In the Borderlands

05 June 2002 (7:37am)

The traveling party was small, but it was clear who they where. Three Warders, with a soldier who looked to be training with the Warders, and Three Aes Sedai. Each of them had tale-tale signs of who they were even with their normal accessories stored in their packs.

It had taken them weeks to reach the Borderlands. They’d avoided as many towns and inns as possible and the Sedai were probably grateful to be in a town just outside of Fal Dara. Alendencia was eagerly searching out men who would make worthy Warders. Matalina accompanied her once and a while while she talked with various men. But Matalina’s presence wasn’t always welcome in the talks and she decided to remain at the inn they were staying at. She spoke with Raeyn on many occassions. It was good to have someone she knew a little at this time, granted they’d only begun to speak regularly.

Alendacia was off searching for Warders and Matalina was speaking with Raeyn in the common room as they ate a mid-day meal.



06 June 2002 (3:28pm)

Hawkin had had an exciting trip on the way North. He hadn’t know that reading would be so hard, yet so intriguing. He yearned to be able to just pick up a book and read, but he wasn’t very good at deciphering the symbols yet. They all seemed to be just little signs on a piece of parchment. According to Verina he had been making progress, but he had to stop a while because everything seemed to be running together. He said he was going for a walk to clear his mind and stepped outside.

Looking at the sky, Hawkin could tell it was around mid-day so he decided to head back to the inn and see how Verina was doing with her notes. Hawkin couldn’t read it yet, so he wasn’t much help, but if he had to die trying, he would learn how to read. Walking back into the inn, Hawkin nodded to Matalina Gaidin and Raeyn Sedai as he knocked on the door that led to the private room Verina had been in when he had left. He heard no reply and opened the door, looking around he wondered where Verina had gotten to. “Blood and bloody ashes!” He grumbled to himself as he ran outside and looked around. Seeing her no where, Hawkin ran back into the inn and shot straight up the steps. Running down the hall he came to her room, he had no idea if she was in there, he slept in the stables, for their were no vacant rooms and he respected Verina’s privacy. Not thinking, Hawkin opened the door and strode straight in………………………………

Hawkin Gaidin


06 June 2002 (4:25pm)

To pick Fal Dara of all places in the borderlands must be some kind of fate, or something like that. Not too far away was where Herman’s farm was located. Herman went over to Matalina and told her that he was going to leave for a little while. He didn’t know how long it was going to take him, but he was going home.

When all of the others were putting their things away, Herman went off to find his home. It only took about a days travel to get there. On his way there he felt butterflies in his stomach. It had been a long time. Herman didn’t even know if they were still there. As he approached the farm from a short distance, Herman felt as if something was wrong. From the time of the day, which was early morning, Herman remembered that the animals should have been out in the field grazing. His father should have been cutting wood, plowing the fields, or some other chore outside. Trinda, his mother should have been out by the gardens tending them.

Before Herman realized what he was doing, he was already through the door screaming out “MOM, DAD!” Running into the back where his father Philip used to smoke his pipe by the fireplace, Herman yelled out, “DAD!” There was no answer. Herman ran upstairs and checked the bedrooms. There was no one there. The farmhouse looked like as if it had not been occupied for a long time. Suppresing a lump in his throat, Herman ran outside to the back. When he got there, he stopped dead in his tracks. There in the ground were two graves. There were weads covering the graves. In front of both graves, was one huge headstone. It was hard to make out the words on the stone. The only words that he thought was written on it were, “Here lies Philip and Trinda ……..” The rest was illegible. Most of it was defaced rendering it unreadeable. Right away, Herman callapsed crying on top of both graves. He cried there most of the day.

When no more tears were flowwing down Herman’s cheeks, it was already night time. It was late and Herman needed to sleep. Herman went inside, lit the fireplace and sat in his father’s chair. He just sat there trying to remember the days before he left to Tar Valon.

