Fire in the Sky (Closed RP, DR PSW Anniversary Celebration)

Saerythra surreptitiously rubbed her backside as she slid off the horse and handed it over to one of the young Tinkers filling the area.  She had never left Andor’s borders before, and at current, she wasn’t terribly sure why she had thought it would be a grand time to go for a wander.

“Of course,” she mused to herself as she gazed at the gathered people, “You’re probably feeling this way due to the relative discomfort of the trip here!” Chuckling softly, she promised to herself to use a little bit of the salve in her belt pouch before she set off again; that would set her back to rights.

Her reasons for coming all this way from home were actually two-fold, and as she attempted to work kinks from her muscles by walking around, she attempted to attend to the first – harvesting herbs.  While she hadn’t stopped on her ride to the Caralain Grass, she had noted several likely spots for some things she normally had to get from peddlers, and was most pleased to have already spotted several things worth collecting (and not overly trampled) around the campsite.

And obviously, Sari had wanted to see the rare splendor of the night’s event.  She’d lived to see it several times, but often only went as far as relatives’ nearby farms.  But when the peddlers’ gossip had brought word of this gathering, something had woken up in her, an urge to go somewhere new just this once.

Another Tinker came to her and bade her to help herself of the available food.  Nodding graciously, Sari all-but-hobbled over to where a sumptuous banquet was laid out.  Helping herself, she peered around and spotted a group of women surrounded by soldiers.  There were some amongst them she could not put an age to, and it occurred to her that they must be Aes Sedai.  Nodding to herself, she sat down and finished her food before wandering over to the group.

“Excuse me,”  she spoke clearly, dipping her head in a polite greeting, “But are you from the White Tower?  I was hoping to see my niece and nephew here, but…”  She trailed off with a small frown before continuing, “Selene and Jasine Al’Thorin.  I know that they decided to go off to the Tower, but I’ve not had a letter since they left.”