on, Taeadra was becoming more and more impressed with the woman sitting across from her…perhaps…………..


01 August 2002 (3:34pm)

“What am I looking for in an Aes Sedai, Taeadra? I never expected for anyone to actually give me that option.” She smiled at the other woman, “Basically, a good companion. No matter who I bonded, that would be my foremost desire. I know that I’d prefer a White, like you, or maybe a Brown sister.. someone that I can talk to, and perhaps someone to help me learn the idiosyncrasies of this world… I’m still young and impetous, and I can’t claim to know that much of anything… ” Mariasha started doodling on the table from a puddle of spilt wine, then suddenly looked up at Taeadra, “I think that perhaps, we are overlooking the fact that we contain a mutual interest here.. that, or we’re too silly to mention it. What do you think?”


03 August 2002 (10:46pm)

“I think that perhaps, we are overlooking the fact that we contain a mutual interest here.. that, or we’re too silly to mention it. What do you think?”
Mariasha asked.

“I think you’re right…about both!” Taeadra laughed, “so, now I think it’s time to mention it. Mariasha, would you like to be bonded to me? I can promise much talk and companionship, and I think that we would be perfect.” Tae swigged the rest of her glass, knowing that tomorrow she would feel each one, and waited for Mariasha to respond.

04 August 2002 (1:59pm)

Smiling up from the rim of her glass, Mariasha spoke, “I think that it is a good idea… I think that I would enjoy protecting you.. and my first act would be to get us back to the Tower before we both fall over.

Standing up and steadying herself on the edge of the table, Mariasha held out a hand to aid Taeadra up.


04 August 2002 (2:25pm)

Tae took Mariasha’s hand, then arm, to steady herself as they made their way toward the door. As they walked through the streets of Tar Valon, the two woman continued to learn more about each other…their conversation did not end until they had reached the White Tower.

“Mariasha, meet me tomorrow in the Tower gardens…..I’m not much for the large bonding ceremonies that many of the Sisters have and there we may find quiet.”

They said goodnight to each other, and Tae made her way to her room in the White Quarters where she fell on her bed hoping that tomorrow her head would not feel like she feared it would!


Trip to Tar Valon (anyone may join)

08 May 2002 (11:17am)

Matalina and Kayla had been getting along fine, but Kayla’s personality was still that of a child, a child with out a friend. It would be difficult to let Kayla have friends in her age range so they made a compromise.

How about a pet? -Like what?- A dog is too much responsiblity and cats are annoying, something small would be best. -A mouse?- Um, no, let’s not go that small, and not a rat either -Maybe we can go look?- That’s probably the best idea.

Matalina gathered her things and grabbed some money. Before leaving the grounds completely Matalina stopped by Yveva’s study to see if she needed anything. “Ink would be good.” Matalina shook her head about the usual request. Matalina was sure her Brown didn’t write nearly that much to need ink everytime they went to Tar Valon, but Matalina obliged her and would buy yet more ink for her writing.

Matalina and Kayla walked down to Tar Valon where they would look at the various items in the shops lining the streets of Tar Valon. Pets were a rare thing in any city, but there were a few shops available.

Matalina walked into one particularly promising shop and began to look around. Nothing of interest really caught her eye, but something caught Kayla’s -Oooh, that’s cute, small and doesn’t look too troublesome.- Matalina smiled, Well it’s not a rat, or a mouse. It’s your choice, it’s for you. -What is it?- Matalina read the sign, forgetting that Kayla hadn’t learned to read yet. It’s a ferret. -I want it.-

Matalina went up to the shop keep and told her what she wanted. “I’d like the ferret over there.”

“Yes gaidin. Unusual to find one such as your self in here.”

Matalina wondered how he knew she was gaidin, probably the sword gave it away. -No it’s the way you walk. You don’t walk like a girl.- Good! -No it’s not, you are a girl, you should act like one.- I don’t think so, nothing good comes from acting like my sex determines me to. -You are a tom boy.- Proud of it too, and you aren’t much better my dear. -Yeah huh.- No Kayla you are not, you dress like a boy, you like the things boys like. The only thing you have in common with a girl your age is flowers and you don’t like boys. And your flower thing is much different than theirs. -Least I’ve something in common with them, you have nothing.- And I like it that way. -We’ll see, I’ll change you.- Try if you can, I’ve worn one dress in my entire life. The memory of Cairhein and her sister crept into their minds.