The next day, Herman awoke to find himself sleeping in his fathers chair. He realized that he must have fell asleep there. What had happened, Herman had no clue. His parents were dead and as far as he knew, he had no relatives that were alive. There was nothing that he could do about things except for to move on. Herman stayed there for another day. The next morning, Herman surveyed the farmhouse and tried to remember what it looked like. When he was satisfied, Herman headed back to Fal Dara.



06 June 2002 (6:24pm)

Settling back into the comfy padded chair, Raeyn ate her meal, glad for a much needed break. The trip from Tar Valon had been long, and far from fun. It had been nice to be able to spend time with her sister Verina, and even more so with Matalina Gaidin. And once again, Raeyn found herself alone with the other women deep in conversation.

“Do you ever think back to when you were really little, Matalina?” Raeyn said softly as she mused over her food, “Even though I have been in part of the Tower for some several decades, even now and then I still think back to when I was a little girl on the farm…. and of course, I always wonder what’s going to happen in the future…”she trailed off, frowning at a heel of bread, and with a headshake continued, “Although my life is far from dull, how can we not wonder when the next big event will happen in one’s life.” Raeyn shook her head with a rueful smile, “Bah.. I’m starting to sound like a White.”

She finished her meal, tossing questions and answers back and forth with the other woman. It was definetly one of the more pleasant aspects of the trip, as Matalina had a thorough understanding of the Brown Sister. After the meal, Raeyn turned to Matalina, “Was there anything that you wished to do today?”

Raeyn Sedai


07 June 2002 (7:12am)

“Do you ever think back to when you were really little, Matalina? Even though I have been in part of the Tower for some several decades, even now and then I still think back to when I was a little girl on the farm…. and of course, I always wonder what’s going to happen in the future… Although my life is far from dull, how can we not wonder when the next big event will happen in one’s life. Bah.. I’m starting to sound like a White.”

Matalina grinned at Raeyn, “Nothing wrong with the Whites other than analyzing things too much. I don’t normally think about what it was to be a child. For most of my time in the tower it was blocked out” Matalina paused unsure of whether to continue or not, “Lately I’ve come to terms with the past. We’ve come to an agreement of sorts.”

Matalina could feel Alendecia outsomewhere, something didn’t feel right. Was there anything that you wished to do today?” Matalina frowned. “No there was nothing in mind today. There is something wrong. I think we should go find Alendecia, now. You don’t have to accompany me, but you are more than welcome to come and we can chat as we hunt her down.”

Matalina waited for the answer, but there was little time for the answer to come. Matalina felt Alendecia’s senses and knew trollocs were in the area. “Trollocs!” Matalina hurriedly got up but as she pushed the chair back something snapped. Matalina felt a blade through her heart or was it hers. Kayla was screaming at the feeling. The next thing that happened Matalina was unaware of. As the feeling of claws ripping thru her body Matalina screamed and passed out. The bond had broken and rendered Matalina unconsious and Kayla crying in the back of her mind, unwilling to try to get up. She was afraid and there was no one to comfort her. Matalina’s mind was blank and there was nothing there.



08 June 2002 (12:30am)

Hawkin was still dazed from pouncing in on Verina, but that was all shattered when he heard, “Trollocs!” He shook his head and then looked down the hall as he heard something crash in the common room. Looking back at Verina he growled in his throat and rushed out the door, slamming it shut behind him. They would not even get past the stairs if he had anything to do with it.

Reaching the end of the hall and starting down the stairs, Hawkin’s sword was in his hand in an instant. As he rushed off the stairs, he was met by a big beast wielding a big spear looking thing. Hawkin’s instinct and Ren’Shai training took over instantly as he began to dance…….

Hawkin Gaidin


08 June 2002 (1:59am)

As Raeyn opened her mouth to agree to accompany Matalina, the woman stood up, then immediatly started to fall, looking to be in much pain. “ Oh Light…” Raeyn breathed as she dropped down by the other woman to check for a pulse.

