Trip to Tar Valon (anyone may join)

08 May 2002 (11:17am)

Matalina and Kayla had been getting along fine, but Kayla’s personality was still that of a child, a child with out a friend. It would be difficult to let Kayla have friends in her age range so they made a compromise.

How about a pet? -Like what?- A dog is too much responsiblity and cats are annoying, something small would be best. -A mouse?- Um, no, let’s not go that small, and not a rat either -Maybe we can go look?- That’s probably the best idea.

Matalina gathered her things and grabbed some money. Before leaving the grounds completely Matalina stopped by Yveva’s study to see if she needed anything. “Ink would be good.” Matalina shook her head about the usual request. Matalina was sure her Brown didn’t write nearly that much to need ink everytime they went to Tar Valon, but Matalina obliged her and would buy yet more ink for her writing.

Matalina and Kayla walked down to Tar Valon where they would look at the various items in the shops lining the streets of Tar Valon. Pets were a rare thing in any city, but there were a few shops available.

Matalina walked into one particularly promising shop and began to look around. Nothing of interest really caught her eye, but something caught Kayla’s -Oooh, that’s cute, small and doesn’t look too troublesome.- Matalina smiled, Well it’s not a rat, or a mouse. It’s your choice, it’s for you. -What is it?- Matalina read the sign, forgetting that Kayla hadn’t learned to read yet. It’s a ferret. -I want it.-

Matalina went up to the shop keep and told her what she wanted. “I’d like the ferret over there.”

“Yes gaidin. Unusual to find one such as your self in here.”

Matalina wondered how he knew she was gaidin, probably the sword gave it away. -No it’s the way you walk. You don’t walk like a girl.- Good! -No it’s not, you are a girl, you should act like one.- I don’t think so, nothing good comes from acting like my sex determines me to. -You are a tom boy.- Proud of it too, and you aren’t much better my dear. -Yeah huh.- No Kayla you are not, you dress like a boy, you like the things boys like. The only thing you have in common with a girl your age is flowers and you don’t like boys. And your flower thing is much different than theirs. -Least I’ve something in common with them, you have nothing.- And I like it that way. -We’ll see, I’ll change you.- Try if you can, I’ve worn one dress in my entire life. The memory of Cairhein and her sister crept into their minds.

The store keep fished out the ferret and suggested other things to buy as well. They bought a cage, some bedding, food and some other small things to test out with the ferret. They left the store. Name the ferret. -Is it a boy or a girl?- I think he said it was male. -Okay, how bout…- Kayla began to think about names, she mumbled some as they walked, but nothing came to mind…


09 May 2002(5:33pm)

Looking around for some new cushions for her pretties, Muirenn noticed one of the female Gaidin. She seemed to be picking out a new pet for the girl. She couldn’t help but wonder about a womyn who would choose to be a Warder. Being a Red, she was not completely familiar with this new trend. But anyone who liked animals so much couldn’t be too bad. At least she wasn’t one of those men who thought every problem could be solved with their fists. Those tended to be the size of a mountain and with half the brains! So naturally, she was curious, to say the least. As she searched for what her massive amounts of stray cats and kittens would like, she inched closer and closer. Brushing a lock of white hair behind her ear, she watched at the the womyn chose a ferret, and laugh in delight when the thing twined itself around her and scurried up her arm to snuffle at her hair. Muirenn heard her discussing names, and couldn’t help but interject with a suggestion, “How about Sammy?” she said, smiling warmly. The womyn probably didn’t like the suggestion, as evidenced by her scrunched up face, but then again, it could be because the ferret was tickling her with its whiskers. Muirenn hoped that she would be able to talk more with this womyn who walked like a man.

Highest of the Red Ajah

13 May 2002 (10:20am)

Matalina and Kayla were discussing names on the ferret. One of the two must have been mumbling out loud because a Sedai Matalina didn’t know approached them, “How about Sammy?” Matalina glaced at the Sedai and made a slight bow, nothing overtly obvious, just a small sign of respect.

