A Letter…

27 May 2001 (8:25am)

Raeyn Sedai sat in her cluttered study, reading over a book about the mayener culture. She had spent a good bit of her time as a sister up to this point learning about the cultures of others, as she couldn’t fortell where her travels would take her.

She was interrupted by a timid knocking on the door. “Enter,” she called. The door creaked open to admit a novice with a roll of parchment in hand. “A letter for you, Raeyn Sedai.” The young woman bent down into a curtsy, proffering the roll to her elder. Raeyn took it, and nodded to the girl. She turned away and immediatly cracked the seal, oblivious to the novice.. who was quietly sneaking back into the hall and out the door.

The parchment read :

My dearest sister Raeyn,
It seems that our father has taken ill, and that his time is short. The goodwives from the nearest couple of towns are trying all that they can, to no avail. I know that of all us children, you were probably the closest to father. I think that the main reason he is holding on so hard is for that last chance to see you. Make haste, my sister, as he is in pain. We all miss you, and welcome your presence.

With the Deepest Affections,
Your sister Niella

Raeyn let the scroll drop from her hand as she fell back into her chair. Since her aging had slowed so, she had almost forgotten that her family wouldn’t live as such. Her parents were old by normal standards, and she had been so busy the past decade or two that she hadn’t done more than send a few hastily scribbled letters to her family every other year or so.

She began to shove things into a bag.. writing supplies, some of her brownies… extra clothing and such. She ran down to the Kitchens and explained her needs. Raeyn almost hugged the bulky Mistress of the Kitchens as the rotund woman began to bark orders at her fleet of novices.

Raeyn returned upstairs and sat down at her desk. She knew that her time to get home was short, but still… love couldn’t be denied. Raeyn wrote out a note explaining what was happening, and slid it under Jade’s door.

As she walked down to the courtyard, she looked back up at the Tower. Her home… strange how home and family don’t quite go together anymore. She didnt’ notice the tears streaming down her face as she mounted her steed, nor hear her own cries as the echoed into an angry wind rushing across the Tar Valon bridge.

Her family was waiting.
Raeyn Sedai
Brown Ajah