Homeward Bound

23 June 2002 (7:28pm)

Matalina had slept the rest of the day. The foreign emotions and the previous days had done a toll on her. The talk with Raeyn would need to wait.


The next morning it was time to go. Alendacia’s body needed to be returned to the Tower for a proper burial. Matalina had told everyone that she was ready to go that morning and my noon they were all to meet in the stables to go home at a slow pace.

Matalina saddled Tain Cor but let Kayla finish the rest of it. Tain Cor enjoyed Kayla’s touch as much as Kayla enjoyed the horse’s nuzzles. Matalina could feel Raeyn moving about and saddled her horse as well. It’s time to go home. -Yes, I’m ready to go.- *Home is the White Tower. Where there is Black Ajah?* Aye, apparently so. *Good, Good!*


23 June 2002 (8:00pm)

The next day found Raeyn saddling up her horse. It had been quite a trip, worth the pages in her journal. Still, she had her duties to the Tower, and to her true Ajah as well.

Double-checking to make sure that everything was in place, Raeyn waved a few hellos to the other members of her party before saddling up. Pulling on a light dustcloak, rode over to where Matalina was finishing up. It was trully time to return to what awaited.


24 June 2002 (7:16am)

“Afternoon, My Sedai.” Matalina remembered the emotions from the night before, “I do hope you had a good evening untainted from the bond?”


24 June 2002 (9:13am)

Vanair went to saddle his horse the next morning. He had a a lot of conflicting thoughts and emotions going through his head. He hoped that they didn’t show on his face. He mounted and rode to find Mat. When he reached the front of the stabbles he saw Mat talking with her Aes Sedai. “I had better not interupt.” He thought to himself. He rode oon ahead and merely nodde to both of them in passing. When he was outside he found a nearby tree and unrooled a target that he had brought with him. The tied it around the tree and took out his bow and a quiver of arrows to do some target practice until they left. He called up the void and began shooting. Most of his arrow hit the inner two rings with a few hiting the bullseye.


24 June 2002 (11:47am)

Matalina noticed Vanair as he passed and nodded, she tried to smile, but it wasn’t in her nature. She talked to Raeyn, but would have watched from a distance, but her Sedai came first and alway would. That was her duty. They needed to talk more once he became a Tower Guard.


24 June 2002 (1:48pm)

Hawkin’s side was now healed thanx to his Sedai which he appreciated very much. He had let it go too long and had zapped most of her strenght for she was not a healer. He saddled her horse along wth his and boosted her up into the saddle. He swung up into his and looked around at the others. He hadn’t talked to any of them the whole trip, he had said a few words to Matalina before leaving, but had only talked to Verina a few times too. What was happening to him. He shook his head, he didn’t know, maybe his time was near or maybe he just wasn’t liked. “Can’t please them all.” He said to himself as he moved his horse over by Verina’s.


25 June 2002 (12:13pm)

Alendacia was head of the party before and now Matalina was due to the fact that the trip home was to take the dead Sedai to a resting place of the Ajah’s choosing.

The coffin was pulled by a mule Matalina had bought for the purpose. They told Matalina if they hurried the body would make it to their destination. Matalina only half beleived them, but hoped that she would make it to her burial place in good condition for a decent funeral service.

Matalina spoke with Raeyn on the ride out of town and kept glancing at Vanair as he rode. She wondered how awkward things would be as they finished his training. Hopefully in the public yard things would be as they should, on their own time things could be different. It would be interesting to see in the future.

Alendacia (posted by Matalina)

28 June 2002 (2:34pm)

Verina had been a little drained, she was no healer and what strenght she’d had in that department, was all but gone. It had taken several days for her to come back to any decent strength, but she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

She watched as Hawkin moved his horse near to her. When he was close enough, she whispered, “This is a trifle strange, don’t you think? Already we are packing up to go home, and we haven’t really had a purpose. The Trolloc attack was also very strange and the closed doors with Rae and Mat. I have all the interesting little details, written here in my notebook”. She patted her cloak, where underneath, in a hidden lining of her dress, was her secret notebook. She look at Hawkin and then around her to see if anyone was trying to listen in.
Verina al’Merrin
Sister of the Brown Ajah
Bonded to Hawkin, the brave