-That’s a nice name.- It’s up to you. -Okay, Hi Sammy.- Matalina smiled and repeated what Kayla had said, “That’s a nice name.” Matalina brought the ferret cage up to so she could look at the ferret, “You like Sammy.” The ferret didn’t do much of anything, but it didn’t bite at her. “Well, he doesn’t not like it, so I guess that will do for me.”

Matalina looked back at the Sedai, “Sedai, Ma’am, I don’t beleive we’ve met. My name is Matalina, Gaidin to Yveva Sedai of the Brown Ajah. Might I ask your name?”

As Matalina waited for a response the crowds began to mumble and get antsy. As the wave of noise slowly approached Matalina heard news of a death. By the time the shop keeps and the rest of the citizens around Matalina had wind of the news Matalina was in a state of shock. The Amrylin Seat dead? How can it be? -Did you know her?- Only in passing. -So why so long?- The Amrylin Seat was the most powerful woman in the world, she could call kings to her, that’s how powerful she was. As Kayla and Matalina spoke of the Amrylin the rumors began to fly, from a natural death to a whitecloak sneaking into the tower How absurd!, Darkfriends sneaking into the dead of night, The Black Ajah, no never, they don’t exist…. I hope. Common folks were of very little fact and only spoke what was gossip. Matalina only listened, she’d find the truth out soon enough, but Matalina watched the Sedai before her, there was no way that the news hadn’t reached her ears as of yet.


18 May 2002 (8:25pm)

Pushing her the jostling crowd, Raeyn finally reached the inside of a local pet shop. She didn’t know if she was really in the mood to buy a pet quite yet, but with the shock of the Amyrlin’s death spreading like wildfire through Tar Valon, she had felt the urge to get out and about.

Upon entering, she noted Muirienn Sedai chatting up what appeared to be a female warder…

She looks a little familiar.. perhaps I’ve seen her around the library or something,” Raeyn thought to herself as she walked over towards the other two women.

“Hello Muirienn,” Raeyn greeted the elder sister with a small smile, “and who is your friend?”

Raeyn Sedai

19 May 2002 (11:05am)

Matalina noted another Sedai approaching. This Sedai Matalina knew. Raeyn Sedai of the Brown Ajah and Mistress of the Library. Or one of them. She spoke to the other Sedai, “”Hello Muirienn, and who is your friend?”

“Sedai, I am Matalina, Gaidin to Yveva Sedai. I’m sure you know her being that you are of the same Ajah.” Matalina gave both Sedai a small smile to keep Kayla quiet. -Thank you.- I suppose you are welcome. It seems that you are growing on me child. -When will you stop calling me that?- When you have grown up.

Trying to keep the internal conversation from showing on her face Matalina asked, “What brings to Sedai down to City. Particularly in times like these?”

Matalina hoped they had heared, and realized that was probably the reason they had come to the city.


19 May 2002 (11:30pm)

Raeyn allowed herself a smile as the Warder woman pointed out who’s Gaidin she was. She vaguely remember the face under the piles of books that Yveva tended to borrow for her research.

Matalina smiled back, and said, “What brings two Sedai down to City. Particularly in times like these?”

Raeyn took a breath before speaking, “Well Matalina Gaidin, with the announcement of the death of the Amyrlin, I needed to get out of the Tower and hope that things would be a little calmer in town, but alas, the townspeople too are so terribly hurt… I wish that there was some way to console them, but alas…” she trailed off, head drooping very slightly. Raeyn shook her head, shaking any traces of her “gloom” away with them. She raised her head, and with a small, quick smile continued, “I figured that maybe a pet would help soothe my nerves. I had a kitten when I was a novice, but she’s been gone and dead for years now. I remember that every time I felt like my world was ending, I would snuggle up with that little purring ball of fur, and somehow everything would be all right.” Raeyn shrugged; a quick raising of the shoulders above outspread hands.

