Leavetaking (To the Borderlands we go)

31 May 2002 (7:01am)

Three hours before the sun rose Matalina was up and about. She made her way through her training exercises that she’d been doing for the last few years under the Me’Arearth Discipline Master. Stretch, run, cool down. It was the same thing on most mornings. Matalina had let Kayla have control of the cool down session. The sword forms were relaxing and Matalina taught and corrected Kayla in her mind. It was too early for most to be up. She’d been up this early since she’d come to the tower. Old habits are hard to break.

The air was cool and crisp, but nothing could be felt between the void and the forms. Matalina noticed the activity of her new bondholder’s mind began to awaken. It would be getting close to time to leave for the Borderlands. Matalina missed Yveva’s voice in her mind. Alendacia’s was so much different. Matalina didn’t remember what it was like at first after Tari’s bond broke and there was nothing. Matalina had other things to content with at the time. -Hey I resent that.- Nothing wrong with that, Kayla. Matalina and Kayla spoke to each other much more calmly then they had before. Souvan’s help was greatly appreciated. The night before she had slipped a note under his door, telling him of the events and that she would be leaving for a while. Matalina aslo told Vanair that they would be going to the Borderlands and he was to pack.

In the far reaches of Matalina mind she was eager to go. Lost without Yveva, but eager to go. Things would be different now. The bond was not something either of them thought was a trinket, but yet it had passed between hands now. A third Sedai in my mind. How many more afterwards?

Matalina was in the stables long before Alendacia was but not before Raeyn. Matalina nodded to the Brown and spoke quietly and softly about being ready to go. The night before Matalina had readied Sammy, her clothes and food that would last the trip. Matalin began to ready Tain Cor, her jet black horse, who was as eager if not more so than Matalina to get out and about. Again Matalina let Kayla have control, she loved the horse and Tain Cor could tell the difference. He was much more gentile with Kayla than with Matalina, not that he was rough with Matalina to begin with. Matalina readied Tain Cor and waited for Alendacia to make her way to the stables.


01 June 2002 (9:19am)

Hawkin had got up early that morning and had seen to a few chores he had to get done and then headed towards the stables. He would find Matalina somewhere around there and he wanted to get Verina’s horse ready. She thought that this trip would be good and would provide some information on different objects she had been studied. Hawkin wanted to make sure it was still ok if they went because he hadn’t given Matalina an answer when she had mentioned it. Dawn would come in a couple of hours as Hawkin looked at the sky. He entered the stables and found Jerome, his horse. He then found Matalina and walked up to her, “Matalina, is it ok if we still go along with you. Verina thinks this would be a good oppurtunity to collect different information on objects.” Hawkin waited for her to answer.


01 June 2002 (10:16am)

Vanair had packed his things the night before and set his gear next to the door of his room. He awoke about two hours before dawn and got up he dressed in his Sheinarian army officer’s uniform and strapped his sword across his back. He grabbed his gear as he left his room and walked to the stables. He stopped for a moment to take in the peace and quite of the early morning. He saw the sun begining to rise and hurried the rest of the way to the stables. He saddled his horse and waited for Matalina Gaidan. He saw Matalina approach. “I am here as you requested Matalina Gaidan.”

Vanair Sharkan

01 June 2002 (3:10pm)

Matalina saw Hawkin approaching. Word spreads quickly of trips. -It does, but you mentioned it to a few, it’s possible to be overheard.- Oh well.

Matalina nodded at hawkin’s question. “You two are welcome to come. She can teach you to read on the way. The trip is long and boring.”

Vanair had shown up on time and Matalina nodded at him. “All ready?”


01 June 2002 (6:28pm)

Raeyn talked quietly with Matalina as they waited for everyone to gather. She turned back to her horse to double check all her things while Matalina spoke with Hawkin and others. Satisfied that everything was in place, she stood and waited, holding her horse’s reins in hand.

Raeyn Sedai

02 June 2002 (1:34pm)

Verina was on the last minute as usual. She had been tied up trying to get one of the other sisters to look after Hedwig, and struggled to get her care instructions across to the other brown.

As she ran (well as sedately as she coudl muster), she saw the other travellers waiting in the yard. She recognised some, especially the other Brown sister, Rae. She had known her for years.

She found her faithful horse, Sevannah, and thanked the stable boy for getting her ready and packed up. It had been a long time since she and Hawkin had been on a trip together. Though that time, they were not bonded and he had saved her from a fate worse than death. They had fled that awful town fearing for their lives. She wondered if he remembered?

She mounted Sevannah and trotted over to the rest of the group.

Verina al’Merrin

03 June 2002 (7:02am)

Matalina felt Alendecia approaching. It would be an uneventful trip she hoped to the borderlands and back. Matalina had no clue how long this would take, but hopfully not too long. Raeyn and Matalina talked until her new bond holder approached. Matalina had already saddle her horse and waited for Alendecia to finish her packing then they both mounted their horses. Tain Cor was ready to go and danced the stable yards as he waited for the others to mount. Alendecia took the lead and off they set through Tar Valon.


03 June 2002 (5:13pm)

To stay in one place for a long time can sometimes have a bad effect on a person. The last time Herman had left Tar Valon was a while ago. He went with other Tower Gaurds and Warders to save an Aes Sedai that was captured by thieves. They chased the thieves all the way to Caemlyn. While Herman was on an errand for an Aes Sedai, he overheard someone say that they were going to the bordelands.

While Herman had no clue about what it was all about, he wanted to go. He was from a farm to the north of Shienar, maybe they would go near it. It would make it possible for Herman to see his parents again. It had been along time since he last saw them.

Herman got dressed for the trip and packed a couple of key things. With the scimitar and quarterstaff, Herman headed over to the stables to saddle his horse Gaicaba, which means battle horse. Gaicaba was a warhorse trained for battle, that is why he was named so. Herman mounted Gaicaba and headed out of the stables. Following a trail of horses, Herman tracked down the people he hoped were going to the borderlands.

When he caught up to some people, Herman recognized a couple of them. Since Matalina was the one who was the highest ranking of the people that he knew, he went over to her and said, “I heard that a group of people were going off to the borderlands. If you are going there, I was hoping that I may join you.” Herman waited for Matalina to say something. It sure would be great to see his farm again.


04 June 2002 (6:32am)

Matalina smiled at the new arrival. Word does travel fast.

“You are welcome to join us.”


04 June 2002 (4:03pm)

Herman thanked Matalina for allowing him to join. It would be good to see how things are going in other places. To see is a lot different than to just hear what is going on.

His horse Gaicaba was well trained. Eventhough he only had the horse for four months, he knew that it would follow the other horses. Herman had in mind to continue a certain part of self training that he had started before. Without summoning the void, Herman closed his eyes and tried to pay attention to his surroundings. The eyes can sometimes fool a person, so therefore the rest of ones senses can be better off. This trip he was going to try to focus on the sense of hearing.

During their trip, Herman listened to his surroundings. Listened to the sounds of the horses, the voices of all of the people in the group, the sound of the wind and all of the animals that were in their area. Sometimes Herman would also do this while he was in the void. With the void, everything was clearer. Herman was able to point (Not saying that he did) exactly to a person that was in the group and be able to who it was. He would be able to tell what kind of bird was singing and where it was located. Herman did this for most of the trip.