Rendra Harella (Biography)

Name: Rendra Harella
Age: 16
From: Tanchico, Tarabon.

Physical description: Light brown hair, darker brown eyes. Slim of stature, and fairly short (5’2″ in today’s nomenclature, approx. 100 lbs… yes, you can be that thin and  healthy, thank you, i should know!). A few faint scars on her arms, a more notable one on her left side, another faint scar above and parallel to her right eyebrow.

Character History:

Rendra was the youngest of five. Her parents were street hawkers, so not only did they not have much in the way of money, what little they did have rarely trickled down to her. She had little in the way of formal education, but was rapidly educated from a young age of the ways of the streets.

She saw many uprisings and riots, and was quickly desensitized to the idea of the Light and the Creator sheltering and protecting her and others. Many she cared for had died at the hands of the Panarch and King’s military forces, militant bodies that owed fealty to those that were supposedly invested into their positions with the blessings of the Light.

The last straw came shortly before her fifteenth nameday. Herself, her 17 year old brother Jon, and his friend, Aldric. The three were wandering around the streets, good-naturedly pickpocketing and panhandling; their usual everyday activity. They had stopped for a bite to eat, Rendra smiling shyly at Aldric, and he back. Of course, their bite to eat had been fliched from a passing cart, what glee to snatch and run! This time, it seemed, they hadn’t run far enough away.

As they were casually making their way down the street, they were suddenly set upon by City Guards. It seems that the driver of the cart was more astute than they had realized, and tipped them off. Her brother pushed her aside as Aldric charged the guards. She ran from the scene, tears streaming hotly down her face as her heart froze within. She later found out that both died as a result.

With the two people dearest to her gone, a sense of vengance filled her being. Rendra turned her heart fully to the Dark, and decided to seek out local Darkfriends. A circle located her, and she explained her desire for revenge. She was tipped off to seek the Fortress for assassin training, and took that advice.