Outside the noises of the other Warders crying the word “Trollocs!” and noises of battle were barely noticabe as Raeyn reached to feel Matalina’s wrist. she could feel the blood rushing through her veins faster than normal, but otherwise the woman sprawled out on the floor appeared to only be unconsious.

Drawing on saidar, Raeyn wove flows of Air around Matalina and lifted her a foot off the ground and started floating the woman along, above the floor, and carefully up the stairs to Matalina’s room. As she gently lowered the Warder onto the bed, the innkeeper poked his head up the stairs.

“Is there anything I can do for you, good mistress?” he said, unconciously drywashing his hands.
Turning towards the door, Raeyn Sedai replied, “Make sure that none disturbs us!” She waited until he had turned around before shutting the door.

She pulled up a chair alongside the bed, and carefully Delved into the other woman, only to find nothing wrong with her. Perplexed, Raeyn sat back, and waited for Matalina to awake.

Raeyn Sedai


08 June 2002 (11:01am)

Vanair heard shouting coming from the common room. Trollocs!! he heard. Quickly he drew his sword and rushed out through the common room. Now this was something he knew about. He had been posted on the border of the blight when he was in the army. He saw several Trollocs most of them split apart to where he could fight them one or at the most two at a time. He let out a war cry and attacked the nearest Trolloc…….


10 June 2002 (7:46am)

Matalina’s mind lay quiet and unconsious. Kayla hid in a lighted corner as she watched a barrier break inside of Matalina head. Matalina had locked many doors in her mind and in the instant the bond broke the locks on the doors shattered and the thoughts, feelings and the darkness drifted out slowly. Kayla tried with fever to wake Matalina, but the pain of yet another bond breaking and Matalina’s failure keep her mind quiet. The contents from the doors began to form another entity inside Matalina’s head. Kayla began to cry. The feelings eminating from the enity wreaked of evil, of desire and of things that Matalina had blocked out for her purpose and her duty.

Had Matalina been awake thoughts of her first bond holders true Identity would have come forward. Tari. A darkfriend. As if the last words were some final jesture in a ritual the entity became real. In Matalina’s mind-eye a woman dressed in the most provacative clothes Kayla had ever seen stood before her. Kayla huddled against the fallen warder.

*What is this?* Kayla didn’t answer, she didn’t know anymore than the new voice. *Child answer me.* Kayla studdered and eventually answered clearly but her voice was filled with fear -I don’t know.- The smile on the new personality was only what could be considered evil. *Who are you?* -K. K. Kay… la- *And her?* -Matalina.- The smile even grew more evil if you could be more than evil. *And we are one?* Kayla nodded. *What do we do?* -W. W. Warder.- *To whom?* Kayla shook her head knowing what had happened. *We failed?* Kayla nodded. *And no one is in control right now?* -I’m not strong enough to wake her.- The new voice kicked Matalina in the side. Kayla screamed and even though Matalina’s mind was not there in the present she out of reflexed knocked the new entity down. She feel in the mind and was knocked out. Kayla sat and cried huddled against the fallen warder as if it were the only hope left.

**hours later**

Kayla had fallen asleep and the new voice had awakened. *Time to move, my friend.* She was unware of things but she tried with her might to make the body move, but things were not there. Thoughts came to her and she tried to speak, words came out in mumblings to the outside word. Words like serving, the great lord and soul floated incoherently to the surface. *Oh great lord, let me wake, please…* “I will sure you faithfully great lord”. She knew not of what she had just done, but the soul jerked and the words had been spoken. The lightfools in her mind were doomed. *I am Marosa, stronger of the three and will serve my lord despite them*


10 June 2002 (8:19pm)

Raeyn had sat by Matalina’s side for hours now. The woman on the bed hadn’t moved or said a word, when suddenly a distorted mumble reached through her lips. Leaning over Matalina to try and distinguish the mumbles, the warder’s body jerked, and understandable words finally passed her practically immobile lips.

“I will serve you faithfully great lord”.