“If you two would like to help me pick out a new pet, I would be most obliged… and perhaps I can find a way to repay your aid,” Raeyn spoke, winking at Muirienn. If anyone would know, Muirienn would know payment was usually lunch at “The Staff and Stole”, or something of the like.

Raeyn Sedai

20 May 2002 (7:22am)

Raeyn spoke calmly “Well Matalina Gaidin, with the announcement of the death of the Amyrlin, I needed to get out of the Tower and hope that things would be a little calmer in town, but alas, the townspeople too are so terribly hurt… I wish that there was some way to console them, but alas…” The Sedai before Matalina was as upset about the loss of her leader as anyone else was. “I figured that maybe a pet would help soothe my nerves. I had a kitten when I was a novice, but she’s been gone and dead for years now. I remember that every time I felt like my world was ending, I would snuggle up with that little purring ball of fur, and somehow everything would be all right.”

Kayla perked up at the thought of choosing another pet. -Oooh. Can I?- I don’t see why not Matalina let Kayla take over, hoping the Sedais before her wouldn’t notice the slight change. “I would be more than happy to help you, but no payment is necessary Sedai.” You are at least using correct titles. -I do pay attention you know.- I know and I’m glad. “What are you looking for? small? big? or does it even matter?”


20 May 2002 (7:32am)

Raeyn smiled weakly at the woman in front of her, “Perhaps another kitten… they do keep the mice down that come out around the Library.” She hoped that she was looking upset enough to not cause the suspicions of the other people in the store, besides Muirienn, who barely spoke a word. Together the three women began to pour over the selection kittens before finding a small tabby.

Holding it up, Raeyn exclaimed, “This little sweetie will be perfect! I can already tell that he’ll grow up to be big and healthy… now, what to name him?”

Raeyn Sedai

20 May 2002 (12:02pm)

Kayla had began to feel uncomfortable around the Sedai and retreated to the back of their mind. Matalina now had control and had no idea for names of a cat. -Tabby, Tom, Rand..- What kind of name is Rand? -What’s wrong with it?- Rand the cat, No I don’t think so it doesn’t work well. What kinda name is it anyway. -Ask Sammy?- What’s he gonna tell us. We can’t speak to him. -So?-

Matalina took the ferrit out of the cage and asked repeated the names that Kayla had said in her mind. “Tabby…” Sammy did nothing. “Tom…” Again Sammy did nothing. “Rand…” And what do you think Sammy did? Nothing!. He doesn’t care either way. -We’ll it was worth a try.- Whatever!

Matalina looked over at Raeyn and made another suggestion, “Tamon?”

Note: Multiple Personalities
“Voice” -Kayla’s thoughts- Matalina’s thoughts *Marosa’s thoughts*

20 May 2002 (7:46pm)

Matalina looked over at Raeyn and suggested the name Timon. Raeyn smiled, and looked at the fuzzy little ball of fur. “Timon… ” she mused as the kitten nuzzled her hand and licked her fingers. She giggled, “Perhaps you like that name afterall!”

With the help of Matalina and Muirienn, she gathered up the kitten and an assortment of accessories ranging from pillows to a pretty collar. She smiled as she adjusted her bundle, “Well, I guess that I should go get little Timon settled in… if the two of you want, you are free to come back to the Tower with me and have some tea and brownies…. ”

Raeyn Sedai

21 May 2002 (7:07am)

Matalina looked at Raeyn and nodded slightly. “I’ll escort you back to your quarters, but I will have to refuse the tea.” -Brownies!!!!- Be quiet. I’m not done. “But a brownie does sound wonderful.”

Matalina offered to help carry a few of the things. Sammy was easy to carry, all his stuff was neatly in his cage but Raeyn had alot of things to carry that couldn’t be put in the carrier.