The store keep fished out the ferret and suggested other things to buy as well. They bought a cage, some bedding, food and some other small things to test out with the ferret. They left the store. Name the ferret. -Is it a boy or a girl?- I think he said it was male. -Okay, how bout…- Kayla began to think about names, she mumbled some as they walked, but nothing came to mind…


09 May 2002(5:33pm)

Looking around for some new cushions for her pretties, Muirenn noticed one of the female Gaidin. She seemed to be picking out a new pet for the girl. She couldn’t help but wonder about a womyn who would choose to be a Warder. Being a Red, she was not completely familiar with this new trend. But anyone who liked animals so much couldn’t be too bad. At least she wasn’t one of those men who thought every problem could be solved with their fists. Those tended to be the size of a mountain and with half the brains! So naturally, she was curious, to say the least. As she searched for what her massive amounts of stray cats and kittens would like, she inched closer and closer. Brushing a lock of white hair behind her ear, she watched at the the womyn chose a ferret, and laugh in delight when the thing twined itself around her and scurried up her arm to snuffle at her hair. Muirenn heard her discussing names, and couldn’t help but interject with a suggestion, “How about Sammy?” she said, smiling warmly. The womyn probably didn’t like the suggestion, as evidenced by her scrunched up face, but then again, it could be because the ferret was tickling her with its whiskers. Muirenn hoped that she would be able to talk more with this womyn who walked like a man.

Highest of the Red Ajah

13 May 2002 (10:20am)

Matalina and Kayla were discussing names on the ferret. One of the two must have been mumbling out loud because a Sedai Matalina didn’t know approached them, “How about Sammy?” Matalina glaced at the Sedai and made a slight bow, nothing overtly obvious, just a small sign of respect.

-That’s a nice name.- It’s up to you. -Okay, Hi Sammy.- Matalina smiled and repeated what Kayla had said, “That’s a nice name.” Matalina brought the ferret cage up to so she could look at the ferret, “You like Sammy.” The ferret didn’t do much of anything, but it didn’t bite at her. “Well, he doesn’t not like it, so I guess that will do for me.”

Matalina looked back at the Sedai, “Sedai, Ma’am, I don’t beleive we’ve met. My name is Matalina, Gaidin to Yveva Sedai of the Brown Ajah. Might I ask your name?”

As Matalina waited for a response the crowds began to mumble and get antsy. As the wave of noise slowly approached Matalina heard news of a death. By the time the shop keeps and the rest of the citizens around Matalina had wind of the news Matalina was in a state of shock. The Amrylin Seat dead? How can it be? -Did you know her?- Only in passing. -So why so long?- The Amrylin Seat was the most powerful woman in the world, she could call kings to her, that’s how powerful she was. As Kayla and Matalina spoke of the Amrylin the rumors began to fly, from a natural death to a whitecloak sneaking into the tower How absurd!, Darkfriends sneaking into the dead of night, The Black Ajah, no never, they don’t exist…. I hope. Common folks were of very little fact and only spoke what was gossip. Matalina only listened, she’d find the truth out soon enough, but Matalina watched the Sedai before her, there was no way that the news hadn’t reached her ears as of yet.


18 May 2002 (8:25pm)

Pushing her the jostling crowd, Raeyn finally reached the inside of a local pet shop. She didn’t know if she was really in the mood to buy a pet quite yet, but with the shock of the Amyrlin’s death spreading like wildfire through Tar Valon, she had felt the urge to get out and about.

Upon entering, she noted Muirienn Sedai chatting up what appeared to be a female warder…

She looks a little familiar.. perhaps I’ve seen her around the library or something,” Raeyn thought to herself as she walked over towards the other two women.

“Hello Muirienn,” Raeyn greeted the elder sister with a small smile, “and who is your friend?”

Raeyn Sedai

19 May 2002 (11:05am)

Matalina noted another Sedai approaching. This Sedai Matalina knew. Raeyn Sedai of the Brown Ajah and Mistress of the Library. Or one of them. She spoke to the other Sedai, “”Hello Muirienn, and who is your friend?”

“Sedai, I am Matalina, Gaidin to Yveva Sedai. I’m sure you know her being that you are of the same Ajah.” Matalina gave both Sedai a small smile to keep Kayla quiet. -Thank you.- I suppose you are welcome. It seems that you are growing on me child. -When will you stop calling me that?- When you have grown up.

Trying to keep the internal conversation from showing on her face Matalina asked, “What brings to Sedai down to City. Particularly in times like these?”

Matalina hoped they had heared, and realized that was probably the reason they had come to the city.


19 May 2002 (11:30pm)

Raeyn allowed herself a smile as the Warder woman pointed out who’s Gaidin she was. She vaguely remember the face under the piles of books that Yveva tended to borrow for her research.