Raeyn blinked… this was.. unexpected, to say the very least. She sat back, and waited to see if Matalina said anything else, or moved. There was nothing she could do now besides wait.

Raeyn Sedai

11 June 2002 (11:55am)

Marosa had tried for many many hours to wake the body up. Kayla had woken up to the sounds of the woman’s yelling and screaming. Kayla had only watched her try to make body parts work. -You can’t do anything with Matalina unconscious.- *How do you know?* -I’ve tried when she was sleeping. She’s hurt and she won’t wake up till she’s ready.- *Oh do be quiet child.* Kayla shrugged her shoulders and let Marosa try to get up.

Night fell and Matalina’s body never stirred. *Why won’t she wake up?* -She’s failed.- *So?* -Her duty was to protect, and not only did she fail, she lost yet another bond. Do you know what that feels like?- Marosa shook her head. -I do, now. It’s like part of your soul is being ripped from your body. Shearing pain shooting through your mind and dropping your body. Add the sense of failure on top of it and you’ll be lucky if she wakes up at all.- *She’ll wake up if I have to force her too.* -It won’t work but try all you like, you’ll have to learn sooner or later.-

Marosa tried throughout the night and the next following morning, but she was only able to mutter a few more words. Matalina mind began to awake to the yelling of their new companion. What’s going on? -I don’t know.- *Finally, wake up you fool, we’ve a great lord to serve.* I serve no lord. Marosa smiled in the most wicked way possible, *You do now!* -What do you mean?- *We are a servant of the Great Lord himself, the Dark one’s hands while he’s in his prision.* Matalina didn’t know what was going on but the statement itself had startled her into the conscious stream. Matalina let out a loud gasp and almost jumped out of the bed, or that’s what it felt like. She lay there looking at the ceiling thinking. I will not serve the Dark one. Matalina unsheathed her daggers hidden in her sleeve. “I may have failed but I will not serve the dark one.” Matalina began the motion to plundge the dagger into her heart. *NOOOO!* Kayla began a prayer for a savior, but she knew none would come.


11 June 2002 (6:44pm)

Raeyn shakily put down her cup of tea. She had sat up here for the better part of two or so days now, and wasn’t terribly concious. She had about jumped out of her skin the first few times that Matalina had mumbled something legible, and started to think she was going crazy at the occasional arm twitch or such. For the hundreth or so time, Raeyn Delved the woman, still to find noting wrong.

She started to settle back, when Matalina’s eyes popped open, accompianied by a loud gasp as the woman fell off the bed. Opening herself to the One Power, Raeyn leaned over as Matalina spoke and begin to draw something from her sleeves, “I may have failed but I will not serve the Dark One.”

Raeyn’s eyes grew large as she saw the daggers. She wove a thick band of Air around the hands clutching the dagger, thereby preventing it from getting closer to the woman’s chest…. “Matalina… trying to kill herself… the closest thing to a friend that I’ve had in a while…” At this point Raeyn wove a flow of Air around the dagger itself and flung it across the room, “and fighting within herself over being in the Great Lord’s service.”

Pulling Matalina into a kneeling position with flows of Air, Raeyn straightened into a standing position next to the other woman. Placing her hand upon the other woman’s forehead, Raeyn began an intricate of Spirit between the two woman. She released the flows of the One Power as she stepped away from the other woman, and turned to her mind. It felt.. it felt like there were three other people there! Shaking her head, Raeyn turned towards Matalina and offered a hand.

Aiding the other woman in standing up, Raeyn looked at Matalina questioningly. “Perhaps you’d like to explain? It’s.. strange… like there is more than just myself and you in my head….” shaking her head, she sat back down and waited for her Gaidin to answer.. her Gaidin now, the Dark help us all.

Raeyn Sedai

11 June 2002 (7:16pm)

Matalina didn’t know there was someone in the room with her and when the weave of air had wrapped around her she almost dropped the daggers.

*What is that?* -An Aes Sedai.-

Matalina and Raeyn wrestled with the dagger for a while before the blade flew across the room. Matalina glared up at Raeyn but said nothing as she was forcebly made to kneel.

Raeyn stood above her and Matalina felt the weaves of bonding begin to set into her.

*What in the world is that?* A bond. Matalina bowed her head and let the bond flow, it was against her will, but Matalina didn’t care at the moment, it’s not like being bonded to Raeyn would be bad but Matalina wondered why she was bonding her. -Black Ajah?- Maybe. *Speak clearly!* Both Matalina and Kayla ignored the new voice.

“Perhaps you’d like to explain? It’s.. strange… like there is more than just myself and you in my head….”

Matalina grinned, but not a friendly one it was more or less one that was meant to scare the opponent away. Raeyn wasn’t an opponent but Matalina wasn’t sure if she wanted to reveal all to her. She knew something was wrong but not what. Matalina took a seat back on the bed she’d fallen off of and tried to think of how to explain.

Matalina bowed her head, “It’s hard to explain.” Kayla, tell her you are here. -huh?- Matalina pushed Kayla to the forefront. Matalina’s outward posture changed and her voice was shaky, “I don’t know what to say.” That’s fine. Matalina forced Marosa up front. “What is the big idea?” Everything about Matalina changed, her posture, her voice. Matalina knew Raeyn would be confused and took the body back.

“Two broken bonds do things to people. Kayla is my past, Marosa is my opposite.”



11 June 2002 (7:53pm)

Raeyn watched as Mat sat back down on the edge of the bed, and with every sentence from her mouth, her posture and attitude changed. After a moment, Matalina looked up at Raeyn,

“Two broken bonds do things to people. Kayla is my past, Marosa is my opposite.”

Raeyn blinked. No wonder it felt like there were so many other people in her head.. they were all a part of Matalina! “What a fine pickling kettle,” Raeyn muttered under her breath, then out loud,

“And this is why you were trying to kill yourself? Because you now have some sort of… evil twin living in your mind with yourself, and your child self?”

A confirming nod.

Raeyn mused for a moment before speaking again, “Either way, you are too valuable a person to let die, especially by their own hands…” she trailed off, her mind contemplating the ramifications of the situation at hand.

“Perhaps for now, we should get you something to eat, and myself some sleep… I barely got any sleep the two days that you were unconscious… I was.. concerned.”

Raeyn Sedai

12 June 2002 (7:07am)

“Either way, you are too valuable a person to let die, especially by their own hands…” Raeyn looked to be in deep thought. “Perhaps for now, we should get you something to eat, and myself some sleep… I barely got any sleep the two days that you were unconsious… I was.. concerned.”

Matalina bowed her head. “The concern is appreciated, but I do not think you have choosen your Warder wisely. You are not a Green and I am now your Warder.”

*What do you mean we are again a Warder?* Matalina looked inwardly and frowned. Oh do shut up. *I’d like to see you make me.* -I’ll take over you two fight.- Matalina let Kayla have control as she and the new voice would get to fight.

Matalina’s body was weak and Kayla didn’t have the mental capacity to fight with Raeyn’s suggestion, her stomach rumbled, “I do suppose that I will eat though. The others are having an arguement. Matalina says we will watch over you while you sleep, it is our duty. She also said something about fuzzing the bond so you can sleep peacefully.” Kayla smiled, “It’s not going to be peaceful for a while. They don’t like each other.” Her smile was innocent, childlike and very unlike the Matalina most knew.


12 June 2002 (1:19pm)

Verina had got bored on her own, in the private room. Rae had been inand they had chatted about old times but she had disappeared upstairs a while back.

As she looked at her notes on angreals, she remembered she had packed that book, Jules had given her on her birthday. She knew there must have been a reason she had been compelled to bring it.

She gathered up her things and and headed back to her room. She wondered where Hawkin had got to. She thought he might like her to teach him to read, though light, the man was stubborn.