Matalina smiled back, and said, “What brings two Sedai down to City. Particularly in times like these?”

Raeyn took a breath before speaking, “Well Matalina Gaidin, with the announcement of the death of the Amyrlin, I needed to get out of the Tower and hope that things would be a little calmer in town, but alas, the townspeople too are so terribly hurt… I wish that there was some way to console them, but alas…” she trailed off, head drooping very slightly. Raeyn shook her head, shaking any traces of her “gloom” away with them. She raised her head, and with a small, quick smile continued, “I figured that maybe a pet would help soothe my nerves. I had a kitten when I was a novice, but she’s been gone and dead for years now. I remember that every time I felt like my world was ending, I would snuggle up with that little purring ball of fur, and somehow everything would be all right.” Raeyn shrugged; a quick raising of the shoulders above outspread hands.

“If you two would like to help me pick out a new pet, I would be most obliged… and perhaps I can find a way to repay your aid,” Raeyn spoke, winking at Muirienn. If anyone would know, Muirienn would know payment was usually lunch at “The Staff and Stole”, or something of the like.

Raeyn Sedai

20 May 2002 (7:22am)

Raeyn spoke calmly “Well Matalina Gaidin, with the announcement of the death of the Amyrlin, I needed to get out of the Tower and hope that things would be a little calmer in town, but alas, the townspeople too are so terribly hurt… I wish that there was some way to console them, but alas…” The Sedai before Matalina was as upset about the loss of her leader as anyone else was. “I figured that maybe a pet would help soothe my nerves. I had a kitten when I was a novice, but she’s been gone and dead for years now. I remember that every time I felt like my world was ending, I would snuggle up with that little purring ball of fur, and somehow everything would be all right.”

Kayla perked up at the thought of choosing another pet. -Oooh. Can I?- I don’t see why not Matalina let Kayla take over, hoping the Sedais before her wouldn’t notice the slight change. “I would be more than happy to help you, but no payment is necessary Sedai.” You are at least using correct titles. -I do pay attention you know.- I know and I’m glad. “What are you looking for? small? big? or does it even matter?”


20 May 2002 (7:32am)

Raeyn smiled weakly at the woman in front of her, “Perhaps another kitten… they do keep the mice down that come out around the Library.” She hoped that she was looking upset enough to not cause the suspicions of the other people in the store, besides Muirienn, who barely spoke a word. Together the three women began to pour over the selection kittens before finding a small tabby.

Holding it up, Raeyn exclaimed, “This little sweetie will be perfect! I can already tell that he’ll grow up to be big and healthy… now, what to name him?”

Raeyn Sedai

20 May 2002 (12:02pm)

Kayla had began to feel uncomfortable around the Sedai and retreated to the back of their mind. Matalina now had control and had no idea for names of a cat. -Tabby, Tom, Rand..- What kind of name is Rand? -What’s wrong with it?- Rand the cat, No I don’t think so it doesn’t work well. What kinda name is it anyway. -Ask Sammy?- What’s he gonna tell us. We can’t speak to him. -So?-

Matalina took the ferrit out of the cage and asked repeated the names that Kayla had said in her mind. “Tabby…” Sammy did nothing. “Tom…” Again Sammy did nothing. “Rand…” And what do you think Sammy did? Nothing!. He doesn’t care either way. -We’ll it was worth a try.- Whatever!

Matalina looked over at Raeyn and made another suggestion, “Tamon?”

Note: Multiple Personalities
“Voice” -Kayla’s thoughts- Matalina’s thoughts *Marosa’s thoughts*

20 May 2002 (7:46pm)

Matalina looked over at Raeyn and suggested the name Timon. Raeyn smiled, and looked at the fuzzy little ball of fur. “Timon… ” she mused as the kitten nuzzled her hand and licked her fingers. She giggled, “Perhaps you like that name afterall!”

With the help of Matalina and Muirienn, she gathered up the kitten and an assortment of accessories ranging from pillows to a pretty collar. She smiled as she adjusted her bundle, “Well, I guess that I should go get little Timon settled in… if the two of you want, you are free to come back to the Tower with me and have some tea and brownies…. ”

Raeyn Sedai

21 May 2002 (7:07am)

Matalina looked at Raeyn and nodded slightly. “I’ll escort you back to your quarters, but I will have to refuse the tea.” -Brownies!!!!- Be quiet. I’m not done. “But a brownie does sound wonderful.”

Matalina offered to help carry a few of the things. Sammy was easy to carry, all his stuff was neatly in his cage but Raeyn had alot of things to carry that couldn’t be put in the carrier.