She was avidly reading through the book when Hawkin threw himself into the room. Before she could unleash the appropriate outburst upon him, she heard the words “TROLLOCS!” and before she knew it, hawkin ruishe back out of the room as quickly as he had arrived.

Light, she wondered what went through his mind at all. Rushing around wouldn’t get you anywhere. Though weighing up the situation in a calm and collected manner would. She peered out of the window to see trollocs trying to get into the Inn. A couple of words in the right manner would soon sort them out, as she made a deep breath and embraced the One Power……

Verina al’Merrin
Sister of the Brown Ajah
Bonded to Hawkin, the brave

12 June 2002 (8:54pm)

Raeyn blinked as Matalina took on a more.. innocent.. innocent would be the word.. appearance.

“I do suppose that I will eat though. The others are having an arguement. Matalina says we will watch over you while you sleep, it is our duty. She also said something about fuzzing the bond so you can sleep peacefully.” Matalina smiled, “It’s not going to be peaceful for a while. They don’t like each other.”

And Raeyn blinked again. “First off, let me send for a meal, then we can discuss at leisure.” She stood up, and went downstairs to find the innkeeper. After a few minutes, she returned with a servant bearing plates and pitchers. After giving the servant a minute to set everything up, Raeyn waved the servant out.

She sat down at the table, and motioned for Matalina to join her. After they were settled in, Raeyn spoke, “So, let me see if I understand this.. really understand this… there are three voices in your head currently. I take it that the child.. Kayla, you said the name was?” The Warder nodded as she ate ,”is running the body now, whilst the other two are .. fighting?!” Another nod. Raeyn shook her head, as if the actuality of this situation couldn’t enter her mind. It was.. odd, at best.

Pushing herself away from the table, Raeyn stood up. “For now, I think that I am in need of sleep. Do you think that Matalina, and the other voice are going to kill each other if I rest for a few hours?” Shaking her head and lowering herself onto the bed with a yawned, “IS it possible for them to internally kill each other?! If so, this is too interesting to allow to happen…” At this point Raeyn was curling up on the bed, too tired to really notice her actions, or care that she was still dressed. Still mumbling, she was asleep before she could even realize it.

Raeyn Sedai

13 June 2002 (7:14am)

Matalina and Marosa continued their internal fight. Matalina was stronger by far both mentally and physically. She was the prodominate personality, but Marosa was more powerful than Kayla had been, perhaps it was because Kayla didn’t really desire to be in control.

Kayla sat with Raeyn and listened to her as she spoke. She reassured Raeyn, “Matalina will not kill her. She’s purpose for the moment, and killing mentally would probably kill us all, or so she’s muttering to me inbetween the verbal stepping on.” Kayla smiled -Glad I’m not the one getting yelled at.- Kayla sat and ate and pretended to be the Warder over the sleeping Sedai. She would have to watch Matalina more carefully next time, she wanted to be a good warder.


13 June 2002 (3:16pm)

Hawkin had rushed outside the inn to confront the Trollocs and everything just seemed to stop time. It was always like this when he was excited and rushed into something. There were lots of Trollocs and he suffered a few small cuts and scrapes that he would have to get looked at, but nothing major. The whole while he was outside he could feel the bond and Verina’s anger, which he knew was directed towards him.


A few days had gone by and Hawkin had heard about Matalina Gaidin. He worried for her, but there was nothing he could do, it was out of his hands. He tried to read and waited for his wounds to heal. He had never had them looked at because Verina was busy and so were the other Sedai and he didn’t know how well they could heal. He had been applying treatment to them, but it wasn’t working. He knew how this stuff was. They would probably get infected. He looked around noticing Verina wasn’t there and took off his shirt. They looked like they were getting worse and was still oozing blood and other gunk. He found some salve, but just then the door burst open and Verina came in, he saw her face and felt the bond as she saw the wounds. He wouldn’t hear the end of this for a while………………

Hawkin Gaidin
Bonded to Verina the Beautiful


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